15 Celebrities & Politicians That Are Rumored To Be Reptiles

Unless you've been safely stowed away under a rock since the 1980s, chances are you've heard of, even vaguely, the name David Vaughn Icke. During the early 90s, this former sports broadcaster began writing about new age conspiracy theories, publishing a wide variety of theories surrounding fascism, the New World Order, and the Babylonian Brotherhood.

The Babylonian Brotherhood is what Icke believes to be a race of shapeshifting Reptilian humans, or more correctly, humanoids, who live and walk among us. Further still, Icke insists that these reptilians are a part of a secret order that aim to control the human population on Earth. In his film Human Race Get Off Your Knees: The Lion Sleeps No More, Icke explains that humans are locked into a false reality that is actually a holographic experience that is literally being broadcast from the moon.

Although all of this sounds like a science fiction film, Icke and his followers firmly believe in these theories and are resolved to elevate human consciousness and spread what they believe to be the truth. In other words, new age conspiracy theorists like Icke took Morpheus' red pill a long time ago and believe that the rest of us remain in complete ignorance of our meticulously controlled lives.

At the crux of his argument, Icke insists that reptilians called Annunaki cross-bred with humans thousands of years ago and thus created a hybrid bloodline of humanoids that began conquering and have since been conquering the world. Within the DNA of these reptilians is an inability to empathize and well as a larger reptilian part of the brain which explains their desire to control and gain power (we all have a reptilian part of the brain.)

So, if these shapeshifters really are walking among us then you're probably wondering why you've never see them. Icke has an answer for this, too. He explains that since these creatures exist outside of our "visible light" we cannot see them, even if they are standing right in front of us. However, there have been many cases of people claiming to see these reptilians shapeshift before our eyes, sometimes even caught on camera.

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15 Queen Elizabeth II

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Born in 1926 in London, England as Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, this woman has been the Queen of England since 1952. She is 90 years old and is currently the Queen of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Since she has been in power, 12 countries have separated from the rule of her monarch (Belize, Jamaica, and Saint Lucia to name three). She belongs to the royal house of Windsor and only holds so many positions of power based on her bloodline and her bloodline alone. David Icke argues that it is specifically these royal bloodlines that descended from hybrid reptilian humanoids, and that the Queen is definitely a shapeshifter. In 2010, an aboriginal man named William Combes made an official declaration claiming that Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip abducted 10 children from a Kamloops residential school in 1964. Combes claims to have witnessed this and was the last surviving member of the group of witnesses. Combes died suddenly the following year in a Vancouver hospital. In 2013, the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels issued an order to arrest the Queen. She was allegedly convicted of these crimes on February 28, 2013, however finding evidence of this case online proves to be futile.

14 Lady Gaga

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Her actual name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta but you know her as Lady Gaga. This singer-songwriter became a superstar when she released her first album The Fame in 2008. Her followup albums The Fame Monster, Born This Way and Artpop were all extremely successful and topped US charts. Gaga was raised in Manhattan, New York, attended an all-girls Catholic school and has discussed her insecurities as a young woman, often feeling like a freak. However, after moving to Los Angeles in 2008 to work on her first album, Gaga soon learned that on stage she could be anyone or any thing she desired. The symbolism surrounding Gaga's makeup, wardrobe and music videos have led many people to wonder who exactly Gaga is working for. Other conspiracies involve her being linked to MK Ultra, a CIA brainwashing program, as well as her name being drawn from a Queen song "Radio Gaga" in which the elite take a woman and use black magic to transfer her soul into a robot. Regardless of what is true and what isn't, it is definitely worth researching on your own. In a slo-motion analysis video found on YouTube in which Gaga agrees to take her sunglasses off for the interview, her eyes appear to blink sideways.

13 Dick Cheney

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Born Richard Bruce Cheney, he was the former Vice President (2001-2009) to George W. Bush. He first made his way into the White House during the Nixon Administration and an intern in 1969. Eventually he would stand as the representative for the state of Wyoming in the U.S. House of Representatives, and become the Secretary of Defense from 1989 to 1993. He personally directed 1991's Operation Desert Storm in which the cities of Baghdad and Basra were bombed for approximately five weeks and led to the deaths of over 5000 civilians. He was also the CEO of Halliburton, the worlds largest oil company. Cheney gained some attention from ufologists in 2009 when he visited Roswell, NM six days after 24 cows dropped dead for no apparent reason. In 2011, legendary comedian, writer, and director Louis C.K. asked if Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld were actually "lizard people." When Rumsfeld did not answer Louis, Louis explained that this only made the men look more guilty.

12 Miley Cyrus

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Like many of the singers and actresses mentioned in this article, Miley Ray Cyrus got her start in Hollywood at a young age. Gaining popularity from Disney's TV show Hannah Montana, Miley quickly became a role model for young girls in America. In 2007, she released her first album Meet Miley Cyrus. The album's huge success solidified Miley's place in Hollywood and would allow her to transform her image in any way that meant more money. Between 2010 and 2012 she began to completely change her image from the innocent Disney girl into the rebellious and nearly naked teen pop star. After the 2013 release of the music video for her song "Wrecking Ball" in which she appeared naked, straddling a metal wrecking ball, and licking pieces of steel, it became clear to parents across the country that maybe this wasn't the pop star for young Jenny to be looking up to. Of course, with such a massive change in personality, people began questioning who this person really was. The internet is full of theories about Miley being one of the lizard people. Not only is her tongue always hanging out of her mouth, there are multiple videos that show Miley's eyes blinking sideways like a lizard's.

11 Angelina Jolie

via taaz.com

Angelina Jolie is a renowned actress in Hollywood, a successful filmmaker and a well-known humanitarian. Although Jolie is full of talent and has made a name for herself as one of the most influential women in America, it is her personal life that is often the topic of conversation in the media. When she was dating Jenny Shimizu the two apparently frequented dominatrix clubs. She is rumored to only consume red meat and red wine. When she was married to Billy Bob Thorton, she wore a vial of his blood around her neck. And she allegedly keeps all of her children's used bandages. The lists of weirdness go on and on... But if you google Angelina Jolie and alien, there are countless videos and articles, albeit super out-there videos and articles, that claim that they have proof of Jolie shapeshifting. All of these videos point to her slit-like reptilian eyes. There is even a video online of this happening in the 1999 film Girl, Interrupted.

10 Sir Edward Richard George Heath

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Known more famously as Ted Heath, this man was a British politician who led the Conservative Party for many years and was the British Prime Minister from 1970-1974. Most significantly, he pushed Britain into the European Economic Community. For most of his life, Heath's sexuality was under constant scrutiny. Not only did he remain a bachelor throughout his life, there were also rumors circulating that he was actually a promiscuous homosexual; however, this interest was more than likely sparked from his lack of romantic relationships in the public. Eventually, friends and reporters assumed that perhaps Heath had repressed his sexuality altogether, making him asexual. But shockingly, in 2015, police began investigating child sex-abuse allegations. David Icke has stated publicly that Heath was a member of the reptilian bloodline as well as a satanist and a pedophile. Icke also claims that when he met Heath he felt as though he was looking into "two black holes."

9 Beyoncé

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Born on September 4, 1981 as Beyoncé Giselle Knowles in Houston, Texas, she was attracted to the performing arts at a young age. When she was only 8 years old, she became a member of an all-girl group Girl's Tyme. The group performed on the television show Star Search and even though they failed to win the competition, the group remained together and eventually changed their name to Destiny's Child, which launched Beyoncé into stardom. However, once the fame came, so did a depression that lasted many years. In 2008, Beyoncé admitted to having created an alter ego who performed on stage in place of herself. She calls this personality "Sasha Fierce." In an interview about this she states that "I created my stage persona to protect myself, so that when I go home I don't have to think about what it is I do. Sasha isn't me." This claim of having two personalities gave rise to massive conspiracy theories surrounding her true identity. Like many of famous colleagues, Beyoncé has been accused of being a reptilian in disguise, a satanic witch, and a human clone, as well as a victim of MK Ultra.

8 Kim Kardashian

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Kim Kardashian is a person or creature that has made a successful life for herself off of the backs of the people around her. She first gained media attention in her early life as a friend and socialite to Paris Hilton. When a sex-tape was released in 2007, Kim became a person that everyone wanted to talk about. She used this media to springboard her career in the reality television industry, becoming a star on the television series Keeping Up with the Kardashians. In 2014, she married the American rapper Kanye West and has since given birth to 2 children: North West and Saint West. Since her introduction into fame and fortune, Kim's physical appearance has changed so drastically (probably due to A LOT of plastic surgery) that there are conspiracy theories proliferating left and right about her true identity. Most predominantly is that the real Kim Kardashian was murdered years ago and has been replaced by a clone. Like many of the celebrities mentioned in this article, there are also videos of Kim allegedly shapeshifting on camera.

7 Tom Cruise

via businessinsider.com

For some, it probably isn't a surprise that the legendary Hollywood actor Tom Cruise is on this list of rumored reptilians. Although Cruise is most famous for his blockbuster roles in Top Gun, the Mission: Impossible franchise, and most recently a plethora of science-fiction films, he is also one of the most adamant advocates of the Scientology Religion. Basically, Cruise believes that a dictator of the "Galactic Confederacy" named Xenu sent billions of frozen souls to Earth. These souls inhabited the human form, but are actually "thetans" or immortal spiritual beings. In 2008, a Scientology video leaked onto YouTube and featured Cruise discussing and promoting Scientology. In Moscow at a panel discussion for the film Oblivion (2013), Cruise admitted to believing in the existence of aliens, stating: “I don’t think you can actually count it out [...] It might be a little arrogant to think we were the only ones in all the galaxies throughout the universe." He then goes on to explain that he has actually never met an alien... we thinks the reptilian doth protest too much.

6 Oprah Winfrey

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Oprah Winfrey is an American success story. Born in a rural town of Mississippi, Oprah did not have the childhood most people would assume someone of her magnitude had. She was pregnant at the young age of 14 but lost the baby, she had numerous abusive relationships, and has even admitted to smoking crack-cocaine. Yet, seemingly destined for greatness, Oprah became one of the most powerful and influential people in America and perhaps even the world. She is the only African American to have a net-worth in the billions, and has become known as The Queen of Media. Her show The Oprah Winfrey Show aired from 1986-2011. Of course, Oprah has received a fair share of attention regarding speculation over whether or not she is actually a shapeshifter. All over the internet people have posted videos of Oprah shapeshifting and claiming that she has been possessed by a demonic or reptilian spirit.

5 Stephen Harper

via truenorthtimes.ca

In Canada it is widely believed that the 22nd Prime Minister of the country, Stephen Harper, was actually, in fact, an alien from another planet. Even though Stephen Harper was in office from 2006-2015, many people across the country couldn't help but feel that something was very off with this world leader. If you're not familiar with Harper, then you only need to watch one monotone speech and witness his blank stare to understand why everyone finds him so creepy. In the "Canadian Election" episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, they air a clip of Harper endorsing Netflix. In the video Harper delivers the line "something you might not know about me is that I love movies and TV shows." Oliver makes a joke insisting that that "isn't a statement that wins over voters, it's what an alien in disguise as a human tells you while trying to fit in during a dinner party." Following Justin Trudeau's win in the past election, The Beaverton published an article titled "Tearful Stephen Harper boards spaceship for return to home planet." And guess what? No one was sad to see him go.

4 William Shatner

via richestcelebrities.org

Although William Shatner is most famously known for his portrayal of Captain James T. Kirk in Star Trek, in recent years he has garnered media attention for seriously discussing the existence of alien life. In a Larry King interview, Shatner admits that there is definitely mystery when it comes to alien abductions. He paraphrases the late psychiatrist, writer, and Harvard professor John E. Mack who suggested that perhaps aliens were a "product of another reality." Mack interviewed people who claimed to be abducted and concluded, quite infamously, that they were in fact telling the truth. Shatner announced in 2014 that he was writing a non-fiction book about alien abductions and UFO sightings but it has not yet been published. Of course, because of the many ways Shatner connects with outer space, many people believe that he may be a reptilian. If not a Reptilian, than perhaps another alien, one that we can only assume is part of a benevolent race.

3 Elon Musk

via regmedia.co.uk

Originally from South Africa, this billionaire engineer, inventor, and entrepreneur is just too interested in outer space to not be considered one of these shapeshifters. In 2001, Musk conceived the idea to build greenhouses on mars. In an attempt to kickstart his project, he attempted to buy ICBM rockets from Russia. When that failed, Musk decided he would simply build the rockets himself. In June 2002, he founded SpaceX with the goal to begin actively traveling through space. After investing 100 million of his own money, SpaceX has since built the launch vehicles Falcon 1, Falcon 9, and most recently, Dragon, a multipurpose spacecraft which successfully docked with the International Space Station in 2012. SpaceX continues to make headlines with its fast-paced and exciting attitude toward space travel, and hopes to begin sending humans to Mars in the near future. When asked about extraterrestrial life Musk explained that life may very well be a simulation, or that "maybe we're in a lab and there's some advanced alien civilization that's watching how we develop, out of curiosity, like mold in a petri dish."

2 Hillary Clinton

via thenewyorker.com

Even though Barack Obama has made jokes about Area 51 on television, Hilary Clinton has gone one step further and has discussed seriously her desire to open the X-Files and declassify as much information as she can on the topic of extraterrestrials (specifically related to Area 51 and the 1947 crash in Roswell). In a recent interview, Clinton is asked why she would like to open these mysterious files, she answers "Because I'm interested [...] there are enough stories out there that I don't think that everyone is just sitting in their kitchen making them up." Of course, if Clinton is to be the next President of the United States than chances are that she may know more about these extraterrestrials than she is letting on, but it is interesting to think that perhaps the truth surrounding UFO's may finally be revealed.

1  1. Donald Trump

via youtube.com

Presidential Candidate Donald Trump tops this years list for one of the most rumored celebrities and/or politicians to be a creepy, lizard-eyed, shapeshifter. Trump has made quite a name for himself across the world during his campaign, consistently contradicting himself, swearing during his speeches, making empty promises, and kicking babies out of press conferences. Many people online have made videos dedicated to the fact that Trump is blatantly manipulating the public and has supported the Clinton's and the Clinton Foundation for a very long time. Regardless of what the actual truth is surrounding who or what Donald Trump is, if there actually exists a royal alien bloodline then it would be difficult to argue Donald Trump is not either a part of it or being controlled by a part of it. No matter what your own beliefs are, it sure is fun to go down that black hole online that leads to you watching videos of politicians and celebrities shapeshifting on camera in super slow-mo. There are plenty of these videos to be found of Trump.

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