15 Broke Celebs Who Live Like Ballers

It’s anything but uncommon to see celebrities live beyond their means. While their social media following might give them the impression that they are incredibly famous, with some of these stars having more than 2 million followers, their bank account fails to match those numbers by a clear mile. And everybody knows what happens to people who spend more than they actually have; they either end up bankrupt or in jail. In the worst case scenario, a judge slaps them with time behind bars and a hefty settlement that’ll need to be paid back to the government.

It’s rather worrying to see this happen to so many celebrities, but it almost seems as if they are under the impression that the money they’ve made from the success of one song, or a movie role in a blockbuster film, will support them for a lifetime. Sure, some people even go on to buy houses with the publishing rights to successful songs, but unless you are someone like Taylor Swift, who writes the majority of her own music, don’t be reckless by spending your first big check on something stupid. Here are 15 cheap celebrities who have proven themselves to be living like ballers.

15 Apollo Nida


14 Heidi and Spencer Pratt

13 Stevie J

12 Tisha Campbell

11 DMX

10 Chris Tucker

9 Rob Kardashian

8 Teresa Giudice

7 Toni Braxton

6 Nicolas Cage

5 Bow Wow

4 50 Cent

3 Mike Tyson

2 Lindsay Lohan

1 Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham is so inspired by Kim Kardashian that she’s starting to spend money like her. The reality star, who earned her big break from her infamous appearance on MTV’s Teen Mom, has made quite a hefty amount through her sex tape, reality shows, and nude magazine shoots. Still, Farrah is not rich enough to boast about buying a Bentley, multi-million dollar house, and reportedly being in constant talks to land her own reality show. A quick look at her Instagram, and you’ll find Farrah boasting about something she supposedly bought herself, which is most likely rented, like the Range Rover she claimed to have purchased two years ago. Embarrassing? I think so. Oh, and she’s supposedly been in talk for her own reality show for the past three years, and still, nothing has happened.

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15 Broke Celebs Who Live Like Ballers