15 Celebrities With Strange "Addictions"

We all have vices and addictions. Some of these vices can be incredibly bad for us, to the point where they can ruin our lives and sometimes the lives of those we care about. When some people fall victim to these negative addictions, they eventually have to give it up or continue down a painful and dark path. An addictive personality will oftentimes pick up a positive or far less harmful addiction to swap the habit. For example, someone who has just quit smoking cigarettes might replace that addiction with constantly chewing gum or even picking up a new hobby.

Other times, addictions can be quirky and cute, and calling them "addictions" is just a lighthearted analogy.

Whatever their case may be, these celebrities have some awfully peculiar "addictions." Some aren't too abnormal, but others are downright strange. Let's take a look at these 15 celebs and their vices.

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15 Jesse Eisenberg - Stray Cats

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14 Anna Kendrick - Angry Birds

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13 Robert Pattinson - Diet Coke and Antiques Roadshow

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At one point, the Twilight star confessed that over the course of one week his thirst for Diet Coke had been so strong that he had downed possibly 300 servings of the beverage.

In addition to Diet Coke, Pattinson also admits to having an addiction to the television program known as Antiques Roadshow. He claims he can't get enough of watching wealthy people find out an item isn't what they think, and he loves watching others find out they have an item worth a life changing amount of money.

12 Katy Perry - Brushing her Teeth

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Say what you want, of all the compulsions for someone to have, a hygienic one can't be all that bad. Katy Perry is so scared of cavities and fillings that she keeps up to twenty brand new tooth brushes around her most of the time. On top of this, she brushes her teeth a minimum of six times in a day.

11 Ozzy Osbourne - Sugar Puffs Cereal

Believe it or not, the man known for allegedly biting the head off a bat has an addiction to Sugar Puffs breakfast cereal. The singer loves them so much that he became wound up when he couldn't find it in the states. His people then had to contact Honey Monster Foods and request that a bumper pack be sent to the U.S. when ever Ozzy leaves the U.K.

10 Jennifer Aniston - Strange Plane Boarding Ritual


According to Aniston, her addiction comes from a superstition. In order to feel like she is going to be on a safe flight, whenever Aniston steps on an airplane or jet she has to enter the vehicle with her right foot first, and then use her right foot to tap the entry way three times.

9 Ben Affleck - Poker

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8 Olivia Munn - Pulling Out Her Eyelashes

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7 Jane Lynch - Cold Medicine

In her own book, Lynch claimed that she had at one point developed an addiction to NyQuil cold medicine. She had first taken to drinking it when she had given up on drinking alcohol, fearing that she was becoming an alcoholic. The fact that NyQuil had alcohol in it had never occurred to her. Her addiction had gotten to a point to where she was completely depressed and so full of the stuff that she could take one big swig in an evening and go into a deep sleep.

6 Kristin Chenoweth - Quarter Hoarder

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The former star of the controversial GCB television show admitted on an episode of Ellen that she is addicted to collecting quarters. She thinks that it stems from her early days as a starving actress and needed to constantly save quarters for laundry. Chenoweth claims they are stashed everywhere in her house and in her car. She also admitted that in addition to hoarding all of her quarters, that she cleans each one of  them Purell.

5 Jack Black - Iced Green Tea

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4 Kanye West - Pornography

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3 Salma Hayek - Breast Feeding

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News of Salma Hayek's addiction to breast feeding comes straight from the woman herself. She claims that she doesn't care if the practice makes her hormonal and she realizes that the idea of breast feeding to lose pregnancy weight is a myth. She claims that every time she'd go to stop she would tell herself things like "one more week" or "one more month." She breast fed her daughter into her toddler years and even breast fed an orphan in Africa.

2 Michelle Williams - Email

1 Heidi Montag - Plastic Surgery

Apparently plastic surgery is like potato chips in that you can't have just one. Heidi Montag was so into plastic surgery that she went in for a legendary ten procedures in just one day. Looking back, Montag said she really just wanted to get a few things done, but the doctor would continue to tell her what else she should have done. She claims this made her feel as if she had all these things wrong with her, she became very insecure, and just decided to go along with whatever the doctor ordered.

This many surgeries were a big factor in her and husband Spencer Pratt blowing through their $10 million net worth in a very short time. The couple lives much humbler lives since they've left the spotlight.

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