15 Celeb Kids You Didn’t Know Are LGBTQ

As societal norms about gender and sexuality continue to shift and expand, we are seeing more and more celebrities come out as gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans...the list goes on and on. And while we are getting used to rock-solid adult celebs opening up about their sexual orientation and gender identity, there are also younger people in Hollywood who are coming to terms with who they are as well. So we thought that we would touch on that a bit with our list of 15 Celeb Kids You Didn’t Know are LGBTQ.

The LGBTQA+ has expanded to include people who are genderfluid, agender, pansexual, and a whole bunch of other identities. The important thing to remember is that these people are not merely labels that can be neatly categorized. They are real life human beings and they deserve as much love and respect as anyone else. It is sad that some of these people have had trouble coming out to their parents or being accepted by their family and friends. Others have been fully embraced and are now some of the most high-profile people in the LGBTQA+ community. It is quite a mixture that we have here, with the youngest person being just four years old! It begs the question of when exactly we are aware of our perceived and desired sexuality and gender. Is gender just a myth; something that our society created?

The answer will depend on who you ask, but before we get into these existential life questions, let’s go through our list. We hope you enjoy and learn something new!

15 E.J. Johnson


E.J. Johnson is the son of NBA legend Magic Johnson. While there is a family resemblance, E.J. is nothing like his dad. For one thing, he is an openly gay man and fashionista, and he seems to have fully embraced the iconic flamboyant gay man persona. E.J. appeared in the reality TV show Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, in which he explained that he had always been interested in clothing and fashion. He also spoke out about gender and how it’s changing in this society. He has felt as though he was stuck in a grey area, and he surmised that maybe he would make a gender transition after hearing about Caitlyn Jenner transitioning to a female. However, E.J. stated that he doesn’t feel incomplete as a person, and that he is quite comfortable with where he is right now. Good for him! And also good for Magic Johnson, who is totally fine with who his son is. That’s MVP quality right there!

14 Zeke Thomas


Zeke Thomas is the son of Isaiah Thomas, a former NBA player who managed to get into the Hall of Fame. While Zeke doesn’t share the same love of sports that his father did, he is head over heels for deejaying, and that is what he has decided to do. Oh, and he’s an openly gay man. Homosexuality and sports continues to be a combination that is sometimes very difficult, but Zeke has said that he has felt an outpouring of support from the NBA and its public figures. His dad also stated that even when he was playing high school basketball he could tell that there were some guys on the team that were not straight. And people were cool with that. Nowadays we are seeing more and more athletes come out to say that they are gay, bisexual, whatever. We’re glad that Zeke feels comfortable in his own skin and accepted for who he is. That’s true teamwork!

13 James Duke Mason


James Duke Mason is the son of Belinda Carlisle, and he works as an LGBTQA+ activist, as well as a writer, politician, and commentator. That is quite the resume for a guy in his early 20s! He was named one of the most influential LGBTQA+ figures by The Advocate, a pro-LGBTQA+ publication. He was also recognized by a similar publication, OUT Magazine. All of these accomplishments must make his mother, Belinda proud, right? Well, yes! James came out to his family and friends when he was just 14 years old and he has had the support of Belinda and his close circle of friends and family throughout the years. Belinda actually had an inkling that James was gay since he was a child, citing examples from the past. One instance was when he begged his mom for princess clothing from the Disney Store. That’s quite a tell-tale sign, isn’t it?

12 Rocco Ritchie


For the past couple of years, rumors have been circulating that Rocco Ritchie - the son of Madonna and Guy Ritchie - may be gay. Those rumors were pretty much satisfied when Rocco posted to his Instagram account a photo of himself wearing a woman’s bra. Other past social media posts by Rocco include a meme stating “I AM A WOMAN. I’m proud to be one,” as well as other pictures of himself wearing women’s clothing. There is even a photograph of Rocco decked out in female fashion and a caption explaining that his mother took the picture. It is clear that Madonna has not been the best mom to Rocco, and the singer and Guy Ritchie have been caught in a custody battle that just never seems to end. Luckily, Rocco is 2 years away from turning 18 and being legally on his own. Gay or not, the kid deserves better parents.

11 Jessica Blosil


You probably know about Donny and Marie Osmond, but their personal lives are another story. In terms of Marie, she has a daughter, Jessica Blosil, who now openly identifies as a lesbian. So, what was it like for Marie to learn the truth about her daughter? Well, throughout the years, she and Jessica have had a rocky relationship. Apparently Jessica was a very rebellious child, and she has beliefs and behaviors that vary greatly from her mother. However, Jessica got her act together and she graduated from a police academy, which her mother praised her for. According to Marie, Jessica just wants to help people, and if she is a lesbian on top of that, who really cares? Her sexual identity does not determine how well and poorly she will perform at her job. Sources close to Marie say that the mother is one hundred percent supportive of her daughter in everything that she does.

10 Rebecca Lansbury


Rebecca Lansbury is the daughter of Ally Sheedy. At the tender young age of 11, Rebecca came out to her mother and told her that she was a lesbian. The conversation between Rebecca and Ally about sexual orientation and identity was a very fluid one. Ever since Rebecca opened up about her sexuality, both she and Ally have been adamant advocates for LGBTQA+ equality and tolerance. They frequently attend Gay Pride rallies and they are not afraid to open up the dialogue about sexual orientation. In fact, they are both large contributors to a homeless shelter that helps out LGBTQA youth who don’t have homes. Ally has spoken out about her relationship with her daughter, saying that “my queer daughter is the love of my life.” In fact, Ally says that Rebecca is everything that she herself wanted to be, and there was never any antagonism over her sexual identity.

9 India Hemsworth


Any daughter of Chris Hemsworth is going to be quite lovely, and India Hemsworth is no exception. Yet the 4-year-old girl might be putting her dad in a negative light. In April of 2016, Chris was vocal about his relationship with his daughter, and stated that India told him that she didn’t want breasts; she wanted a penis. Chris’ response? You know what? You can be whatever you want to be.” His comments on his daughter’s sexual confusion sparked an uproar in some circles, with people saying that what he said was irresponsible. On the other side of the token, some people were praising Chris for not forcing his daughter to adhere to societal norms and constructs of gender. Even so, India is still so young; she doesn’t even know what sexuality is. So it may be too early to think that she actually wants to be a trans male.

8 Jaden Smith


The son of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith is constantly in the news for his cryptic tweets, his connections to Scientology, and the strange appearances he makes at photo shoots, celebrity events, or just out and around town. In terms of the LGBTQA+ agenda, it seems that Jaden Smith is anything but what society would deem “normal.” Jaden appears to be a genderfluid 18-year-old, and last year he nearly broke the Internet by revealing that he was in a homosexual relationship with rapper Lil’ B. The two men reportedly met while Lil’ B was recording his album, aptly called Gay, Black, and Proud. The news of his same-sex relationship was not a surprise to many people, as Jaden has made headlines in the past for modelling in Louis Vuitton’s women’s collection and showing up in Hollywood dressed in skirts. Jaden is rumored to be starring in Homonation We Takin Over, a film set for release in late 2016.

7 Shiloh Jolie-Pitt


If there is going to be an LGBTQA+ poster child in Hollywood, then it is probably going to be a child of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. After all, Angelina identifies as a bisexual woman, and she and Brad seem to be totally progressive and accepting of changing societal norms. So when their young daughter, Shiloh said that she wanted to be a boy, Angelina and Brad were totally cool with that. Nowadays, Shiloh wears a closely cropped hairstyle and more masculine clothes. In fact, Angelina has stated that Shiloh has a very “Montenegro style,” which means that her child prefers to wear suits and have her hair cut short. Nothing wrong with that, but it sparked a lot of gossip in the tabloids that Shiloh Jolie-Pitt was making a gender transition, or that she was genderfluid. Whatever the 10-year-old Namibia native decides to do, she will have her parents’ full backing.

6 Sam Greisman


Sally Field is in her late 60s now, but that doesn’t mean that she lacks a progressive and tolerant mindset. In fact, her son is Sam Greisman, an openly gay man who came out to his mother. Sally’s response to those who point out her son’s homosexuality is priceless: “So what?” She is totally accepting of all of her children (Sam is the youngest of her three boys.) Sally actually opened up about her relationship with Sam in a very vulnerable and heart-warming essay, in which she explained that Sam was always different from his two older brothers. He didn’t take an interest in the same activities and he seemed to be much more meek and mild. Now that the truth is out, everyone can embrace Sam for who he is and who he wants to be. It took 20 years for Sam to be confident enough to stand up and embrace his sexuality, but that doesn’t mean the rest of his life needs to be spent in hiding.

5 Jay Kelly


The daughter of R. Kelly has been making the transition to male since 2014. Born Jaya Kelly, he changed his name to Jay after revealing that he identified as a male, not a female. In June 2014, Jay took to social media to announce his identity once and for all, and he was nervous about how his father would handle the news. Jay was just 13 years old when the news broke, and while many on the Internet provided an outpouring of support for the young man, R. Kelly was much more stoic. He was not happy to hear that Jaya was now going by Jay and fully identifying as a man. Fortunately, Jay’s mother, Drea Kelly, was supportive right from the start, and hopefully she has been helping to calm R. Kelly’s nerves. Jay is not scared or angry that his dad knows, but he is hopeful that he will feel more accepted by his father in the future.

4 Lauren Kilvington


Lauren Kilvington certainly has quite the story to share. Her father is Paul Haggis, who belonged to the Church of Scientology. He ended up leaving the church and explaining how he got wrapped up in that ideology and how it affected his relationship with his two daughters, both of which are lesbians. Lauren is one of Paul’s daughters, and because her father Paul was in the Church of Scientology for 35 years, she was brought up with the beliefs and practices of the system. So besides not even learning important and applicable things until she was middle school age, Lauren also had to deal with her sexuality and how it clashed with the beliefs of Scientology. It is also interesting that Paul was definitely against same-sex marriage, but now he has two daughters who are open lesbians, so he has done a full 180. Gone are his Scientology days, and he is still directing and producing films.

3 Will Portman


U.S. Senator from Ohio Rob Portman had to come to terms with his own son’s sexuality back when Will was in college. Will was attending Yale, which has quite a reputation for its high percentage of gay students, and yet Will felt so isolated and overcome by shame, fear, and confusion. He tried to hide his true identity, but pretending to be someone he wasn’t just was not a good idea. So he decided to write a letter to his parents, and he poured his heart and soul into it. This story has a happy ending, because as soon as Will’s parents read the letter, they were responsive and expressed the utmost support for their son. While they didn’t suspect Will of being gay, his admission changed nothing in their eyes and they were able to diminish their son’s feelings of shame and guilt. Will’s dad has spoken openly about his son’s sexual orientation, both on and off the campaign trail.

2 Molly-Ariel Shepherd Oppenheim


Actress Cybill Shepherd is one pretty modern woman, so when her daughter Clementine came out as bisexual, Cybill was still 100% supportive of her. Then Cybill’s other daughter, Molly-Ariel Shepherd Oppenheim revealed that she was a lesbian. Now it looks as though the Shepherd family is a prime example of LGBTQ+ identity in Hollywood, and they all seem to be just fine with that. After all, Cybill herself was involved in a TV series called The ‘L’ Word, and Cybill openly stated that she finds lesbian sex scenes to be quite the turn-on. Clearly she is no stranger to different sexualities and orientations, which might have made her daughters feel more comfortable sharing their own experiences. Cybill herself may or may not be a lesbian, although we do know that she is head-over-heels crazy about Salma Hayek! A same-sex relationship would not be out of the question for this actress, and Molly-Ariel is quite happy with her lesbian romance.

1 Stephen Beatty


The son of Annette Bening and Warren Beatty was born as Kathlyn but now identifies as a male. In fact, Stephen has a few choice terms that he uses to refer to himself, including “faggy queen,” “homosexual,” “queer,” “trans man,” and “nerd fighter.” His self-assuredness in who he is has been inspiring for others who have not yet stepped out of the closet. And while it may be downright terrifying to open up to one’s parents about their sexual orientation and gender identity, Annette and Warren have been trying their best to be supportive of Stephen. Their lives were thrown for a loop when Kathlyn became Stephen, and in late 2015, there was even more drama when Stephen said that he definitely wants to start a family. Unfortunately, Warren has said that Stephen is still “confused” about his sexuality, and Warren has serious doubts about his son having a baby of his own.

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