15 Celebrity Deaths That Seem Too Shady To Be True

The world of celebrities can be bright and glamorous, capturing the attention of millions (if not billions) of people around the globe. People can become so attached to these idols that they almost consider them personal friends, as if they know them and see them on a regular basis. They can become so attached that when the day of their death inevitably rolls around, they refuse to accept it. Instead, they scramble for a way to justify what has just happened. They look for someone to blame, and they find some reason or another to make it seem easier to accept in their minds.

But what if some of these people had actually stumbled upon the truth? What if the stories we hear in the news about these people dying are not actually true? There are so many of these theories, and some are much more believable than others. Some are even widely accepted today as truth, like the assassination of JFK. If you are one of those people that think the news never lies to you, then you will probably end up dismissing most, if not all of these claims. But it does make you wonder.

The lives of celebrities aren’t always what they seem. The images, music and videos of these people that we the public are allowed to see are only a minuscule glimpse of how celebrities live their lives. You have to remember that they know how to act like everything is fine on television when in reality, they might be going through something terrible. We may never know what really happened in some of these cases:


15 2Pac


One of the most well-known celebrity deaths was the murder of 25-year-old Tupac Shakur. His death stunned millions of people worldwide, and left the whole world mourning. Many people simply couldn’t accept that it had happened. To date, his murder remains unsolved, but numerous conspiracy theories have been developed.

First of all, there was the fact that Tupac constantly rapped about his own impending death - he was obsessed with the notion that he was going to die. But right around the time he started rapping about this subject, he changed his stage name to Makaveli. This is a direct reference to the Italian philosopher Machiavelli, who often talked about the benefits of faking his own death. This led many people to believe that Tupac had simply faked his own death and is still alive today, living under a different guise. Another theory is that his manager, the infamous Suge Knight, had him killed. His mother also inherited his fortune after he died, so it might also be possible that she had him killed.

14 Michael Jackson


When the "King of Pop" died in 2009, it marked the end of an incredible career that touched the lives of millions of people, revolutionized the music industry, and placed him as one of the greatest individuals ever to grace the music world. His life was shrouded in controversy, and his death was no different.

His personal physician was later convicted of manslaughter for improperly administering certain drugs to Michael Jackson, which the coroner later determined was the cause of his death. These drugs were propofol and a number of anti-depressants. But there are a number of theories as to why his personal physician, Dr. Murray, managed to “accidentally” kill Jackson. After all, he gave Michael enough propofol to “kill an elephant.” M.J.’s son saw his father repeatedly saying “They’re going to kill me, they’re going to kill me,” after getting off the phone with the CEO of AEG Live. His son also told court officials that he saw this CEO, Randy Phillips, grabbing M.J.’s physician in a threatening way and speaking to him very close to his face.

But why would people want him dead? Well, he was actually a very clever businessman and had started buying rights to various songs. His fortune was huge. When he died Sony, AEG Live, and other big businesses automatically inherited these rights, along with many other rights that allowed them to release his songs after the singer’s death. His family did not receive any of this money, and claim that his will was forged. There are other crazy conspiracy theories that claim his death was orchestrated by the illuminati, and that it was a sacrifice to Satan. (Michael Jackson actually went on record in interviews to say that he believed in the Illuminati, and he said that they were running the music industry.)

13 JFK


Although John F. Kennedy was a U.S. president, he was also a huge celebrity. He was reportedly involved with Marilyn Monroe, and he had a lot of friends in high places. He was relatively young, good-looking, and was incredibly charismatic.

The official story is that J.F.K. was shot by Lee Harvey Oswald, who was acting alone when he shot a sniper rifle aimed at the president who was travelling in a car through Texas. This is almost universally accepted as a lie. Even the United States Select Home Committee on Assassinations decided in 1979 that he was “probably assassinated as a result of a conspiracy.”

There are a number of things that are very suspicious about his death. Witnesses report hearing gunshots from multiple directions, implying there was more than one shooter. The bullets hit the president from different angles. Lee Harvey Oswald was shot before he could stand trial. Whoever wanted the president dead obviously didn’t want any mistakes, and cut all loose ends. But why kill John F. Kennedy? Lee Harvey Oswald didn’t actually have any reason to kill JFK, which means he was merely an assassin, put in place by someone else. A well known theory is that it was the C.I.A. that had him killed, seemingly because his views were not in accordance to their own, particularly in regards to the Vietnam war.

12 Stanley Kubrick


There are a number of conspiracy theories surrounding Stanley Kubrick, and some of them were around even before his death. One of the most famous conspiracy theories is that Kubrick helped fake the moon landings, and shot the whole thing in Arizona with trained actors. The fact that he might have had this kind of dangerous information lends credence to the theory that he was later assassinated. Although he might have had additional information on another subject, something much darker…

At the time of his death, Kubrick had just finished shooting a very interesting film, called Eyes Wide Shut. This movie was all about Satanic groups that operate behind the scenes of everyday life. These Satanic groups included rich and influential members of society. It might have just been a movie, but the way it was filmed was incredibly realistic, almost as if Kubrick himself had inside knowledge of these groups from personal experience. Soon after people saw the first pre-screening of the film, he died suspiciously in his sleep from heart failure. Many people believe that after certain people saw the film, they realized it was much too close to the truth for the public to see. The film that was eventually released went through major changes, to the point where the movie the public finally saw didn’t even make sense.

11 General Patton


General Patton was a hugely influential war hero during World War 2. He was also incredibly charismatic, and his speeches were truly awe-inspiring. He is one of the greatest tacticians in United States Military history, and he even had a tank named after him following the war. He was also the subject of many films and documentaries.

But his death was very suspicious. He was driving in his staff car when a truck, driven by another soldier, suddenly came out of nowhere and hit his car, smashing Patton’s head and causing severe bleeding. He survived the injury without complaint, but later died mysteriously, and the official story was that he died from his injuries.

Why would people want him dead? Patton was almost like the Trump of 1945 - he was fiercely critical of his own people and held many controversial views. He hated Jews. He called other allied generals “cowards,” and had greater respect for Nazi Generals like Rommel than his own allies. His tactical genius made them all look bad. Before his death, he was in charge of Bavaria, and he angered the president after letting many Nazis continue to serve as political leaders. He was quoted as saying “The Nazis are the only decent people left in Europe.” Many people think that he was poisoned after the car crash, and that they were trying to “finish him off.”

10 Prince


Many people are still trying to find out how exactly Prince died. The truth is that the authorities are still trying to figure out the exact cause of his death. There are many rumors ranging from a drug overdose, to chronic pain or aids. One thing is for sure though - the record labels hated Prince. He refused to sell the rights for any of his songs, and he fought the record labels for 18 years over disputes of this nature. He also spoke out about evil things that he felt the government was doing. Right before he died, he had just finished wrapping up this court ordeal of almost 20 years, and by all accounts, Prince had won the case. It seems pretty fishy that he wound up dead not long afterwards...

9 Princess Diana


Princess Diana was the darling of the entire world. Everyone knew all about “Lady D,” from one end of the globe to the other. She was truly a celebrity, and this was somewhat of a first in the royal family. She made headlines after divorcing Prince Charles, and later went in her own direction, and later proved to be a major embarrassment for the English royal family.

Her death occurred while she was being driven through a tunnel in Paris. Also killed was her driver as well as her partner, Dodi Fayed. There were a number of strange things surrounding her death, including a strange flash of light emitting from the tunnel at the time her car entered it, the fact that she wasn’t wearing a seatbelt when she always did in the past, and the fact that the guy who supposedly crashed into the car later turned up dead in the middle of a forest.

She had already publicly embarrassed the entire royal family after she not only divorced Prince Charles, but later became romantically involved with a well-known Egyptian Muslim. The idea that her children, the potential heirs to the English throne, might someday have Muslim half-siblings might have been deemed unacceptable to the English royal family. There might also have been a concern about having a future king or queen whose mother is married to a Muslim.


8 Kurt Cobain


When Kurt Cobain’s death hit the news, people couldn’t believe it. Everyone knew he was depressed and had a lot of problems, but to think that he killed himself seemed inconceivable. As it turns out, there is a lot of doubt as to whether this star actually took his own life. He was discovered with a shotgun draped across his body and a large wound to his head, with puncture wounds in his left and right arms. But there a number of things that point to a possible murder.

First of all, the amount of heroin in his bloodstream at the time of his death was huge. He was seriously high. Those who are familiar with the effects of heroin will know that it is impossible to move when you’re that high, let alone hold a shotgun and pull a trigger. The doctors who analyzed his blood came to the same conclusion, that Cobain would not have had the strength to operate a heavy shotgun. Others point out that Cobain may have had a huge tolerance to the drug, and that even heavy doses wouldn’t affect him as much as the average person.

Kurt Cobain also left a suicide note, something else that was used as evidence for the claim that he killed himself. But the weird thing is that most of the note says nothing about suicide - only a couple sentences that look as if they were added in later point talk about how he wanted to kill himself. A number of handwriting experts doubt that the last few lines in his suicide note were actually written by Cobain. There are a number of other strange things about his suicide. No fingerprints were ever found on the gun. There is also the rumor that Cobain was planning to divorce his wife, Courtney Love, and planned to write her out of the will.

7 Marilyn Monroe


Marilyn Monroe was one of the most popular actresses of all time. She was only performing for 10 years, but she managed to cement her place as an iconic sex symbol and one of the most beloved women of all time. But beneath that guise of sexiness and femininity lay a life many people wouldn’t believe. She was extremely depressed, and had many problems with her marriage.

She died of a Barbiturate overdose in 1962, and this event was so shocking to the public that suicide rates among other people rose significantly after hearing of Monroe’s death. The official story is that she killed herself. Many people, however, think she was murdered, and for a number of reasons. First of all, there was a very prevalent rumor that she had an affair with president John F. Kennedy, and that she was threatening to reveal it to the world. The coroner in charge of taking care of her body after she had died noticed many strange bruises, but these were absent from the police report. Monroe also kept a diary, which mysteriously disappeared. Her housekeeper, was found washing sheets when the police arrived.

6 Bruce Lee


Bruce Lee was found dead in his apartment after a number of his friends tried to wake him and failed. It was determined that he died from a reaction to several drugs he was taking for back problems and headaches. But there are a number of theories about his death that make his seemingly innocent death seem suspicious. A lot of Chinese martial artists felt that Bruce Lee was betraying his Chinese heritage by “selling” martial arts secrets to the western world. He was so well-trained by his masters in China that they even told him not show his powers to anyone, let alone westerners. Bruce Lee ignored these warnings, and there is a rumor that he was poisoned as a result. He was also linked to the Triads, who were the ones who first funded his films, and who also felt betrayed by his move towards Hollywood.

5 Elvis Presley


Elvis was, and still is, the "King of Rock ‘n Roll." Like so many other musicians mentioned in this article, he was on of the most influential people to grace the world of music.

When Elvis died, he was in terrible medical condition. He had a number of conditions, most notably an enlarged heart and being overweight, which was only exacerbated by his heavy drug use. He was found dead in his bathroom floor in 1977. The doctors declared the cause of death to be cardiac arrhythmia, which is strange given the fact that you can only find out if someone has that condition if the person is still alive. The theory that is most common is that Elvis actually faked his own death, and may even be alive to this day. Life had become a living hell for Elvis at the time of his supposed death, and it’s probably true that he wanted to remove himself from the spotlight of being a celebrity. Some people claim that the body in his coffin is fake. Others claim that he switched places with an impersonator long before his death.

4 Paul Walker


Paul Walker was famous for his roles on The Fast And The Furious, and everyone knows his name by now. He was also incredibly active with volunteering, and devoting large amounts of his efforts to helping typhoon victims in places like Haiti. He even owned a company that specialized in rescuing the victims of typhoons.

His death shocked people everywhere after he died in a strangely ironic way - from a car accident after him and a friend were supposedly going too fast in his Porsche. This seems like a death that was almost too fitting to be true. Since his death, his family has tried and failed to sue Porsche for mechanical failures that they say contributed to his death. Although there is little evidence to support these claims, a number of theories have emerged that say that Walker was assassinated after discovering an evil plot surrounding aid money that was supposed to go towards aid relief for the Philippines.

3 Bill Hicks


Bill Hicks was a legendary comedian whose blunt, straight-to-the-point style of comedy that offended lots of people. He was extremely critical of the current political structure, and often talked about parts of society that no one ever really considered were bad until he pointed just how absurd they were. He also loved to talk about conspiracy theories in his routines, something many other comedians shied away from because of the difficulty of making these types of subjects funny.

Bill Hicks died of pancreatic cancer at age 32 in 1994. There was little controversy surrounding his death at the time, but eventually one of the wildest celebrity death conspiracy theories ever started to emerge. First of all, pancreatic cancer is pretty rare in people under 70. Hicks also has a very striking resemblance to political pundit Alex Jones, who is a massive conspiracy theorist who talks about the same kinds of things that Bill Hicks was obsessed with. Why would he do this? Who knows, but the resemblance is definitely striking.

2 Amschel Rothschild


At one point, he was poised to inherit the entire Rothschild dynasty. He shied away from business, preferring to race classic cars, look after his kids, and tend to his farm. For these reasons, he was viewed as a stark contrast to the heartless, cold and calculating characteristics of the typical Rothschild businessman.

In 1966, Amschel was found dead in his hotel room. The official story is that he hung himself using his bathrobe belt, which he tied on the towel bar of his bathroom. How do you hang yourself from a towel bar barely four-feet off the ground? When French police found the body, they gave the bathrobe belt a tug, and the entire towel bar came out of the wall, meaning it could not have supported his body weight. The French police were later told to close their investigation.

But why kill Amschel Rothschild? As mentioned earlier, he was poised to take over the Rothschild dynasty. He didn’t even enter the family business until age 32, before that he had spent his time as racer of classic cars. He was gentle, kind, and a true gentlemen. In short, he was nothing like the other Rothschilds. They often feared he wasn’t aggressive or strong enough to do things that he might consider to be immoral. There is a popular theory that he was killed because he didn’t fit the classic “evil banker” stereotype.

1 Tom Clancy


Tom Clancy was one of the most successful writers to have ever lived. In his heyday, over 100 million copies of his books were in print. He specialized in writing books of the military nature, and started off his career with the novel Hunt For The Red October. This proved to be the beginning of an entire franchise, spanning not just the literary world but also movies and even video games.

Clancy was 66 when he died in 2013, and the cause of death was determined to be from heart failure. He had received bypass surgery after suffering a heart attack only a few years earlier. But many people claim that his death was not an accident. According to certain rumors, Clancy was working on one final novel: one that would reveal stunning secrets about the American government. According to these theories, this “fictional” novel was a little too close to the truth for certain government agencies. Given Clancy’s reputation for producing incredibly realistic novels that sometimes predicted world events years before they actually happened, if the novel did indeed contain some sort of secret, the government could have actually poisoned the writer before the book could be published. In any case, poison takes five days to fully leave the body, and his autopsy took place a full five days after his death, for unknown reasons.


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