15 Celebrities You Forgot Had Passed Away

There has certainly been no shortage of highly publicized celebrity deaths lately. Even in this year alone, we can think of numerous instances. Between tributes being paid to these stars, and fellow celebrities paying their respects on social media, it is often impossible to miss out on the bad news. Nevertheless, it is not exactly an odd occurrence for the passing of a celebrity to go unnoticed. Unless it is a largely famous star, news of these deaths usually fade out within a day or two. It is in this way that it is easy enough to miss out on such news.

This list deals with some recent celebrity deaths that appear to have gone unbeknownst to many individuals. It is clear that the stars on this list were just as unlucky as ordinary people, and just like stars, ordinary peoples' death often fades away as quick as it comes.

15 Natasha Richardson

14 James Rebhorn


13 Lisa Robin Kelly


12 Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes

11 Heather O’ Rourke


10 Andy Whitfield

9 John Ritter

8 Chris Penn

7 Judith Barsi


6 Aaliyah

5 River Phoenix


4 Glenn Frey

3 Harold Ramis

2 Michael Clarke Duncan

1  1. James Gandolfini

Gandolfini, best known for his role as Tony Soprano in the American-mafia drama The Sopranos, passed away in 2013 when he was 51 years old. The actor was on holiday in Rome when the incident occurred. Gandolfini was discovered by his 13-year-old son Michael, on the bathroom floor of the hotel they were staying at. After an autopsy was performed, the actor’s death was ruled to have been the result of a heart attack. Following Gandolfini’s death, Rock legend Bruce Springsteen, held a concert in the actor’s honor; Springsteen’s band, the E-street band had featured Gandolfini’s co-star Steven Van Ζandt on guitar for many years. Gandolfini’s body was returned to the United States for burial on June 23rd. The star’s funeral took place five days later on June 27th at Morningside Heights, New York. Gandolfini was cremated. Many respects were paid to Gandolfini after his passing, including columnist Matt Roush, who said: “Without Tony, there’s no Vic Mackey of The Shield, no Al Swearengen of Deadwood, no Don Draper of Mad Men.”

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15 Celebrities You Forgot Had Passed Away