15 Celebrities Who No Longer Give A F*@k

Celebrities are armed to their veneer teeth with publicists, agents, managers, and a couple other dudes in suits, so their public image is handled correctly.  When they promote their movies, albums, or show up on the red carpet, the public sees their very best, and very polished, manufactured self.  Their hair is always just right, their designer clothes are on point and of course they always say exactly the right thing at the right time to appeal to as many people as possible.  But sometimes, all these ready-made stars become a little too 'robotic,' which is why when a celebrity acts out in public and shows the imperfect human being that resides within them, everyone is immediately enthralled (if not fascinated slash secretly loving them for it.)

In the sea of pretty people in La La land, there are a handful of them that are refreshingly real, certifiably crazy or just love to poke fun at the superficial hand that feeds them. Either they started out this way or they've been in the game so long, they no longer give a f*ck about their public image.  Love them or hate them, these 15 celebrities who have zero f*cks to give need to be applauded for going against the grain and entertaining us in a whole different way.

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16 Gary Busey

Probably best known for his role in the Lethal Weapon movies, to say Gary is 'eccentric' would be like saying Mount Everest is just a really big mountain. The word eccentric doesn't even begin to describe Gary Busey's behavior but neither does the word 'crazy,' because he lives somewhere in the middle with Yoko Ono.  Most recently, he completely forgot the fact that he starred in Entourage, (a gaff that could easily be blamed on the head injuries he sustained from his terrible motorcycle accident in 1988.) but he's best known for his indecipherable rants that sound insane; "Nothing changes like changes because nothing changes BUT changes."

But if you listen real close to some of the stuff he says; "You know what SOBER means? It means, 'Son of a bitch, Everything's Real!'" or "Friends are just enemies in reverse," it all starts to sound very confucious-y. Someone get to work on Gary Busey fortune cookies, stat.

15 Tom Cruise

For years, Tom Cruise was the very epitome of polished A-list actor, complete with the toothy smile and handsome looks.  He was everyone's favorite celeb to interview because he had the innate ability to be charming without being smarmy and Mario Lopez-y about it. And despite his Scientology ties, Tom was the master at the celebrity game. However, a couple of years after he divorced Nicole Kidman, there was a magical moment during his War of the Worlds press junket, where Tom was suddenly lacking in f*cks. Jumping on Oprah's couch to declare his love for Katie Holmes and calling Matt Lauer 'glib' while pointing his twitchy Xenu finger in Matt's smug face. His publicists all had a heart attack and unfortunately for us, has since squelched crazy Tom back into his cage. We still hold out hope that he'll make an appearance again. #missyoucraycrayTom

14 Bill Murray

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13 Diane Keaton

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What else could Diane Keaton be but an actress (and producer, and director, and author)? She's a multi-talented, gorgeous A-List celebrity who's been in the business for a long time and has given zero f*cks for an even longer time. Diane Keaton drops F-bombs on Katie Couric during morning television and at 69, answers 'his thing" when Ellen asked her what is the sexiest part of a man. She's also done one of the craziest things a Hollywood actress can do (embrace her age), avoiding the plastic surgeon's knife and not giving one f*ck about her wrinkles or her laugh lines. She sometimes shows up buzzed and giggly on talk shows and combines men's clothes and clown costumes to make outfits that she rocks in public. Some people march to a different drum, Diane Keaton marches to a different band altogether.

12 Miley Cyrus

Nekkid wrecking ball riding, crotch grabbing, twerking Miley Cyrus is a far cry from the girl we saw in Hannah Montana. While she could have easily transitioned from Disney star to pop star like Justin Timberlake and Demi Lovato, and kept her fans base, she instead cut off all of her Hannah Montana hair, put some pasties on, smoked a joint and took the path of don't give a f*ck.  Her Instagram is riddled with crazy 'happy hippie' shit that makes you wonder if she's having a side of shrooms with everything and despite accusations that she's doing this for publicity, there's something genuine about her craziness.  As if this insane version of Miley was just waiting for Disney to finally release her.  She sang a goodbye song online for her dead puffer fish while dressed in a unicorn onesie for goddsakes, - homegirl don't give a shiiit.

11 Madonna

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From the very beginning of her career, everyone could tell that Madonna didn't give one single f*ck.  Rolling around on stage with a wedding dressed hiked up to her butt, making videos about teen pregnancy, simulating masturbation on her tour (that almost got her arrested in Canada), putting together an entire photo book dedicated to sex, speaking out about AIDS and homophobia before it was 'cool,' kissing girls, acting 26 at the age of 56, she's been insulted, banned, sued, protested against (by the Catholic church!); we can make a whole other list dedicated to Madonna's not giving a f*ck moments.  She's gotten an endless amount of flack for being unapologetically bossy, outspoken, controlling and all the other things that wouldn't be deemed 'bitchy' if she had a penis.  Madonna is a self made woman who's built her career on not giving one single f*ck ever, which is probably why we still love to talk about her.

10 Kanye West

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You'd be hard pressed to find someone who doesn't have a personal opinion about Kanye West. You either love him or you absolutely abhor him.  Regardless of your personal feelings, no one can say that Kanye West is insecure.  Kanye West loves him some Kanye West, which is great, but now, most people are like, 'get a room!' Crashing America's Sweetheart, Taylor Swift's speech to tell her she didn't deserve the award, telling the public that "George Bush hates black people" on t.v. like it's a scientific fact (probably).  Kanye West is like an internet troll that decided to troll in real life, acting as if his only reason for living is to make sure everyone in the world either worships him or hates him, and if that's the case, he's doing a great job.

9 Mariah Carey

Known to hit some serious high notes, Mariah Carey isn't a stranger to being on stage and out in the public eye and you would think from her sweet ballads and bouncy pop songs that she would have mastered the art of playing the part of famous pop star. But fortunately for us, Mariah cannot be shoved into such a generic celebrity box. Mariah has been known to do some pretty weird shit in front of the cameras like getting into a hot tub fully clothed while taping MTV Cribs or most recently, celebrating Christmas in February, full on listening to herself singing Christmas carols over her sound system.  A lot of Mariah's no f*ck moments are posted on YouTube, so go on over there after you read this and have yourself a Mariah Carey-like Christmas celebration in June.

8 Mel Gibson

A decade ago or so, Mel Gibson was probably one of the most sought after actors in Hollywood because the dude was good looking with a side of Australian accent.  He was the O.G. Mad Max and who didn't love him in What Women Want? For a minute there, anything Mel Gibson touched was gold, which is probably why he thought he was a big enough star to get away with driving drunk, sexually harassing a female officer and going on an anti-semite rant while he was getting arrested.  We don't exactly know what turned Mel from a handsome celebrity to everyone's cranky racist grandpa, but when you listen to the enraged voicemails he left for his ex, it kind of makes you sad and wish for the good ol' days when Mel still had a few f*cks to give.

7 Russell Brand

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His Wikipedia page has him down as a comedian which is accurate. Sort of. Besides being a comedian and ex-Mr. Katy Perry, Russell Brand is also known for being very vocal with his views on society, his mistrust of the government and making it a mission to 'wake people up' one YouTube rant at a time.  And is there anything more delightful than a celebrity who thinks their fame also makes them more enlightened than us peasants? Probably more so if you listen to him with a side of bong.  But Russell is worth listening to and watching if only just to see the interviewers squirm when Brand comes at them. Crazier still? Sometimes this 'comedian' makes a whole lot of sense.

6 Kathy Griffin

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With her modest looks and nasally voice, Kathy was never what you could describe as "celebrity material" which made it hard for her to land any jobs or get respect early in her career.  She was always a D-lister, standing on the outside looking in on the A-listers. Figuring she was already at the bottom rung of celebrity-dom, she said f*ck it, and started joking about what she was seeing in Hollywood and making fun of well-liked celebrities.  A risky move that proved successful because that's exactly when Kathy's career skyrocketed. It was like the common folk had their very own celebrity spy.  She's put Gwyneth Paltrow's pretentiousness on blast, caused controversy by specifically telling everyone she was NOT thanking Jesus while she accepted an award and yelled at a heckler about knocking dicks out of his mouth during a live, NYC New Year's Eve show.  Always on the edge of being banned from everything (The View banned her twice, though Barbara Walters denies it), Kathy's laughing at the A-listers all the way to the bank.

5 Joan Jett

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Coming fresh off of The Runaways break-up, Joan Jett went in the direction of hard rock, which is something that was rare back in the day, as in there were very few female hard rock musicians.  Joan put together a hard rock band of her own, where she was the lead singer and named the band after her, with no apologies. When record labels turned her down, she said f*ck it. She sold her records off the back of her van and was so successful that record labels finally took notice of Joan and The Blackhearts.  Still rocking at 56, Joan makes not giving a f*ck totally rock and roll.

4 Roseanne Barr

From the get go, Roseanne Barr has always pushed the envelope. She lived off being the polar opposite of June Cleaver when she created her highly successful sitcom Roseanne. She was sarcastic, crass and provided a breath of fresh air to prime time television but she was also the butt of much criticism and anger. Bill Cosby criticized her show for being low class (sounds like Roseanne turned down a nightcap from Bill), she was booed after singing the national anthem terribly (what did they expect?!) to which Roseanne grabbed her crotch and spit on the ground in response.  At 62 years old, she's still doesn't (or won't), give a f*ck by being vocal about everything, including putting her two cents in on the Bill Cosby rape controversy by stating that it 'surprises nobody,' then jokingly posting a picture of her burnt face on Instagram, captioning it "tussle w bill cosby."

3 Nicolas Cage

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(To the tune of Spongebob's theme song) "Whooooooo - wants to be buried in a pyramid tomb? Ni-co-las Cage! Named his son after Superman, such a big fan is he! Ni-co-las Cage!" Ridiculous? Yes. Even more ridiculous? That song is totally accurate.  Nicolas Cage does want to be buried in a giant pyramid tomb and naming his son "Kal-El?" Yeah. That happened.  If we could've been clever enough to redo the whole theme song about Nicolas Cage, we would have sang about the time he married Priscilla Presley and how it was rumored that he secretly only married her because as an Elvis fan and wanted to have the ultimate Elvis collectible. Charming.

2 Megan Fox

We confess, deep down inside us, there is a voice that says, "Bigfoot/UFOs/Chemtrails/ are real!" and I'm betting some of you know this voice and feel exactly the same way.  But like us, you also probably keep this fact on the downlow lest someone think you have a collection of tin hats in your closet.  Megan Fox is one of us, in that she also believes in Bigfoot and UFOs, but unlike us, she doesn't try to hide it.  In fact she has loudly and proudly declared her beliefs in front of the camera while being interviewed. When the interviewer appeared to mildly scoff at her, Megan Fox became downright defensive. Megan has openly voiced her disdain for directors and producers she's worked with, and is also right up there with Gary Busey on insane quotes except hers don't actually make sense; like when she professed that her love for Olivia Wilde was so intense that she "wanted to strangle a mountain ox with her bare hands." Okaaaaay... *backs away slowly.*

1 Celine Dion

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Celion Dion tops this list because she's the only celebrity who has managed to make not giving a f*ck totally endearing.  Unlike most celebrities on this list, Celine has never caused any major controversy.  She's just your typical famous pop star with talent ...who might also be a little off kilter.  She's known to dance and sing as much offstage as she does onstage.  Singing wherever, whenever and WHATEVER.  Celine once sang names off a phone book (impeccably) and gargled the song from Titanic, all on national TV.


If that's not the soundtrack of not giving a f*ck, we don't know what is.  She is the world's embarrassing but lovable aunt.  Never change, Celine.

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