15 Celebs Reveal How They Lost Their Virginity

Thanks to the ever-present paparazzi, when it comes to celebrities and their personal lives, nothing is sacred. The paps tell us where our favourite stars gnosh on any given day and the after hours club they hit later that night. With the click of their cameras, they tell us when a high-profile relationship begins and ends or when one half of a celebrity couple has an affair. And though most big name celebs do their outmost to keep their private lives private, for some reason, some A-listers have confessed the most intimate details about their sex lives - including when and how they lost their virginity.

Here are 15 candid confessions from your favourite celebs on how they lost it.

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15 Katy Perry 

In an interview with GQ, pop princess Katy Perry dished on the intimate details of losing it at the age of 16. The deed happened while she was  in Nashville recording her first album. Instead of rose petals and candles, Katy's first time happened in the front seat of a Volvo sedan while listening to Jeff Buckley's critically acclaimed album, Grace. Guess the experience must have been an enjoyable one - the I Kissed a Girl singer revealed that the songs still appealed to her telling the magazine, "Love that record so much."

14 Will Ferrell

Anchor Man star, Will Ferrell waited until his junior year of college before going all the way telling Rolling Stone magazine, "In my mind's eye, it seemed like the way it was supposed to happen." Although it may not have been a big deal for Ferrell to wait until  his twenties, according to the funny man, his mom assumed he had lost it way earlier with a high school classmate she found to be a tad too friendly. "'I'm telling you now,' she said, 'if you slept with this girl, you'd better slap a condom on that p*ck*r of yours." Guess we know now which side of the family he gets his sense of humour from.

13 Cameron Diaz 

For The Other Woman star Cameron Diaz, losing her virginity in her early teens was a relief because she just wanted "to get it over with." In a tell-all interview with Playboy magazine in 2010, the blonde beauty confided that losing it at such a young age made it easier for her later to move in with her boyfriend - video director Carlos de la Torre at the age of 17. "He wasn't bad, and that probably made the difference," she dished to the magazine. "After that, it was as if the gates were open."

12 Michael Cera

Arrested Development star, Michael Cera's recounting of losing his virginity sounds more like a David Lynch movie than it does real life. In an interview with Playboy magazine, the Superbad actor confided, "To be honest I don't remember too much about it. All I remember is I had been awake for almost 86 hours, I was on the roof of a Public Storage building in what seemed to be a freezing rainstorm, and Crispin Glover was there with a disposable camera he kept winding even though it had clearly run out of exposures." He went on to say, "My memory of it has fogged as time has gone by, and I've pushed it out of my mind, though I do seem to remember something about a plastic Academy Award for best grandson being involved. You might say it was my first brush with the finer side of show business."

11 Kim Kardashian 

In an interview with former talk show guru, Oprah Winfrey, Mrs. Kanye West confessed that she was only 14-years-old when she did it for the first time. Having been with her boyfriend for two-years, she felt confident enough to approach her momager Kris about her desire to have sex. "I was like, 'I think I'm going to, or I want to,' and she (Kris) was like, 'OK, so this is what we're going to do, we're going to put you on birth control,' and she was like, really open and honest with me." Though Kim never revealed the identity of the man who took her v card, the reality star's childhood nanny does. In her tell-all memoir, the former Kardashian caretaker Pam Behan reveals that Kim's partner is none other than Michael Jackson's nephew, TJ whom she dated in high school.

10 Shia LaBeouf

Ironically, Nymphomaniac star, Shia LaBeouf was anything but in his younger years. In an interview with Playboy, the actor wasn't shy about dishing about how nervous he was before losing it, telling the magazine, "For some reason, I was trying to portray myself as a man who had [had sex] many times in the past. I didn’t tell the girl I was a virgin. I was all, ‘Don’t worry, babe. I’m gonna handle it tonight.’ And meanwhile I was shaking in my boots." Although LaBeouf never divulges his age, for some strange reason, he's not ashamed about his lack of….size. "I remember putting a pillow underneath her because I had seen that in a p*rn movie… I’m not extremely well-endowed…and clearly this wasn’t the move."

9 Fergie 

Unlike most of the men on this list, for The Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie, losing her virginity wasn't a very difficult task. In a racy interview, the mom of 10-month-old Axl Jack dished, "I've always been a very sexual person. I've always had to hold myself back - I lost my virginity at 18. But that took a lot of willpower."

8 Justin Timberlake 

Before he said ' I do' to Jessica Biel and even before Britney, a 14-year-old Justin Timberlake fell head over heels for Danielle Ditto - the two lovebirds dated from 1994-1996. In 2003, Justin's ex told British paper, The Mirror that amongst the many 'firsts' she and the former 'N Synch member shared, the most shocking revelation was that they had lost their virginity to one another. "I was a virgin and so was Justin," she revealed. "Of course, the first time was scary and awkward. But when you do something like that with someone you love, it's incomparable."

7 Lindsay Lohan 

Never one to shy away from the spotlight, drama queen Lindsay Lohan had no problem revealing all of the intimate details on losing her virginity. In an interview with Barbara Walters in 2011, the reality star revealed: "I believe my life would be much different now had I not given it to the first rich guy that came along. I thought I loved him and wanted to please him in every way. Boy, that was f---ed up!" In the tell-all interview, the former child star goes on to say that she lost it to the son of a music producer at the age of 13. "I had my motives, even at that age, but the guy still made me quake inside, so I though it was the right thing to do."

6 Ashton Kutcher

Though baby number one is on the way, turns out that the first time for Two and a Half Men star Ashton Kutcher was anything but great. "It was out in the woods and it was horrible. It was a girl I'd just met who my buddy set me up with," the actor dished in an interview with Elle magazine. "The whole thing lasted like two seconds. It was really awkward." Not one to give up, Ashton tried again at a later date.  "Two years later, I had sex with her again just to show her that the first performance was a fluke and I'd got much better."

5 Britney Spears 

Remember when Britney and Justin were the biggest couple in the world and Ms. Spears proclaimed she didn't believe in sex before marriage? Well, according to Britney's mamma, Lynne Spears, that statement couldn't be further from the truth. In her 2008 tell-all book Through The Storm: A Real Tale of Fame and Family in a Tabloid World, she writes that Britney lost her virginity not to Justin Timberlake as most suspected, but to an 18-year-old high school football player when she was only 14.

4 George Clooney 

Although recently engaged A-lister, George Clooney was hardly a babe when he lost his virginity at 16-years-old,  in a candid interview with Rolling Stone magazine back in 2011,  the actor revealed that he regrets not waiting longer saying he was "young, very young; too young." Usually uber private about his personal life, the interview created quite a stir - the long-running music mag even entitled the interview - George Clooney: Confessions of a Dirty Mind.

3 Johnny Depp

Is anyone really surprised that heartthrob Johnny Depp was only 13-years-old when he lost his virginity? In a  Rolling Stone interview back in 1998, the Pirates of the Caribbean hunk revealed, "I lost my virginity somewhere around age 13. I did every kind of drug there was by 14, swiped a few six-packs, broke into a few classrooms, just to see what was on the other side of that locked door.”

2 Angelina Jolie 

Before she was a devoted mother of six, Angelina Jolie dabbled in what can only be described as an extremely wild life. Losing it to her first boyfriend when she was just 14-years-old, the Maleficent star revealed later about the experience: “In a moment of wanting to feel closer to him, I grabbed a knife and cut him," she said. "He cut me back."

1 Leonardo DiCaprio 

Who would have thought that one of the world's most eligible bachelor's would have such a hard time losing his virginity? Apparently Leonardo DiCaprio may not have been the suave, serial-supermodel dater he is today. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Leo's Quick and the Dead costar, Russell Crowe spilled the beans on DiCaprio's love life - or lack thereof telling the magazine, "He was still a virgin at 17…and he'd talk about it constantly." Wonder what the very private Leonardo felt when he read that interview? Crowe did go on to say that he realized that was a LONG time ago. "Im sure life's different now."

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