15 Celebrities Who Were Caught Having Sex in Public

Sex is all around. Everywhere. Celebrities are, after all, human, and have urges just like the rest of us. Sex in a bed, in a bedroom? Boring and conventional. So, let's take it on the road and get out there. Take Will and Jada Pinkett Smith in the back of a limo. Or Ralph Fiennes in a commercial airliner toilet. One television personality even got it on while riding a jet ski in Cabo. Think about the logistics of that one. Sometimes they fess up and (proudly) admit it. Sometimes they deny it. Reports that Scarlett Johansson had sex with Benicio Del Toro in the Chateau Marmont elevator were denied. Apparently the elevator wasn't big enough. Now, come on. Here are 15 celebrities who reportedly had sex in public places.

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15 Drew Barrymore and Fabrizio Moretti


Getting caught having sex in an opera house bathroom is, to say the least, embarrassing. But that's just what happened to Drew Barrymore and Fabrizio Moretti. Barrymore, the producer of television shows such as Charlies Angels and Tough Love, is now happily married to Will Kopelman and the proud mother of two daughters. But back in the day, when she was dating The Strokes drummer and NME Hottest Male, Fabrizio Moretti, they went to the opera in New York City. It was La Boheme, which Brazilian Moretti pronounced "wicked boring". So, to pass the time, they retired to a bathroom and reportedly had sex. No word at what point they were caught, but caught they were. Embarrassing is the word.

14 Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton


Before Brangelina, near sainthood, and Oscar buzz for her directorial efforts with Unbroken, there was a raunchier Angelina Jolie, who for 3 years (2000-2003) was married to rockabilly musician and Sling Blade actor/director, Billy Bob Thornton. The pair were sexy, and often way outrageous. Sextastic some would say. In 2000, when they arrived at the MTV Movie Awards, Billy Bob, with 20-something Angie all over him, proudly admitted to a reporter that they had "f***ed" in the car on the way to the awards. Presumably it was in the back of a limo driven by somebody else. Keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel, dude. Wonder what ever happened to her, "Billy Bob" tattoo?

13 Kirsten Dunst and Jake Gyllenhaal


Ah, to be young and in love. Back when Midnight Special and Spider-man star Kirsten Dunst and Jake Gyllenhaal of Nightcrawler fame were a hot item, they apparently branched out in a rather big way. Dunst has even admitted, "We tried to spice it up--we had sex in cars, in the bathroom, even by the sea." But apparently the two drew the line at a corridor in a hotel. They were apparently afraid of getting caught. Like nobody walks onto a beach, right?

12 Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett


11 Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth


Recent rumors say Jennifer Lawrence may be dating Liam Hemsworth, her Hunger Games co-star. But back in 2012, he was engaged to serial bad girl, Miley Cyrus. They met in 2009, on the set of The Last Song. Is it just us, or did she look more grown up then than now, when she runs topless on beaches and sticks her tongue out pretty much non-stop. He calls her amazing and talks of their "instantaneous and powerful connection". Rumor has it that they connected in a big way underneath a table at a Vanity Fair Oscar party. Apparently the two aren't confirming or denying.

10 Chrissy Teigen and John Legend


OK. The flight from LAX to Thailand takes around 17 hours. And even sitting in 1st Class can get boring after you have swilled the champagne and watched the movie. So, what do you do? Well, if you are a super model (Chrissy Teigen) and a winner of 9 Emmys (John Legend), you have sex. No pod to close off. Just crawl under a blanket and get on with it. That's precisely what Teigen admitted happened when they flew to Thailand to visit her parents. Now, we may be slow, but like nobody noticed? Avert your gaze and act as if nothing is happening, and then tell everybody when you get off.

9 Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith


8 Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick


Back in the land of famous for being famous, rumor has it that little sis Kim, and hubby Kanye West have a sex tape lying around somewhere. But Kourtney Kardashian and long time squeeze Scott Disick have one up on that. What do you do if you are a Kardashian filming Kim and Kourtney Take New York, and you decide to have sex in a gym. Hide it? No, let's just film it. Well, not the whole thing, but you get the general idea. Well, after all, that's how you get famous for being famous, isn't it?

7 Ralph Fiennes

Before he brought He Who Must Not be Named to the Harry Potter big screen, Ralph Fiennes became a member of the mile high club in 2007, when he had sex with an Australian flight attendant in a locked bathroom on a long-haul flight. They were caught. The flight attendant lost her job. And, she got into hot water with the Australian tax authorities when she didn't declare the $150,000 she got from selling her story to the press. Sir Richard Branson's escapades in airline toilets led him to announce that he intended to put double beds in his Virgin Atlantic 1st Class cabins, so people can have a "proper night's sleep" with their partner. Or not as the case may be.

6 Robbie Williams

This just in! From the man who posted pictures of his wife's cervix on Twitter, comes a new album ("Under the Radar") with a rear nude shot of Robbie Williams. Bum shot it is. We realize the singer isn't very shy and his actions prove it. The Take That band member has told More Magazine that he has had sex in "trains, planes and wine bars".  No word about with whom and when. Oh, and don't forget parked cars. Lots of parked cars.

5 Pete Wentz


Bassist for Fall Out Boy has told FHM Magazine that he had sex on a balcony overlooking a disco dance floor during a gig as a DJ in Las Vegas. One lucky lady huh? He must have stacked the CDs and then just got on with it. Maybe that's why Pete Wentz has a picture of the Panic in Las Vegas game on his Facebook Page. Just recently, he has been enthusing about Rihanna's return to Instagram and threatened to write a song about it. Now that he is a father of two, maybe Wentz's wild days are behind him. Or then again, maybe not.

4 Chris Brown

Surely not one to mince words, Chris Brown has admitted to having sex in the 1st Class cabin of an airplane. But he and whoever his partner was (Rihanna maybe?) weren't locked in a toilet a la Ralph Fiennes or snuggling under a blanket like Chrissy Teigen. No, you will be happy to hear the Grammy Award winning singer and song writer was much more circumspect. Seems it was a European airline, reportedly with little enclosures or pods so, according the rapper, "don't nobody see nothing." Do airlines issue "Do Not Disturb Signs" in these situations?

3 Big Sean and Naya Rivera


The beautiful Glee star met rapper Big Sean on Twitter, and by October 2013, she had a ring on her finger and was gushing to Cosmo Latino about marrying him. Asked about the sex thing, she said they had sex in public, adding "We have sex everywhere". He was, she said, the boy version of her. Sweet, isn't it? But by April, 2014, it was all off. Why? Some said it was her jealousy. Big Sean, now with popular singer Ariana Grande, has a new complaint. Seems Ariana tends to talk in a baby voice when they are having sex. Does dada love baby?

2 Gerard Butler and Friend


And the award for the sexiest use of a Porta Pottie goes to . . . Scotsman, Gerard Butler. In 2012, the Olympus Has Fallen, Ugly truth and P.S. I Love You star attended the Coachella Music and Arts Festival in Indio, California. Some reports quickly emerged that the star had been smooching and very slow dancing with a sexy, mysterious brunette (unnamed). The climax? He led her into the Porta Pottie for some one on one time. Reportedly.

1 Hugh Grant


In 1997, Hugh Grant was caught in the act in a parked car with a prostitute named Divine Brown. Brown had her 15 of fame, reportedly made a cool million, and can still be heard to voice her opinion on Grant and how he gets bored with women. Grant, humiliated, laid low for some time. Beginning in 2011, the 50-something Four Weddings and a Funeral and Notting Hill star has become the father of three children, two with "former" girlfriend Tinglan Hong (Tabitha and Felix) and one with Swedish film producer, Anna Eberstein. He has set Tinglan and Anna up in multi-million dollar London houses (presumably not in the same neighborhood) and visits them regularly.

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