15 Celebrities' Surprising Second Careers

There are some Hollywood celebrities who are multi-talented 'triple threats' - singers, dancers and incredible actors. And of course, they're typically stunningly beautiful to go along with it; it's t

There are some Hollywood celebrities who are multi-talented 'triple threats' - singers, dancers and incredible actors. And of course, they're typically stunningly beautiful to go along with it; it's those lucky people with plenty of skills to rely on who usually make it onto the A-list.

Then, there are other celebrities with much more surprising hidden talents, and they don’t always let these skills become widely known to the public. Celebs' second job could be something they were involved with before they got their big break, a passion they weren't willing to give up despite the fact that they no longer relied on this pursuit for their wealth. Sometimes, these 'second jobs' are simply unusual and lucrative talents celebrities enjoy indulging in.

Usually, these side projects have nothing to do with Hollywood or the entertainment business. Some of them have been successful, some of them have been utter failures, and some have simply become fun little hobbies for these celebrities. In extreme cases, some of these celebrities have even forsaken Hollywood entirely and pursued their pet projects as their primary career. Abandoning their break in Hollywood as an actor or as a singer and pursuing a side project can mean a loss of fame and a less bright limelight; but perhaps that's exactly why they'd choose such a move... Here we're taking a look at fifteen surprising celebrity side projects and secondary careers.

15. Nick Offerman owns a wood shop


Nick Offerman is just as manly in real life as the character that he plays on TV. Ron Swanson isn’t the only one that builds homemade canoes; Nick Offerman is a carpenter as well as an actor. At his own Nick Offerman Woodshop he makes furniture and other woodcrafts.

14. Jeremy Renner flips houses


At one point actor Jeremy Renner was making more restoring and flipping house than he was acting. After restoring a house in Hollywood, he sold the residence for $1 million more than he paid for it.

13. Martin Mull is a painter

Comedian and actor Martin Mull has become so successful as a painter that he doesn't spend much time acting anymore. One of Mull’s paintings was used for Love Has Come For You, an album by Steve Martin and Edie Brickell.

12. Frankie Muniz is a race car driver

Muniz found fame as the awkward and loveable Malcolm in the Middle, a role he first took on at age 15. Starting a career in Hollywood so young, he's now diversified into a hugely successful second career as a racing driver. Muniz's  racing career dates back to 2005 when he won the Toyota Pro Celebrity Race. In 2008 he signed on as a racer in champ car racing team Pacific Coast Motorsports.

11. Gwyneth Paltrow is a lifestyle blogger

Paltrow has caused uproar over some of the things she has written in her blog called Goop. Her posts about working mothers and dieting caused many people to get upset, coming off as 'preachy' and positing an unattainable lifestyle for anyone outside of the A-list. Never the less, her blog remains popular.

3 Moby opened a vegan teahouse

Moby is a man who wears many hats: DJ, producer, even photographer. But did you know that he also runs a tea house? His tea house in Manhattan, 'Teany', is completely vegan, which suits Moby’s taste perfectly. Afternoon tea, which includes, tea, sandwiches and sweets, is $14.

9. Tom Selleck is an avocado farmer

Magnum, P.I. star Tom Selleck has a 20-acre avocado farm on his estate, but he admits that it's hard to make a living, or even a profit, from harvesting the fruits. However, it still brings him a certain amount of joy, so this one is more of a casual interest than a full-on second career.

8. Bruce Willis worked as a blues singer

Bruce Willis’ music career wasn't nearly as successful as his acting career. He released two albums. The first, “The Return of Bruno,” feature Willis singing under an alter ego known as Bruno Radolini.

7. Rita Wilson is an editor for the Huffington Post


In 2011, actress Rita Wilson - married to Tom Hanks - was named editor at large for the Huffington Post’s website Huff/Post 40, which is meant to appeal to women and men over 40. Wilson was hired to direct the site’s vision and content.

6. Akon owns a diamond mine

Rapper Akon has his own supply of bling thanks to owning his own diamond mine in South Africa. He has adamantly denied his mine employs the use of blood diamonds. The mine has, of course, seen him go from rich to super rich.

2 Lana Del Rey works as a babysitter

Even after making it big with her singing career, Lana Del Rey continued to work as a babysitter of a 10 year old boy. "I still do a lot of the same things every day when I'm at home. I still have my same babysitting job," she told MTV.

4. Kal Penn works for the White House

The Harold and Kumar star became an Associate Director in the White House Office of Public Engagement in 2009. Since then he has taken periodic breaks from his role with the government to film occasional TV and movie roles.

3. Jada Pinkett Smith was a metal singer

Her husband Will Smith proved he is a musical talent, but Jada Pinkett Smith's attempt to do the same wasn't quite as successful. In 2002, She formed the nu metal band Wicked Wisdom and used the stage name Jada Koren as the band’s lead singer. Late last year the band released a new single called "Stuck" and the band is working on a new album.

2. Madonna is a children’s book author

Madonna has written six successful children’s books as well as co-authored 12 chapter books. Her first children’s book, the English Roses, became the fastest selling children’s picture book of all time and topped the New York Times bestseller list.

1 Michael Jordan played baseball

When Michael Jordan retired from basketball for the first time both fans and the NBA were in shock. His consequent career in minor league baseball was at first seen as a stunt. However, he improved fairly quickly and proved he had some potential in baseball - but nothing close to his abilities in basketball.

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