15 Celeb Parents Who Keep Screwing With Their Kids Lives

Some people just aren’t meant to be parents. It is a sad sight to see, and the scenario plays out both among common everyday people and Hollywood celebrities. Unfortunately, the stress and pressures of being rich and famous often lead to many strained relationships, romantic, familial, and otherwise. Even more unfortunate is that we have seen countless celebrities ruin their relationships with their children and family members, and we’re going to show you the worst of the worst.

Whether it be through acting as a bad example, encouraging risky behavior, or limiting their freedom and protection as human beings, these celebs rank poorly as parents and highly as utter disasters. Too bad for them the damage is done. Maybe they can be an example of what not to do as a parent.

Being a mother or father is the most important job that anyone can have in their entire lives. Think about it, you are responsible for the health and well-being of another human being. That child looks up to you and will learn their moral values and mannerisms from you. So then think about people like Charlie Sheen, Kate and Jon Gosselin, and Kate Moss. Real parenting material, right? We feel so sorry for their children, and that they had to go through the emotional (and sometimes physical) turmoil of having these people as parents. As they grow up, we hope these children of celebrities can become their own people, healthy and whole.


15 Kate & Jon Gosselin


We know what you’re thinking: “Do we really have to hear about Jon and Kate Gosselin again?” Fortunately the two have been mostly out of the public eye, but that doesn’t mean that they are being excluded from this list. After all, they are some of the crappiest celeb parents we can think of. First of all, Kate is a high-strung drill sergeant with her kids and she often passive-aggressively insults their intelligence (“use your words!”) She also (along with her ex-husband), unabashedly exploited her eight children so that she could make an easy buck. According to reports, both Kate and Jon had been unfaithful to each other. Kate has been seen flat out ignoring her children’s needs and concerns, while Jon spent months avoiding his whole family, choosing to galavant with young women instead. The entire family is a hot mess, and we can’t imagine what the children are going to end up like.

14 Charlie Sheen


Charlie Sheen: worst father ever. No, worst celebrity ever. Besides his mental breakdown and his erratic behaviour, Charlie Sheen has been an absolute terror to his children. Sheen has sent rants and insults to his ex-wives on social media and via text message, and oftentimes his children are caught in the crossfire. In 2011, Sheen’s young sons were removed from the celeb’s home and were forbidden to associate with him out of concerns for their safety. Charlie and his ex-wives have been known to use their own children as ammo in their tumultuous relationships, which can seriously damage their kids’ psyches. Sheen also sent a hate-filled message to his ex, Denise Richards one Father’s Day, saying that she was a filthy pile of shame.

13 Linda Bollea & Hulk Hogan


Both Hulk Hogan and his ex-wife Linda Bollea have been called out for their weird parenting styles. They seem to be on opposite sides of the spectrum, which sort of messed up their kids, Brooke Hogan (28) and Nick Hogan (26). First, Hulk. He was extremely protective of Brooke, to the point of not letting her have any freedom as a teenager. He would chaperone or spy on dates as well as sexy music videos and photoshoots, even making comments about her body and clothing. Yet Hulk was basically okay with Nick doing whatever he wanted. As for Linda, she was easy-going with both of her children, sometimes a bit too much with Brooke, encouraging her to show off more skin and try seductive and suggestive dance moves. In fact, Linda would try the same things herself! The mixed messages were too much for us to handle, let alone Brooke and Nick!

12 Kate Moss


What would you expect from the “heroin chic” model? Moss has been publicly criticized both by the media and her own child for being a bad mother. Lila Grace, the daughter of supermodel Kate Moss has said that the shenanigans and situations that her mother gets herself into leave Lila feeling embarrassed and ashamed. We feel ya, girl! Kate has been known to lash out at flight attendants who won’t give her alcohol, and she often tries to act way younger than she is. Newsflash Kate: this isn’t the 1990s anymore! Lila finds it difficult to go out with a mom who inadvertently shouts profanities at people she doesn’t like and throws temper tantrums when she doesn’t get her way. This goes beyond being a diva; this is one of the worst examples of bad parenting in Hollywood. Now that Lila is delving into modelling as well, we worry about her even more.

11 Courtney Love

Courtney Love has always been suspecting of being loopy and too wild for her own good. She is still looked down upon by some people who think she had a role in her late husband Kurt Cobain’s death. Courtney and Kurt had a child together, Frances Bean Cobain, whom Courtney lost custody of when Frances Bean was 17 years old. Courtney’s mother and father took custody of Frances Bean, who requested a restraining order against her own mom because of the constant drugs and substance abuse. To make matters worse, Courtney railed against Frances Bean on social media (probably while she was high) and said that her daughter was “deluded.” It is pretty clear that Courtney was never mother material and that she can barely take care of herself, let alone another person. Now Frances Bean is 23, married, and can be as far away from mom as she wants.

10 Kris Jenner


You know it’s bad when your own daughter says that you’re a bad mom, and that is exactly what happened to Kris Jenner. Of course, we all already knew that she was crappy mother material; all it takes is 5 minutes of watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians to realize that. Throughout the series, the members of the Kardashian-Jenner family are seen making remarks about each other, both in front of them and behind their backs. Kris says that Kim is overly aggressive and very demanding, while Kim said that Kris was a “bad mother.” Kris Jenner has repeatedly been slammed in the media for her jealousy of her daughters, her status as “momager,” and her failed attempts at trying to outshine her kids. She basically uses them all as a platform to enhance her career (which she wouldn’t have without her kids.) So it turns out a lot of the yelling on the show isn’t very scripted.

9 Eddie Murphy

What kind of father flat out denies that he is the parent of a baby girl? Eddie Murphy. The comedic actor famously knocked up former Spice Girl Mel B and then denied that he was the father of her baby, Angel Iris. What followed was a drawn-out and highly publicized paternity battle, which Murphy finally taking a DNA test … which came back positive and declared that he was indeed the father of Angel Iris. Murphy already had seven other children, and it looked as though he didn’t want to make it child number eight with Angel Iris. He did, however, eventually come around and start spending time with her, but how do you think the girl is going to feel knowing that her own father denied his relationship to her? That’s a tough thing to come to terms with, and Angel Iris and Mel B might be better off without him!


8 David Hasselhoff


David Hasselhoff famously made an ass of himself by drunkenly trying to eat a cheeseburger on the floor while his teenage daughter recorded the whole thing. For Thanksgiving 2007, David got so smashed that he had to be taken to the emergency room. His daughter Hayley was there to witness the whole thing, and she was very disturbed by the whole incident. On a separate occasion, his other daughter, Taylor Ann was home to record her father’s intoxicated behavior. Taylor could be heard behind the camera begging her dad to stop his binge drinking and risky behavior. It was a sad sight to see, and the video is actually quite sickening. David Hasselhoff used to be an actor who had it all; now he has lost the trust of his daughters and family, and his career is pretty much down the toilet as well. He definitely needs to be on this list.

7 Madonna

Madge has been criticized for using her daughter Lourdes as publicity bait time and time again. In one example, Madonna snapped a photo of Lourdes while the young teen was wearing a cone bra and squeezing her breasts. Not only is that an awkward thing to do in front of your own mother, but having your mom take the photo and display it on Instagram is super creepy. Many people have said that Madonna is trying to mold Lourdes into her own mini me, and is using her daughter to keep her own career and relevance alive. Wow, that’s low. Just like her mother, Lourdes has now been sexualized from an early age, and at just 14 years old, she was photographed smoking cigarettes with her classmates. Rumor has it that Madge also makes Lourdes participate in the Kabbalah cult, which is criticized for causing mental disorders. Now at 19, Lourdes can make her own (bad) decisions.

6 Farrah Abraham


Time and time again, Farrah Abraham is called a bad mom. She was one of the stars of MTV’s Teen Mom series, and even outside of the MTV universe, Farrah is prime bait for those who question her parenting skills. Farrah has been photographed with her daughter, Sophia, putting her in precarious positions and holding her in careless ways that put her safety at risk. Farrah has also been criticized for sexualizing Sophia, such as the time she had Sophia pose in a two-piece bathing suit while holding a weirdly seductive pose. It was actually pretty gross. In another example, Farrah went on a boat trip with some friends and Sophia in tow and ended up getting drunk during the trip! What the heck? And of course, ,this is the same Farrah Abraham who was involved in a leaked sex tape. What a role model for a 7-year-old girl, right?

5 Woody Allen

Ancient film director Woody Allen is such a crappy dad that his own son has become estranged from him. Ronan Farrow has been very public about his feelings and thoughts on his father, saying that Woody molested Ronan’s sister, Dylan Farrow when she was just a young child. In fact, Woody Allen has been accused of sexually abusing and inappropriately touching some of the women he has worked with in the past. The dude is just plain creepy, and molesting your own daughter is just not okay. No wonder Ronan is his estranged son. And then Woody Allen went and married his own adopted step-daughter, Soon-Yi Previn. He’s a nasty old pervert and his kids are going to have some serious trust issues in their relationships because of it. We hope that he’s ashamed of himself, but he probably isn’t. The story of Woody Allen is like some weird horror film.

4 Dina Lohan


Remember when Lindsay Lohan was a Hollywood starlet and had the promise of becoming one of the greatest female actresses in Tinseltown? And then her behaviour became wilder and wilder, she got caught up in underage drinking and drug use, and she frequented parties and nightclubs more than anywhere else. Well, many people blame her own mother, Dina Lohan, on Lindsay’s descent into the dark pits of DUIs and lost potential. Apparently Dina would party alongside Lindsay and allow her to engage in drinking when she was legally underage. Dina also had a nonchalant attitude about it all, and even when her daughter began showing tell-tale signs of drug abuse and risky patterns of behavior, Dina still let Lindsay make her own decisions. That severe lack of judgment just may be responsible for Lindsay’s horrific downfall. Seriously though, who allows their daughter to get smashed at parties while you sit there and drink with her?

3 Ryan O’Neal

In the past, Ryan O’Neal was unfortunately a top contender for the title of “worst dad in Hollywood.” In 2007, Ryan stormed into his wife, Farrah Fawcett’s home and aimed an armed gun at their son, Griffin. Ryan was slammed with a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, although the celeb tried to brush it off and state that he shot the gun “accidentally” at his own son. It isn’t just Griffin who suffers from a strained relationship with his father; Ryan’s daughter Tatum O’Neal has also dealt with some screwed up family stuff. Throughout the decades, Ryan has been suspected and charged with assault and other cruel behaviors towards his children. He reportedly beat up Tatum when she was a teenager and pressured her to lose weight through the use of drugs. Ryan’s violent temper and angry outbursts have made his children hate him, and for good reason.

2 Tom Cruise


If you’ve been keeping up with Suri Cruise, then you know that she is now a 10-year-old beauty and a spitting image of her mother, Katie Holmes. Katie was married to Tom Cruise from 2006 to 2012, and the divorce is still the talk of the tabloids from time to time. Apparently Tom Cruise has had little to no contact with Suri because he’s a deadbeat dad and Katie doesn’t want him anywhere near their daughter. Sources close to Tom and Katie say that Tom avoids seeing Suri because of her fears about Scientology (Tom is one of the most famous Hollywood Scientologists.) Katie actually ended up divorcing Tom mostly because of his religious beliefs, and she doesn’t want Suri getting caught up in it. Even when Tom is in close proximity to his daughter, due to filming a movie or making a public appearance, he tries to stay away from her.

1 Alec Baldwin

If you’re Alec Baldwin, then you have to apologize to your 11-year-old daughter for calling her bad names. Yes, this actually happened. Actor Alec Baldwin hurled insults at his child, Ireland Baldwin, after the then 11-year-old didn’t answer his phone call. Alec used the voicemail system to call her a “rude, thoughtless little pig” and threaten that it was the last time she made him make a fool of himself on the phone. That is downright terrifying for an adult to hear, let alone a child! Alec responded to the criticism and publicity of his voicemail response by saying that he was stressed out about his ex-wife’s lack of cooperation in their custody battle for Ireland. Obviously Alec was not going to win the custody battle for his daughter after that scary incident. Now Ireland is 20 years old and still feels ill will towards her dad. The poor thing.

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