15 Celebrities Who Tried To Cover Up Their Baldness

Celebrities are under huge scrutiny, so it's no wonder that they fall victim to vanity and that many try to hide the aging process, including the fact that they're going bald. Not every famous person can pull off the bald look as well as Patrick Stewart, Vin Diesel or Bruce Willis.

For some celebs, a toupee is the answer when it comes to hiding the fact they are follically challenged. For other celebrities, more drastic measures are required. Going under the knife to cover up signs of aging is an act more commonly associated with female celebrities. Yet, more than a few male celebrities have gone to extreme surgical levels, having decided that a hair transplant is the only way to go.

Unfortunately, too often, these toupees and hair transplants are so bad that they don't fool anyone - and they make the celebrity in question look like a fool. Perhaps it would just be best to accept baldness and wear that shiny dome with pride? These are fifteen celebrities with toupees, hair transplants or who have otherwise tried to hide the fact they are bald.

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7 Stan Lee

Just like the creations Dr. Strange and Mr. Fantastic, the godfather of the Marvel Universe has had greying hair for at least 30 years. At 91 years old no one would believe it if he dyed his hair, but there's something else strange going on with his hairline. Perhaps he was once pining for long flowing hair like Thor, but it’s clear that Stan the Man has had some sort of surgery to hide the fact he was balding.

His asymmetrical hairline has some people believing he had hair plugs, and then had corrective surgery to try and fix badly-placed plugs.

6 Andre Agassi

Tennis legend Andre Agassi admitted to the fact that he wore a toupee in his autobiography, which was fittingly titled Open. He wore a massive blonde wig during the French Open in 1990, and the fake mullet was so unbelievable that it actually started to fall off while he was playing in the tournament. When his wife at the time, Brooke Shields, suggested he should not wear the wig, Agassi was shocked that she would suggest such a thing and likened it to pulling all his teeth out. It’s good to see he has since accepted his natural look because he looks a lot better now.

13. John Travolta

Why would John Travolta try and hide his baldness when he actually pulls off the bald look quite well? He looked absolutely menacing in the film From Paris With Love when he sported a shaved head and Van Dyke beard. That look was a lot better than a fake hairpiece. No matter the reason, Travolta is believed to wear a toupee much of the time, but he has been spotted by the paparazzi from time to time without his wig. It's also believed he has had some help from surgery. Perhaps he's emotionally connected with his hair, since his celebrity mystique was so closely tied to his epic pompadour in Grease...

5 Nicolas Cage

4 Elton John

Sir Elton John was nearly bald in the ‘80s, but pictures of him now show luxurious, thick blonde hair. Many believe Sir Elton wears a toupee, but some say it's perhaps a combination of hair plugs and a wig. Sir Elton John has never admitted he wears a toupee, but during an interview with English host Chris Evans on a BBC Radio show, he discussed baldness with Evans who was having a tough time with losing his hair. The two talked about how it takes a certain head shape to pull off a bald look. So, perhaps the musical legend doesn't believe he has that head?

3 William Shatner

Captain Kirk famously joked in his autobiography, Up Until Now, that some things in life will forever remain a mystery, like: does he wear a toupee? Some believe that Shatner has worn a toupee all the way back to his Star Trek days.

Legend has it that if the sci-fi TV show had been renewed for another season, new hairpieces would have to be made for Shatner since he wore the others so much that they wouldn't be photographable. It's believed that Shatner has given up on toupees and has since had a hair transplant.

2 Sean Connery

Legendary Scottish actor Sean Connery began losing his hair at a very early age. In fact, he started balding when he was just 21 years old. For the most part he was never self-conscious about it, and he rarely ever tried to hide his baldness.

However, it’s still a shock to many that Connery went bald so early on in his life because in his most iconic role, that of James Bond, he is always sporting a perfectly styled haircut. Connery wore a hairpiece in every single James Bond film he starred in from Dr. No to Never Say Never Again.

8. Jon Cryer

The Two and a Half Men star doesn't actually wear a toupee, and he has never had a hair transplant of any kind. However, Cryer is certainly going bald and few would know it. Instead of elaborate and expensive cover-ups like toupees or hair transplants, Cryer employs a group of highly skilled stylists that make him look like he still has a full head of hair.

He discussed the process on Conan, and described how his stylists make the most out of what little hair he has left by putting a shoe-polish-like substance on his head to mask his baldness.

1 Jason Alexander

It wasn’t just George Costanza, Jason Alexander’s shallow and narcissistic character on Seinfeld, who tried to cover up the fact that he was going bald. Jason Alexander went from having a bald head to a full head of hair in real life, too. However, just like on Seinfeld, Jason Alexander’s toupee was worn all in the name of comedy. Alexander revealed on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson that his reason for wearing his toupee was to promote his stand up tour titled: An Evening With Jason Alexander and His Hair.

6. Hugh Laurie

Hugh Laurie has been balding since he starred on the classic British sketch comedy show A Bit of Fry and Laurie alongside his comedy partner Stephen Fry. That was more than 25 years ago.

Fans of his TV show House would at first have had no idea that Laurie was balding. Dr. House had a full head of hair and not a single indication was given that Hugh Laurie had a big bald spot. To his credit, Laurie has not really tried to hide the fact he is balding, and it’s just a cover up for the TV and movie cameras.

5. Jeremy Piven

When Jeremy Piven starred on the sitcom Ellen it couldn’t be more obvious that he was going bald, but in his more recent work in film and television his hairline is nowhere near as far back as it used to be. In fact, Jeremy Piven shows little signs of the fact that he was ever bald – except for a huge scar on the back of his head that is surely evidence of the fact he has had a hair transplant. The hair transplant surgery is rumored to have cost more than $14,000.

4. Brendan Fraser

In real life, Brendan Fraser does not naturally have the long, shoulder length hair that he sported in movies like George of the Jungle or Airheads. When he’s not filming a movie he tends to opt for a spiky look or classic 90s era style bowl cut.

Fraser was facing the same problem many men do as they age, and was photographed a few years ago with severely thinning hair - but that problem seems to be a thing of the past now. It looks as if Fraser’s hair is looking as good as ever thanks to a rumored hair transplant.

3. Robbie Williams

British pop star Robbie Williams has no problem admitting that he had a hair transplant to help maintain his youthful look and hide the signs that he's aging. He told the world that he had a hair transplant while he was a guest on The Graham Norton Show. Williams was suffering from a slightly receding hairline, but he wanted to fix things in case they got any worse. He said he didn’t actually need to get a hair transplant, but the Hollywood lifestyle saw him succumb to the lure of surgery.

2. Bret Michaels

Bret Michaels has done plenty of things to try to hide the fact that his hairline is receding and his hair is thinning. After all, being the front man for a glam metal band like Poison means that having a long, full head of hair is really important. He said his hair is a mix of his own hair and hair extensions.

Michaels is rarely seen without his signature bandanna on. He not only wears the bandanna to cover his baldness, but is often seen wearing a huge cowboy hat to cover the top of his bald head.

1. Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s hair is one of the oddest things in the entire world of celebrity. Many have wondered why his hair looks so bizarre: Is it a hair transplant or toupee? That seems unlikely, because surely a man with his kind of money would be able to buy something more believable. Many have suspected a comb over is responsible for Donald Trump's signature bird’s nest hair. Perhaps it is simply too late for Trump to sort out his 'do, since he is so widely known for his current look.

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