15 Celeb Parents Who Shockingly Dissed Their Own Kids

There are some cruddy things that parents can do to their kids. For example, parents should never play favorites with their children, nor should they contribute to poor self-esteem in any way, shape, or form. Parents are supposed to lift their kids up and make them feel valued and loved. Children have so much worth, but when their parents are total deadbeats, they can grow up to think that they are worthless and that no one loves them. It’s so sad! Here are some celebrities who need to learn a thing or two about being good parents. We don’t mean to rag on anyone or try to be a family therapist, but the actions and words of these celeb moms and dads is just uncalled for. Check it out in our list of 15 Celeb Parents Who Dissed Their Own Kids.

Whether it was by making fun of or criticizing their appearance, making them feel talentless and with zero skill, or expressing more love for their son or daughter’s sibling, these celebrity parents done messed up. Some of them abandoned their children when they were just babies or infants. Others have exposed their children for their own benefit, or cashed out on their success (or failures in Lindsay Lohan’s case.) And of course, when you have a Teen Mom, you are bound to find things wrong with their parenting skills. So read through our list and you will probably end up feeling better about your own family dynamics. And if you’re a parent, take note!


15 Angelina Jolie

Female celebrity powerhouse Angelina Jolie has had to dodge plenty of rumors about her marriage and her relationship with her kids. She has been accused of being “addicted” to adopting children and that she uses her multicultural family clan to attract media attention and make extra money. Hmm, it doesn’t seem too far-fetched, actually. What we do know for sure is that Angelina expressed an uneven balance of feelings towards her children. She said that she had greater love for her children Maddox and Zahara. “Madd” was born in Cambodia and “Zee” was born in Ethiopia. Angelina reportedly said that she feels more sentimental and loving towards those two because they were more disadvantaged and at a greater risk. On the other hand, she would “have less inclination to feel for” Shiloh, who is a biological child. Wow major diss. Thanks, mom! It looks like you have to be born in a third-world country for Angelina to care about you.

14 Pattie Mallette


Teen idol Justin Bieber has not made a Belieber out of his own mother. Apparently she has very little contact with her son, stating that she thought she “had raised him better than that.” It looks as though Justin’s string of bad behaviour and criminal track record has caused his mom to act as though she were estranged from him. In fact, last year Justin said that his relationship with his mom was “pretty non-existing.” The past few years have seen Pattie and Justin drift apart, either because Pattie is overwhelmed with her son’s success or behaviour, or Justin is just surpassing her and she’s jealous. Whatever it is, Justin has been going about fame and worldwide touring without the support of a matriarch. His mom is in Hawaii and barely calls him. That’s got to be difficult for a 22-year-old. After all, we always want the support of our parents, no matter how old we are.

13 Jon Voight

We almost never hear about Angelina Jolie’s parents, but her dad is Jon Voight, and the two of them have a bad relationship. That’s why we never hear about him! Back in 2002, Jon blatantly proclaimed that Angelina had “serious mental problems,” and that is when Angelina decided that she really didn’t want to have anything to do with him anymore. Since then, the two have barely spoken to each other. Angelina also broke out her own ammunition during the public spectacle of their falling out. The actress revealed that her father had been unfaithful to her mother, Marcheline Bertrand, and he had an extramarital affair. Jon had also reportedly abandoned the household when Angelina was just a year old. It’s really no wonder why Angelina holds so much ill will towards her dad. He has a history of throwing her under the bus! He didn’t even go to Angelina and Brad’s wedding in 2014.

12 DMX


Rapper DMX is another celebrity that falls into the “bad parent” category. DMX was a disgrace to his son and repeatedly ignored his pleas to drop the drugs and stop living life high all the time. DMX had an obvious problem with crack-cocaine, and it greatly diminished his abilities to be a dad. DMX, also known as Earl Simmons, has a long track record of arrests, and he is known for being a deadbeat dad to his son, Xavier. In fact, Xavier tried to have a meeting with DMX and mend the frayed edges of their father-son relationship. Even in that exchange, DMX was still sounding like he was under the influence of something and that he was half-listening to his son. DMX was also a crappy dad to his younger son, for whom he kept missing child support payments. Clearly this guy has other priorities that rank higher than his family.

11 Michael Lohan

Let’s just get this out of the way: Michael Lohan is a douchebag. In fact, Dina Lohan is also a creep. Both of these people are the parents of Lindsay Lohan, and once you hear a little bit about them, you will totally understand Lindsay’s descent into oblivion (and even feel sympathy towards her.) Dina Lohan would go to parties with Lindsay and encourage her to drink even when she was underage. As for Michael, he reportedly sold stories and photos of Lindsay struggling with alcohol so that he could cash out on her downward spiral. That is such a low thing to do, and it seems that Lindsay’s parents really don’t give a rat’s ass about whether or not she gets better. Michael has been known to lash out in front of his children and exhibit zero disregard for their well-being. Talk about a major diss to his kids!

10 Gwen Stefani


Singer Gwen Stefani seems to have it all. She had a long marriage to rockstar Gavin Rossdale (and then a hot relationship with Blake Shelton), and she had a pivotal singing career with No Doubt and her own solo path. She also had three adorable children. Yet it seemed that Gwen felt bitterness towards her kids and at one point the mother of three preferred being childless. She was interviewed as saying that her life as a childless person was so much better and that she really missed the freedom that she had. Now she has to look out for these little ones and it takes away from the fun in her life. Well then! If you don’t want to have kids, then don’t have kids. Abstain from sex. Use protection. Being a mom is the most important job in the world, and one that needs to be taken seriously. Gwen later apologized and clarified her statement, but still.

9 Farrah Abraham

The young woman from MTV’s reality TV series Teen Mom has repeatedly been in hot water for her horrific parenting skills. First of all, she was seen going on a boating trip with her infant daughter and some friends. Farrah placed her daughter Sophia is a life jacket that was two sizes too big for her and then Farrah proceeded to get drunk on the boat with her daughter right there. How safe. In another instance, Farrah was called out for plucking her toddler’s eyebrows because she said she didn’t want any daughter of hers walking around with a unibrow. Ouch! Sophia was what, four years old? There is no reason to expose her to that kind of cosmetic stuff. Plus, Farrah dressed Sophia in a skimpy bikini and had her pose in seductive stances. This is gross, and we are actually really concerned for how Sophia will grow up.


8 Mathew Knowles


Bad things can happen when your parent is your manager. Just ask Kris Jenner and her daughters! Anyway, we turn now to Beyonce and her father, Mathew Knowles. Mathew worked as Bey’s manager for a time, even going way back to the Destiny’s Child days. In 2011, Queen B suspected her dad of stealing money from her and basically cashing out on her success that she worked hard for. Legal documents state that Mathew Knowles stole money from Beyonce’s worldwide tours and dipped his hand into certain funds that he was not entitled to. Beyonce made a public statement saying that she was not disowning her dad or becoming his estranged daughter, but his actions and history as her manager meant that she was firing him from his managerial role. Now it is pretty clear that Bey didn’t need her dad to keep a handle on things. Beyonce is only one of the most powerful and influential women on Earth.

7 Sting

Lots of parents want their kids to do well for themselves and make something of their lives. Yet if you’re famous singer Sting, you’re super greedy with your fortune and have no intention of sharing a drop of it with your offspring. Really, Sting has refused to share any of his fortune with his children, stating that they need to earn money through their own efforts. We totally get that, but come on Sting. Your assets are worth $180 million. Surely you could you spare a bit for your kids without denying them trust funds. Oh well, it looks like Sting’s kids are on their own. Eliot Paulina Sumner is a musician, Joe is a singer and bassist, Mickey has an acting career, Jake is a model, and Fuschia is an actress who appeared in Saving Mr. Banks. So it looks as though they’re doing pretty well for themselves! Proud, Sting?

6 50 Cent


If you ever wondered whether 50 Cent was a decent human being or if he was just like the persona he raps about, then we have some news for you. 50 Cent is actually a pretty deadbeat father. Surprise! He didn’t even go to his son’s high school graduation in 2014. And that wasn’t the only thing that helped to sever any closeness between 50 Cent and his son. There was another instance when the rapper slammed his then 16-year-old son in a rap tirade complete with demeaning insults and profanity. What in the world? This guy might not be as bad as Alec Baldwin or Joe Jackson, but 50 Cent is definitely a guy that instigates a whole lot of family drama. The relationship between 50 Cent and his son Marquis has been widely publicized, with the two of them going back and forth on social media, and that’s gotta hurt.

5 Joe Jackson

Well, we all know that Joe Jackson was one of the worst fathers in all of Hollywood history. The guy can be the poster child for “cashing in on your child’s success for your own greedy benefit.” That is exactly what Joe Jackson did with Michael Jackson and his siblings, including Latoya and Janet. And poor Michael may have had it the worst. Joe would laugh at his child’s appearance, making fun of the way he looked or dressed. In his desire to have his kids be famous, Joe would constantly rag on their vocals and skills. He even told Michael Jackson at one point that he wasn’t good enough to sing a solo. Ha! Well Michael Jackson was one of the greatest artists to ever live. Too bad Joe Jackson will go down in history for his selfish desires and crappy parenting skills. Michael had even revealed that his dad contributed to his self-esteem issues.

4 Angie Bowie


Angie Bowie is an old lady now (she’s 66 years old,) but she still has a reputation for being a crappy parent. She left her son Duncan (also known as Zowie) because her marriage to David Bowie was falling apart. She avoided contact with Duncan for a whopping 30 years, and it is pretty apparent that the two of them will probably never get together ever again. At the beginning of 2016, Angie was interviewed and she talked about her family dynamics and relationship. In the interview, she stated that she had not even seen Duncan since he was 13 years old, and that the chances of them reuniting were slim to none. Well, it sounds like someone really cares about their child. What the heck, Angie? The horrible mother even stated that she had Duncan “for David,” so she basically could have said that she didn’t even want Duncan in the first place. We’re crying.

3 Courtney Love

There is still speculation that Courtney Love may have had a role to play in the death of her husband, late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain. There will probably always be rumors swirling around Courtney, but for now, let’s focus on her relationship with her daughter, Frances Bean. Frances is already without a father in her life, and she is also pretty much without a mother as well. That’s because Courtney is totally incompetent as a mom and she is just plain rude to her only daughter. First of all, Courtney stated that Frances was “a bit deluded” when she criticized her mom for being hooked on drugs. In a worse instance, Courtney flat out ignored her daughter and didn’t even go to her wedding. Courtney even wrote on social media: “If you think I’m sorry for being a no-show...think again.” Ouch! Blame the drugs or the alcohol, but nothing can rationalize that kind of disrespect.

2 Alec Baldwin


When we hear the name Alec Baldwin we just want to shake our heads in disgust. What more is there to do besides boycott every single movie he’s ever been in? Alec said that he was taking a break from Hollywood and we hoped that he was leaving it for good. So what is he doing back in the public eye? Why can’t he just stay locked up in a gated mansion in Beverly Hills? Make everyone happy. Anyway, we’re sure that the person who hates Alec Baldwin the most is his own daughter, Ireland. When she was just 11 years old (so fragile!) she was caught in the crossfire between Alec and Kim Basinger. The couple was going through a nasty divorce and Alec was recorded on voicemail calling Ireland horrible things, such as “you rude thoughtless little pig.” Excuse us, but who talks to their own child like that?

1 Kris Jenner

All right, so we already know that Kris Jenner’s role as “momager” to the Kardashian-Jenner sisters is a bit outrageous. Or rather, totally outrageous. So it shouldn’t really come as a surprise that Kris has thrown major shade at her daughters. Besides being super jealous of them and playing favorites (she both adores and envies Kim,) Kris Jenner has also said some really mean things about her children in front of their faces and behind their backs. This even goes way back into the past. For example, Kris once said Khloe needed a nose job when the girl was just nine years old! No wonder Khloe grew up to feel self-conscious and less-than her sisters. Her own mother was dragging her down by bad-mouthing her appearance. For the record, Khloe looks hella good (much better than her mom,) and she is at least more level-headed that her wild and crazy sisters.


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