15 Broke Celebs Who Live Like Ballers

It’s anything but uncommon to see celebrities live beyond their means. While their social media following might give them the impression that they are incredibly famous, with some of these stars having more than 2 million followers, their bank account fails to match those numbers by a clear mile. And everybody knows what happens to people who spend more than they actually have; they either end up bankrupt or in jail. In the worst case scenario, a judge slaps them with time behind bars and a hefty settlement that’ll need to be paid back to the government.

It’s rather worrying to see this happen to so many celebrities, but it almost seems as if they are under the impression that the money they’ve made from the success of one song, or a movie role in a blockbuster film, will support them for a lifetime. Sure, some people even go on to buy houses with the publishing rights to successful songs, but unless you are someone like Taylor Swift, who writes the majority of her own music, don’t be reckless by spending your first big check on something stupid. Here are 15 cheap celebrities who have proven themselves to be living like ballers.


15 Apollo Nida


In 2014, Phaedra Parks was left stunned to find out that her husband, Apollo Nida, had committed numerous crimes including identity theft, consequently landing him five years behind bars. Leading up to his court sentence, fans of Real Housewives of Atlanta had already been wondering how Apollo was able to splash out so much money on cars, houses and expensive clothes. Nobody really knew what Nida was doing for a living, so the assumption was that the money he was spending must’ve come from Phaedra, who, besides from her reality TV career, is a well-known attorney out in Atlanta. All in all, while Apollo was spending hundreds of thousands a year, the money wasn’t his — it was stolen from other people’s accounts, evidently leading him to a hefty sentence in prison.

14 Heidi and Spencer Pratt


Who can forget those good old days when The Hills was still one of the biggest reality shows on television. The cast was anything but boring, and that’s probably why producers were paying them up to $100,000 an episode — they made the program a phenomenon with all the shenanigans that came their way. But all that money saw Heidi and Spencer Pratt develop quite a spending habit. Things eventually became so bad that Heidi ended up spending the majority of her earnings on plastic surgery, infamously admitting to having more than five procedures done in one day. From lip fillers, liposuction, botox, breast augmentation — you name it. Meanwhile, Spencer, who seemed to think that The Hills would stay around for a lifetime, was also known to spend cash like crazy for the likes of his so-called friends. Eventually, the two found themselves broke. In a recent interview, however, Heidi did admit that, with a few earnings she gets from appearances on reality shows these days, she still struggles not to spend the money right away.

13 Stevie J

Stevie J might have tried to portray himself as this big music mogul who is wealthy beyond belief, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Viewers of the popular reality show, Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, would already be aware of the fact that all the things Stevie flashes on the program are actually borrowed. One of the biggest lies Stevie told in an episode during the show’s second series was that he had purchased a multi-million dollar mansion out in Atlanta for him and his wife, Joseline Hernandez. When the twosome began feuding over social media, Joseline exposed the producer, claiming that the house was never theirs to begin with — it was simply rented out by the show’s executives for a new storyline.

12 Tisha Campbell


It’s kinda weird to think that Tisha Campbell, the same woman who has been working since she was a teenager, has gone broke because she doesn’t know how to save her money. The actress was said to have been left stunned when she received a legal notice that she would lose the majority of her assets since she’s failed to pay her taxes for up to four years. Reports claim that Tisha stands in debt by millions of dollars, and what’s worse is that she claims she doesn’t even have the money to pay them back. Tisha has since filed for bankruptcy, with sources revealing that Tisha has struggled to get her finances in check for years. She’s been spending a lot of money on expensive cars and houses that she somehow neglected her duties to pay her taxes. As of right now, things aren’t looking too good for Tisha — it’ll take her years, if not a lifetime, to pay back the money she owes the IRS.

11 DMX

In the early 2000s, DMX was on top of the world. From touring, merchandise sales, platinum-selling albums, and box office movies — this rapper literally had it all. But as soon as the money started rolling in, it didn’t take long for X to lose control and embark on quite a crazy shopping spree. The rapper has openly admitted in the past to being a huge spender, and the fact that he has to pay child support for 15 of his biological children certainly hasn’t made it easy on him. On top of that, DMX has been battling a drug addiction for years, and someone who is dealing with substance abuse can easily be influenced to spend hundreds of thousands to satisfy their needs in a matter of weeks. This hasn’t just happened to DMX, but also Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston — one minute you are filthy rich, and the next you are broke.

10 Chris Tucker


$10 million! No, that’s not Chris Tucker’s current net worth. That’s the amount of money he owes the IRS, having failed to pay his taxes for several years on end. The craziest part about the whole thing is that Chris no longer makes the amount of money he used to in the late 90s, early 2000s. This consequently means that he’ll be a slave to the IRS for the rest of his life, trying to pay back everything he has failed to pay them. But seriously, $10 million is a hefty amount for someone who is already broke. That’s what happens when you’re one of the most successful actors in Hollywood: you make a crazy amount of money per movie, and for some reason, you can dodge the IRS and think you’ll get away with it.

9 Rob Kardashian

As seen on Keeping Up With The KardashiansRob Kardashian doesn’t actually have money of his own. At least until recently. The reality star was living with his sister Khloe, for three years as he tried to battle his depression disorder, which didn’t seem to get any better as Rob continued to pack on the pounds with every new photo that surfaced of the 29-year-old out in public. In a recent episode of KUWTK, Khloe seemed enraged over the fact that her mom Kris Jenner, was willing to splash $2 million on a house for her brother when he should be trying to work for his own money instead of always wanting to rely on his family to help him out. It was also revealed that Kris had been giving Rob a weekly allowance, yet for some reason, Rob always needed more because he would spend the money within days. And we’re not talking about $100 a week here, we’re talking numbers way above $10,000.


8 Teresa Giudice


Teresa Giudice was infamously caught trying to scam the government and taking part in endless fraudulent crimes that saw her face an untimely sentence of 12 months behind bars. Before the news even came out regarding Teresa and her shady business, the reality star would always be seen spending thousands of dollars on her beauty products while she would also treat herself to luxury holidays out of the country with her children every now and then. She more or less was living a life that she couldn’t afford, and when cops came knocking on her door, Teresa seemed surprised at the fact that she was finally caught for her fraudulent activities, which has now led her to try and save up enough money so that she can pay back all the money she stole. Reports say she owes the government around $3 million.

7 Toni Braxton

How can a woman sell 70 million records, be named one of the best-selling R&B singers of the 90s, and still go broke? Well, Toni Braxton blames it all on the fact that she signed a shady record deal prior to her success in the music industry which left her with millions in debt in the early 2000s. She somewhat recovered when she signed a new deal and managed to sustain her career’s success, but after being diagnosed with Lupus, Braxton had to cancel out on a world tour that she had already paid millions for. And because the tour had to be canceled, Toni was slapped with all the fees that she would’ve made a profit on had she not bailed on the shows. She then went bankrupt again — but again, it wasn’t really her fault. Still, it’s also known that Toni is quite a spender when it comes to houses and clothes. Her sisters have already warned her to think ahead before splurging on unnecessary items, such as designer handbags or a new car. Her voice is what is getting her paid, and if her Lupus condition worsens again and she’s back in the hospital, she won’t have an income until she gets well enough to perform again.

6 Nicolas Cage


Can you believe that Nicolas Cage infamously spent $150 million of his fortune in a matter of years? Well, you can’t really blame the actor since he was making a ton of money from all the movies he was starring in — the majority of them grossed over $500 million, giving producers every reason to pay Nic a good amount from the revenue his films made. But it almost seemed as if the money that Nic was making began to overwhelm him; he started spending millions on things he didn’t even need, and when the IRS came knocking at his door, demanding their $13 million, Cage blamed it all on his financial team. The actor claims that they never informed him about all the money he was spending, which is odd because at some point you’ve got to realize that purchasing million dollar cars every other month is going to hurt your bank account. Nicolas shouldn’t be blaming anyone but himself.

5 Bow Wow

Bow Wow was one of the highest-paid teenage rappers in the early 2000s, with multiple platinum-selling albums under his belt before the age of 18, and numerous cameos in films including Fast & Furious 2. His career eventually began to decline and so did the endorsement deals, but Bow Wow was still spending money like he didn’t have a care in the world. In 2014, it was alleged that the rapper’s net worth had dropped from $5 million to a shocking $100,000. Why? Sources at the time believed that Bow Wow was splashing way too much cash on strip clubs, cars, clothes and houses. His music career had slowed down, there were no offers for parts in movies, and the endorsement deals he was once affiliated with had all disappeared. In order to continue paying the bills, Bow Wow decided to become a host for BET’s now-canceled TV show, 106 & Park. His stint on the show lasted two years, paying a substantial amount, before producers decided to axe the program completely.

4 50 Cent


50 Cent pretty much lied to all of us when he infamously claimed he had more than $300 million sitting in his bank account. When multiple lawsuits were thrown this rapper’s way, the “Many Men” hitmaker instantly filed for bankruptcy, claiming he didn’t have enough money to cough up the tens of millions people were demanding. Rick Ross’ baby mama, Lastonia Leviston, won a $7 million after 50 Cent leaked a sex tape of her without anyone’s consent — the rapper would later admit that he only did it to aggravate his rap rival. On top of that, another headphone company sued the 41-year-old’s SMS headwear, claiming the idea was ripped off by their team, who initially signed 50 Cent on to promote their line of products. This lawsuit led to 50 Cent trying to appeal the $15 million payout the company was hoping to receive. All in all, when a man claims to have $300 million but can’t seem to pay $22 million in damages, and consequently filed for bankruptcy, is he really as he rich as he says he is?

3 Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson is broke, and there’s really no way to sugarcoat it. Having once had more than $100 million in his bank, the famous boxer openly admits to having spent all of that money through bad financial decisions, endless arrests, lawsuits that needed to be paid, among other things. But don’t let that fool you into thinking that Mike has readjusted his spending habits because, according to reports, Tyson is still out here living life to the absolute fullest with money he doesn’t even have. It has been said that Mike has tried loaning money from the bank in the past, and when he does sign on to make a cameo in a movie, the earnings he gets from his appearances are usually gone within that same month. In an interview with Oprah Winfrey years ago, Mike Tyson admits that losing his fortune is one of his biggest regrets, yet he continues to spend money like it’s nothing.

2 Lindsay Lohan


Can anyone recall the last movie that Lindsay Lohan starred in other than Mean Girls? How in the world is this woman making money when she’s not been approached to star in any films lately? Well, she has a rich fiancé named Egor Tarabasov, whose family’s net worth stands well above $400 million. So, while Lindsay doesn’t actually have a lot of money to her own name, she most likely borrows Egor’s credit card and purchases whatever she wants. That’s the only way one can grasp an understanding as to how Lindsay even has enough money to fly first class wherever she goes. In 2006, Lindsay was making up to $6 million per movie. These days, she’s lucky to pull in $100,000.

1 Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham is so inspired by Kim Kardashian that she’s starting to spend money like her. The reality star, who earned her big break from her infamous appearance on MTV’s Teen Mom, has made quite a hefty amount through her sex tape, reality shows, and nude magazine shoots. Still, Farrah is not rich enough to boast about buying a Bentley, multi-million dollar house, and reportedly being in constant talks to land her own reality show. A quick look at her Instagram, and you’ll find Farrah boasting about something she supposedly bought herself, which is most likely rented, like the Range Rover she claimed to have purchased two years ago. Embarrassing? I think so. Oh, and she’s supposedly been in talk for her own reality show for the past three years, and still, nothing has happened.

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