15 Celebrity Kids Who Have Really Messed Up Lives Already

It's tough growing up in the spotlight. That's true whether you're a star in your own right, or the child of celebrities. It's probably a stretch to say that wealth and fame are hardships. Still, it's become a cliche that being raised in the Hollywood limelight can be dangerous to a person's health -- both morally and physically.

The list of all-time cautionary tales is long. It's also a mixed bag. There are those who had problems and found their ways to better times (Robert Downey Jr., Drew Barrymore). There are those who have continued to battle their demons, while attempting to push their careers forward (Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan). And there are those - too many - who never made it out (Corey Haim, just to name one of many). It's a problem as old as Hollywood (and probably older), with legendary names like Judy Garland among the victims of earlier generations.

Not surprisingly, troubles have followed members of the latest generation. Some of the people on this list have troubles of their own making. Some are the victims of circumstance. There are performers trying to build careers and children of celebrities trying to find their own way in the world. But all of them have had to face hardships - drug addictions, legal problems, serious health issues, relationship struggles - all under intense media scrutiny. And this generation of celebrity kids has something to deal with that previous generations didn't: social media. The emergence of an instant gossip culture on the Internet has magnified problems for these celebrities. Every poor decision and squabble gets instantly reported and permanently added to their online footprint.

15 Kelli Berglund

14 Emma Roberts

13 Dove Olivia Cameron


12 Alexandra Jackson

11 Sarah Hyland

10 Matt Prokop

9 Marcus Jordan


8 Ariel Winter

7 Hud and Speck Mellencamp


6 Billy Unger

5 Mitchel Musso

4 Debby Ryan

3 Jake T. Austin

2 Stephanie Bongiovi

1 Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber remains one of the biggest young stars in the music industry. But despite making his initial reputation with a clean-cut appeal, Bieber has already had many run-ins with the law during his young career. In a two-week span during January of 2014, for instance, he was involved in two separate incidents. In one, he egged a neighbor's house in California. In the second, he was arrested in Miami Beach for DUI while driving a rented Lamborghini. Charges also included driving with an expired license and resisting arrest, though the second charge didn't involve any violence (he allegedly swore at the officers).  That wasn't the last of his problems for 2014, however. Later that year, he was arrested again in a driving-related incident, this time in his home country of Canada. In that case, the singer was involved in an accident that escalated into a confrontation. The standoff eventually led to an assault charge for the star. His problems extended abroad as well. In 2015, a judge in Argentina issued an arrest warrant against Bieber after the star failed to respond to a summons. The original court action stemmed from a 2013 incident in which Bieber allegedly ordered bodyguards to muscle up a paparazzo.


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15 Celebrity Kids Who Have Really Messed Up Lives Already