15 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Childhood Friends

These celebs surely had great childhoods, that's for sure!

Celebrities need to be careful about who they choose as friends. When you are rich and famous, it can be extremely difficult to determine who is truly a friend and who is just looking to enhance their own life. Throughout history, we have seen friendships and marriages ruined by fame and the pressures of Hollywood. And yet, there are inspiring stories like the ones on our list that will warm your heart and blow your mind. The cool part is that most of these celebs are still really good friends to this day! We had no idea that so many famous people had known each other back in the day. Now that is how you really know that a person is your true friend; they were buddies with you even when you were a nobody!

Of course, it is very possible to make friends within the Hollywood circuit. We just want to point out how cute and inspiring these stories are. Just take a look at Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato, who both got their start on Barney & Friends when they were just 7 years old! Or what about Justin Timberlake and Ryan Gosling, two 11-year-olds who roomed together while filming The Mickey Mouse Club? Like we said, you will be shocked to hear about some of these friendship pairings. You would not expect a blonde cheerleading model to be friends with an aspiring rapper, would you? Well, read our list and check out which celebrities were hanging out with each other back in the day.

15 Elijah Wood & Macaulay Culkin


It has been over two decades since Elijah Wood and Macaulay Culkin began their friendship. Even to this day, they still have a tight bond and think highly of each other. Back in 1993, Elijah and Macaulay met on The Good Son movie set and the rest is history. We didn’t even know that these two were in contact with each other, but now that we know, we totally support this friendship. Even at their young ages, both of the aspiring actors were praised for their natural talent. We saw Macaulay become the face of the troublesome boy is the Home Alone movie series. Elijah solidified his acting career as Frodo Baggins in Lord of the Rings. Nowadays, Macaulay is a successful musician (although his band Pizza Underground just broke up,) and Elijah has become an eclectic and lovable actor who also does voice work. We hope for another 2 decades of friendship!

14 Cameron Diaz & Snoop Dogg


This pairing seems really bizarre, but what happens in high school is never forgotten. Actress Cameron Diaz and rapper Snoop Dogg have at least one thing in common: they attended the same high school and rubbed elbows throughout their educational experience. Cameron even said that she remembers snagging some weed from Snoop! At the Long Beach Polytechnic High School, Cameron and Snoop were classmates with other famous faces, such as Warren G and Nate Dogg. Snoop said that he knew Cameron because she would hang out with his cheerleading friends (Cam was also on the cheer squad.) While their friendship may seem a bit weird, the two of them have a good relationship these days, and they both fondly remember their days at that California high school. Snoop also had really good things to say about Cameron, stating that even in high school, she was always cool and on-trend. It was no wonder when she was offered a modelling contract at age 16.

13 Ben Affleck & Matt Damon


If you think that Ben Affleck is a douchebag, it might not totally be the case. He has been friends with a fellow actor, Matt Damon, for years now. As a matter of fact, Ben seemed to be very appreciative of Matt and commemorated him for National Best Friends Day in June 2016. Sharing a photo of he and Matt to social media, Ben posted a funny series of birthday pictures featuring the two stars. When the two of them were acknowledged at the 2016 Spike’s Guy’s Choice Awards, Ben expressed a deep sense of pride for his childhood best friend. It looks like this is one relationship that Ben has been very good at! Just go back to 1998, when Ben and Matt posed together triumphantly with a pair of Golden Globe Awards after winning the prize for Best Screenplay (for Good Will Hunting.) We have to say, they are so cute as bros.

12 Kim Kardashian & Nicole Richie


If you think about it, it just makes sense that Kim Kardashian and Nicole Richie knew each other from a young age. The two female celebrities have known each other since their ages were in the single digits, and they attended the schools growing up. In the early 1990s, Nicole had a 12th birthday party at Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch, and 13-year-old Kim Kardashian attended, as did Gaby Hoffmann and a handful of other girls. Throughout the years, the other girls may have drifted, but Kim and Nicole remained good friends. Even to this day, they can still be found galavanting around town together. Granted, both of the women have experience starring in reality TV shows, rubbing elbows with the Hollywood elite, and gaining national recognition for their sexiness. And while some may think that there would be jealousy between Kim and Nicole, that just didn’t seem to be the case. Phew!

11 Alyssa Milano & Corey Haim


When actor Corey Haim passed away from a drug overdose in 2010, there were so many celebs who shared their condolences and wishes for peaceful rest. One of them was Alyssa Milano, who had a long-term connection to Corey. The two had dating between 1987 and 1990, and they had known each other during their youth. The pictures are proof: Alyssa and Corey look embarrassingly smashing in their late 1980s clothing. Their smiling faces show that they had a great relationship, and give that they were a romantic item for 3 years, we are certain that Alyssa’s grief and condolences were 100% heartfelt. The actress took to Twitter after hearing of Corey’s death and wrote “RIP sweet boy.” Corey was just 38 years old when he passed away; a year older than Alyssa. Corey was widely known for 1980s hit films such as License to Drive and The Lost Boys.

10 Justin Timberlake & Ryan Gosling


Want to embarrass two hot guys in Hollywood? Then show them a throwback photo of them starring on The Mickey Mouse Club. Timberlake and Gosling were both cast mates on the famed Disney show, and it helped to propel both of their careers. While Ryan went on to become one of the yummiest male actors in Hollywood, Justin became a household name, first with the boy band NSYNC and then with his solo singing career. When the guys were just 11 years old, they were roommates on the set of the show, and they got into some funny trouble with their boyish pranks. There was even a moment when Justin and Ryan were like adoptive brothers because Ryan’s mom had to live in another country for six months. During that time, Justin’s mom was like a maternal figure for Ryan. This just keeps getting cuter, and we’re so glad they’re both huge successes.

9 Adam Levine & Jonah Hill


It may not seem like a solid pairing, but musical hottie Adam Levine and teddy bear actor Jonah Hill have been friends since they were young punks. Apparently, both Adam and Jonah found themselves at the principal’s office back in middle school. That’s not too hard to believe, is it? Ever since that fateful day, Adam and Jonah have been best buds, and this friendship is one of the most adorable bromances we have seen in Hollywood. And while they both had pipe dreams of becoming famous, who knew it would actually happen? Adam scored a record deal when he was a senior in high school, while Jonah’s success came a bit later. That being said, they always continued to support each other, and they hang out from time to time. Jonah has even said that Adam is still like how he was back in school; a nice dude who isn’t a braggart about his achievements.

8 Owen Wilson & Wes Anderson


If you put two and two together, you will see that there is a very special relationship between Owen Wilson and Wes Anderson. While Owen went on to pursue an acting career, Wes became one of the most well-known film directors in Hollywood. And Owen has appeared in almost all of Wes’ films. That’s because the two of them are best friends, and it has been that way since they were young. And get this: they even lived together as 2nd-year roommates at the University of Texas in Austin. Wes was an awesome writer back then, and he even helped to write a term paper for his buddy Owen! To this day, Owen and Wes are still very tight, and they spend time together when they can. We personally think that this is an awesome pairing, and how incredibly cool would it be to hang out with these two stars?!

7 Taylor Lautner & Victoria Justice


Aw, two young and adorable actors who are trying to become Hollywood famous. It was the childhood reality for Taylor Lautner and Victoria Justice. The two young stars have been friends since before they were even known. As tiny adolescents, Taylor and Victoria would hang out and support each other in their acting endeavours. Victoria snagged a spot on Zoey 101 when she was just 11 years old, and Taylor scored some voice work in animated series, as well as a leading role in The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl. So as the two friends began to pursue their budding acting careers, they naturally spent less time together. Yet throughout the years, they have had a good strong relationship, so much so that some tabloids claimed that the two of them were dating. While Taylor and Victoria have had several significant others throughout the years, they have never dated each other.

6 Nicolas Cage & Sean Penn


Well, it looks as though some friendships are just not meant to last. So it is with Nicolas Cage and Sean Penn, two actors who are known for being a tad weird in Hollywood. The two dudes have known each other since they were adolescents, and yet nowadays there seems to be more bad blood between them than good. Sean Penn slammed Nicolas Cage’s ego and stated that he was not an actor anymore. Basically Sean was saying that Nic’s career had dried up. Nic fought back and said that Sean was paying more attention to his ex-friend’s career than he was to his own. Ouch! We don’t know when Nic and Sean decided to become enemies, but come on guys. You have known each other since you were both aspiring young actors. Show some support and play nice! And just for the record, Nic Cage is probably a bit more successful than Sean Penn.

5 Jennifer Aniston & Chaz Bono


It may not seem like the most natural combination in Hollywood, but Jennifer Aniston and Chaz Bono have actually known each other for a long, long time! Both Jennifer and Chaz attended the LaGuardia High School of Performing Arts, and a 1987 gem of a picture shows the two stars posing together at school. This was before Chaz underwent gender transition surgery to become male, and apparently, Chaz’s teenage home was the place to go after school to hang out. Jennifer was part of the friend group that would hang out with Chaz and the others. Too bad now we don’t see the two actors together anymore. That being said, they are still on friendly terms. Sure, the sex-reassignment surgery was weird for Jennifer, but she is totally accepting of Chaz’s decision. We hope that maybe the two celebs can get together sometime soon. That would be one sweet reunion.

4 Aubrey Plaza & John Gallagher, Jr.


Friends and then maybe more than friends? So it was with Aubrey Plaza and John Gallagher, Jr. Apparently the two actors were growing up in Wilmington, Delaware together and took a liking to each other. Their friendship ended up progressing into romance, and Aubrey and John were actually an item for a period of time. As teenagers, they both belonged to the same theatre troupe and Aubrey was John’s very first girlfriend. Aw! Even to this day, they are still close friends, even if they aren’t a romantic couple anymore. Aubrey and John’s families still talk to each other, and living on opposite coasts of the United States is not enough to diminish their friendship! These days, John is more well-known on the stage, while Aubrey is the best deadpan actress on the silver screen. And hey, they’re both single right now so...who knows? Old flames may be rekindled!

3 Gwyneth Paltrow & Maya Rudolph


Friends 'til the end? Gwyneth Paltrow and Maya Rudolph continue to keep in touch with each other, and they have a long-running friendship that started back when they were just young girls. They even attended the same elementary school together and stayed by each others’ side throughout high school. Now that they are both solidly doing their own thing, they don’t see each other as often as they once did, but they are still extremely close friends. In fact, in 2001, Gwen was featured as a guest star on Saturday Night Live, in which she dedicated a monologue to her good friend Maya Rudolph. That was fitting, considering that Maya was a mainstay on the funny sketch comedy show. When you’re friends with someone since age 7, there is a certain bond that just can’t be easily broken. It seems that even in their mid 40s, the actresses are still caring of each other.

2 Selena Gomez & Demi Lovato


They are the girl power duo that has been satisfying fans for years. Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato were both Disney Channel sweethearts, but their friendship and their collaborative acting goes back way further. The two actresses were childhood stars on the show Barney & Friends, starring on the show together when they were both just 7 years old. They then starred in some Disney Channel productions together and now they tend to do their own thing, but they are still besties 'til the end. Selena and Demi both have awesome singing and acting careers, and they are some of the most inspiring young starlets in Hollywood. Of course, there was some girlhood drama (oh my gosh, Demi unfollowed Selena on Twitter! And then re-followed.) But they are and always will be tight. On more than one occasion Demi and Selena have been noted for being “#FriendshipGoals,” and we couldn’t agree more.

1 Leonardo DiCaprio & Tobey Maguire


For the past quarter of a century, famous Hollywood actors Leo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire have been buddies. The two of them were together in all their glory in the film The Great Gatsby, and it was like old times - except they were rich and famous now. The two guys met in the late 1980s, when they were both young adolescents who were interested in acting. Their friendship was so cute that they promised to remain loyal to each other and help with the other’s acting career. To this day, it seems that this is the case. When Leo snagged a role on a TV show, he convinced the producers to put Tobey on in a guest role. Given that there is only a year in age difference between Leo and Tobey, it is safe to say that their relationship has always been tight-knit and adorable. Just check out those old-school pics!

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