15Ricky Gervais' Secret Life As A Musician


Before being known as a polished UK comedian, as well as his tenure and hilarity on the London-based version of The Office, and his plethora of TV shows and movie roles, Ricky Gervais was the young man in the sailor hat and blue turtleneck straddling his long-haired singing

partner in the group, Seona Dancing. These were the days of Ricky Gervais' thin crafted eyebrows, closely shaven face, and mascara-wearing days... Obviously, things were different in regards to masculinity back then.

Anyways, the duo had made a push into the wave pop scene and attempted to take the music industry by storm. Unfortunately, things didn't pan out for the metrosexual young men, but they did have a single hit on their hands with their song, 'Bitter Heart'. That wasn't the only time that Ricky tried to enter the entertainment industry via the music industry. He was a manager for the band, Suede, before they got their big break in the 90s. If only he would have waited a little longer, he would have cracked the code to the music industry. But, in all honesty, we're glad he entered the world of comedy instead.

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