15 Celebrities Who Are Extremely Hard To Work With

When you think of Hollywood celebrities, what do you imagine? Beautiful charming people with incredible talent and skill? Or maybe you picture the uglier side of stardom: the demands, the bossy attitudes and feelings of superiority; the crying personal assistants and the outbursts over drinking the wrong mineral water. You will see what we’re talking about as you go through our list of 15 Celebrities Who Are Extremely Hard To Work With. Of course, we will be skipping the obvious culprits, such as Charlie Sheen and Kanye West, two celebs who are known for just being big ol’ jerks.

We don’t want to ruin any celebrity crushes or aspirations that you may have, but we think it would be a good idea to expose some of these celebrities. It is easy to see famous people in Hollywood as these amazing individuals who are happy all the time and are just living the best life ever with their film and music projects. The truth is, these are people just like you, and sometimes the idea of fame and fortune can lead people to do some despicable things.

We understand that it’s not easy being a celebrity, and it takes a lot of sacrifice of personal time, and energy, and commitments to family and friends. Yet famous people know this when they start out in Hollywood. It doesn’t give them an excuse for being total jerks.


15 Katherine Heigl

Katherine did not start her acting career by being a super-demanding celeb. Yet over time, she began to get more and more acting roles, and her gigs and projects were moving up the celebrity status ladder. Before she knew it, she was one of the most popular female actresses in Hollywood. That has since died down a bit, but the damage has already been done. Katherine has turned into a very bossy co-worker, and the producers and directors who work with her have realized that she has a lot of lofty demands. And when she doesn’t get what she wants, she tends to get very angry. One of the things that she has become notorious for is bashing the writers of different projects, such as Knocked Up and Grey’s Anatomy. By the way, those are two projects that she has been actively involved in. Sometimes she’ll waste hours arguing about the script.

14 Mariah Carey


Once a diva, always a diva. When you think of celebrities who have all the riches and fame in the world, you may think of Mariah Carey. Plus, the woman is uber-talented and she still has her good looks after all these years. And yet Mariah is not a fun person to be around, especially if you are working with her or for her. Apparently the singer was a complete terror on American Idol, where she served as a guest judge for like, a minute. Remember that huge spat between Mariah and fellow co-star Nicki Minaj? That was a horrible mess! Even Mariah herself has been quoted as defending her controlling and bossy personality, saying that she doesn’t try to be mean, she just...wants to get this done? Sure. If you have to say something like that, then it probably means that you need to seriously re-check your attitude.

13 Lindsay Lohan

Well, we know that LiLo isn’t exactly doing great in her career (or even her life.) And while she was destined to be a star with hit films such as The Parent Trap, Freaky Friday, and Mean Girls, things took a deep nose dive, and Lindsay ended up having a bit of a nervous breakdown and going a bit crazy. She went through a really dark time with drug and alcohol abuse, drunk driving charges, and rocky relationships with her mother and father. The tabloids and gossip columns were full of stories about Lindsay’s downward spiral, and she had to work very hard to try to snag acting roles after that. turned out to be quite difficult. For one, crew members and producers spread the news that Lindsay is difficult to work with because she is very temperamental and makes stupid demands. She will often arrive late or not at all, and that puts everyone in a sour mood.

12 Madonna


Well, what would you expect from a “material girl”? Even though Madonna is now as old as dirt, she is still going at it, and we must say that she works pretty dang hard to stay relevant in today’s society. Anyway, in order to keep up with her demanding schedule and expectations, she bosses her personal assistants around so that things go just right. If anyone goes against Madge’s plans and expectations, then you can expect all hell to break loose. Many of the other celebrities and professional assistants who have worked with Madonna say that she does take her work very serious, and that’s admirable. Yet the way she treats others as if they are beneath her and not worth the time of day...that is just not something to look up to at all! At one point, she even belittled her assistant in front of an interviewer. We wonder if that went into the publication!

11 James Cameron

We know that James Cameron has created some of the most interesting and profitable films in history. Hello, this was the guy behind Titanic and Avatar! Yet, it turns out that James is quite difficult to work with, and he has established a reputation for being a hard-ass on the set. Every actor or actress who has worked with James can attest to the fact that he will push as far as he can until he reaches their breaking point. In fact, it seems as though he tries to make people mad at him! He, of course, just says that he is doing what he needs to do in order to create something amazing. Be that as it may, “Iron Jim” as he has been nicknamed, will be ruthless on the set in order to make the dream happen. That means that you can expect criticism, a bossy attitude, and not a bit of humility. He makes awesome things, and he’s not afraid to brag about that.

10 Teri Hatcher


So you might have forgotten about Teri Hatcher, since she is best known for her role on Desperate Housewives, which has been off the air for years now. Anyway, apparently some of the co-workers on the set of Desperate Housewives had some serious beefs on the show. One of Teri’s co-stars was Nicollette Sheridan, who described Teri as the meanest woman she has ever met. Wow, that’s quite a dishonor to have. Things were kept on the down low for a while, but the situation was getting really serious, with the other cast members on the show feeling as though they wanted nothing to do with Teri. She must have been a real horror. Yelling, criticizing, disrespect and bad manners. Anyway, things eventually got so bad that the rest of the cast couldn’t even have anything to do with Teri. When a holiday card was sent to the director of Desperate Housewives, they included everyone but her.

9 Lea Michele

How could this cutie-patootie be a terror to work with? We hate to say it, but actress Lea Michele has a nasty reputation hanging over her head that says she is extremely difficult to work with. One such instance came about when Lea’s co-stars on the set of Glee had some things to say about the actress’ bad attitude. Evidently, she is all about herself and has a habit of forgetting there are other people with her who also have their own lives. No, for Lea, it is all about herself, and she doesn’t seem to understand the concept that the Earth doesn’t revolve around her. Once when Lea was especially impatient and moody, she was running around snapping her fingers and telling everyone to work harder and get the scenes done because she had places to be and things to do. Wow, she really does sound like a nightmare!


8 Val Kilmer


Actor Val Kilmer has been a demanding celebrity since he was just an adolescent. He has been known to walk off the set when he is dissatisfied or upset, and he has also made some pretty outlandish demands from the crew. It seemed that Val was destined to be a great heroic actor, but in just about every film he has worked on, he has managed to make someone mad, and that’s not a good thing. In fact, you would be hard pressed to find a producer or director who doesn’t have something negative to say about Val. And that’s a shame, because having a reputation as a cranky actor is not a cool thing. Just ask Joel Schumacher, the director of Batman Forever, in which he and Val got into a huge argument that was publicized in the media. Apparently Val was demanding that everyone follow his plans and ideas.

7 Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone is one actress who does not feel a lick of guilt about being a demanding and bossy celebrity. The way she sees it, being a diva just comes with being a Hollywood star. Hm. Something that you should know about Sharon is that she acts because she wants to win. She doesn’t see the reward in the acting itself. Rather, she needs to win a reputable amount of recognition for her work to make it all worth it. And in order to get there, she makes ridiculous demands so that she can make her dreams come true. We don’t think there’s anything wrong having big dreams, but being a jerk to get there….yeah, there’s something wrong with that. Especially when Sharon regularly puts others down to raise herself up or yells at people who don’t meet her demands of perfection. Imagine the blood, sweat, and tears behind the next Sharon Stone film you watch.

6 Edward Norton


If you ever thought that Edward Norton seemed like a bit of an ass, then you aren’t far from the truth! For some people, Edward is just super dedicated to his art form. When he reads a script and accepts a role, he goes into it one hundred percent, and he will stay in the role until the project is completed. That method acting approach has led to him having some difficult times with other celebrities and directors. Since he is so rigid about the rules, he tends to be a huge control freak, and he will flip his lid on anyone who goes against the script or tries to be a little creative. Directors have even said that Edward lacks the “collaborative character” that makes celebrities fun to work with. It’s great to be serious about your job, but if you can’t be a team player, no one is going to want to work with you.

5 Shia LaBeouf

Now Shia LaBeouf is a very eccentric character, and sometimes it is difficult to know whether he is being serious or not. He is known to make fun of himself but he is also known to have quite a temper and he has gotten into fights on more than one occasion. For instance, he has fought with Alec Baldwin in a highly publicized celebrity spat. It involved Shia exchanging emails with the producer of the play both actors were in, as well as leaking a video of the auditions to somehow put Alec in a bad light. Shia did all of this while promoting himself as a better actor. Anyway, it was a huge deal and not only was Alec mad, but his buddies were too, and they took it upon themselves to get into a fight with Shia. Clearly, this actor is a bit temperamental and unpredictable. He has mannerisms and behaviors that are sometimes so strange and unfounded that people don’t really want to risk working with him.

4 Russell Crowe


There are people who really can’t stand Russell Crowe and after we learned about his on-set personality, we realized that there are plenty of reasons not to admire him. For one thing, he misuses social media to bash other people on sites like Twitter, and he just has a bad attitude towards people that might have different opinions from his. God forbid people had varying ideas about things! Moreover, Russell is one of those crusty celebrities that has created a reputation for himself because of his own misdeeds and meanness. On more than one occasion, Russell has gotten into fights and verbal spats with other actors as well as directors, writers, and producers. He will fight about just about anything: the script, the costumes, his role in the film, his co-stars...anything. He also has a tendency to engage in heavy drinking, which also leads to bad decisions made under the influence.

3 Jennifer Lopez

You may think that Jennifer Lopez would be humble and easy to work with since she’s “Jenny From the Block.” Yet, things are not like that. At all. In fact, J-Lo seems to have let her fame and fortune go to her head, and she has drafted a list of requirements and demands that must be met before she will even think about following directions or adhering to the script. Over the years, Jennifer has decided what she is and is not willing to put up with on set, and it turns out that it’s either her way or no way at all. Most of Jennifer’s demands are just so expensive and outlandish that they are nearly impossible. For instance, no matter where she goes, she wants to have a private jet and she wants to have the best luxury hotel rooms not only for herself but for her entire entourage.

2 Mike Myers


Hm, well it looks as though Mike Myers is a bit of a Shrek deep down. The eccentric actor is actually very demanding and he has a tendency to want to control everything: costumes, the script, the artistic direction...nothing is off-limits for Mike. If he doesn’t have his way, then he gets all grumpy and he mopes around and becomes impossible to work with. Some fellow and former cast mates of Mike Myers have said that he is so moody and unpredictable that all it takes is a tiny mistake to set him over the edge. Then he will erupt and threaten to have his own cast mates fired. That’s not cool, man! The news of Mike’s temperamental attitude has led to a few directors, writers, producers, and actors to not even think about working with him. You know it’s bad when you have other people who haven’t even met you but still refuse to work with you because of your attitude.

1 Gwyneth Paltrow

You might have already sensed that Gwyneth Paltrow was a bit of a tight-ass whenever she was working on the set of a film. And you wouldn’t be wrong! Apparently Gwyneth is a complete control freak and is paranoid about germs and bacteria. It is so bad that she will make her personal assistants go above and beyond to ensure that Gwyneth doesn’t become infected with other people’s filth. But the actress takes it way too far. She is known to make her assistants go into public bathrooms or showers at the gym and wipe everything down before she uses it. Now that just seems really demeaning to her assistants. Gwyneth is also known for bad-mouthing other celebs, and there are certain celebrities who won’t even communicate with her because of her bad attitude and her superiority complex. It’s so messed up and it has earned her a top spot on our list.

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