15 Celebrity Babes That Went To Catholic School

Penny loafers. Plaid skirts. Those tights! It’s easy to see why so many men have a thing for Catholic school girls. Sadly, their allure diminishes once they graduate… except for these fifteen babes. Read on to see what hotties went to Catholic school and are still driving men crazy - even though they’ve aged out of uniforms.

15 Sofia Vergara

14 Camilla Belle

13 Kristen Bell

12 Katie Holmes

11 Shakira

10 Kristin Cavallari

9 Paris Hilton

8 Megan Fox

7 Madonna

6 Jenny McCarthy

5 Jennifer Lopez

4 Amber Heard

3 Cyndi Lauper

2 Lady Gaga

1 Kim Kardashian

It’s no secret that Kim Kardashian led a charmed life even before catapulting to fame with a sex tape and reality TV show. One of the perks she enjoyed was attending some of the best schools, including Catholic school. Yes, Kim K. wore an unfashionable uniform – back when she sported her original Armenian nose! Apparently the clergy didn’t put the fear of God into her, as she makes her living flashing her derriere for all to see, and is currently on her third marriage.

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15 Celebrity Babes That Went To Catholic School