15 Celebrities With Serious Anger Management Issues

The perfectly reconstructed noses, golden spray tans, and blindingly white capped teeth are a good cover for what some Hollywood stars are hiding…Serious anger management issues. In a technology-ruled age like this, most people have cell phones with cameras at-the-ready so it’s not just paparazzi that the celebs have to watch out for anymore. A normally reputable actor can go from A-list to D (as in “Damage” control) in one heated moment.

There are the verbal rants (think Seinfeld’s Michael Richards going off on a racist rant during a stand-up routine), domestic disputes (Bobby Brown and Whitney, Tommy Lee and Pam Anderson…), and the ever-increasing physical altercations with celebrity reporters and photographers. A smashed camera here, a nasty voicemail there, and we begin to see that in fact Hollywood isn’t all glitz and glamour after-all. While some stars are able to find their way back after public embarrassment, others never quite get back to where their careers were pre-meltdown.

15 Mel Gibson

14 Britney Spears

13 Russell Crowe

12 Emma Roberts

11 Tommy Lee

10 Lindsay Lohan

9 Christian Bale

8 Shannen Doherty

7 Chris Brown

6 Naomi Campbell

5 Sean Connery

4 Elin Nordegren

3 Bobby Brown

2 Alec Baldwin

1 Sean Penn

Sean Penn is arguably one of the best actors alive today. He has been putting out solid work since the 80s and continues to be nominated for awards and offered key parts. Penn’s temper is what he’s most known for and that makes him number one on this list. From his physical abuse of (then) wife, Madonna in 1989 during their four-year marriage, to numerous run-ins with photographers, interviewers and even kicking a paparazzo in 2010, Penn has proved that he can’t keep his anger in check. Prone to verbal rants during interviews and in newspapers, this actor has a growing list of enemies in Hollywood. His recent interview with El Chapo didn’t help matters, nor did his racist joke at the 2015 Academy Awards show.


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15 Celebrities With Serious Anger Management Issues