15 Biggest Hypochondriacs In Hollywood

You haven’t made it in Hollywood if you haven’t battled a deadly illness. That’s just the way it is these days with Selena Gomez battling lupus and depression, Charlie Sheen being HIV positive, and Tom Hanks fighting diabetes. However, with every star out there revealing a shocking illness, it’s hard to tell which ones are real, which are contrived, and which are somewhere in between. Gone are the days when the rich and famous hid their most intimate struggles.

While some media outlets praise celebrities for sharing their health concerns so that others can learn from their bravery, critics argue that sick is “in” and that stars are cashing in big time. So much so that hypochondria has got to be the number one sickness in Hollywood.

The public is left befuddled on the whole matter. No one wants to out a star for faking it, but deep down many people wonder how it can be that so many of the glitterati are at death’s door. What exactly is this hypochondria phenomenon? The disease is an interesting one, because it doesn’t mean that a person is necessarily malingering. It simply means that they have a preoccupation (even anxiety) about their health to a point where it becomes abnormal. Does that sound like anyone you know in the limelight? It sounds like more than one to us – it sounds like 15! Here’s the list of the top fifteen stars who are neurotic about their health to the point of giving us a phobia about ours.

15 Amy Schumer

14 Angelina Jolie

13 Lena Dunham

12 Lady Gaga

11 Kate Middleton

10 Robin Roberts and Amy Robach


9 Karen Duffy

8 Sharon Stone

7 Paula Abdul

6 Hugh Jackman

5 Jennifer Grey


4 Bethenny Frankel

3 Dennis Quaid

2 Abigail Breslin

1 Kim Kardashian

Everything happens to Kim Kardashian. She has psoriasis. She had a high risk pregnancy. She was robbed at gunpoint. According to her, "Every medical issue that you could probably have I feel like I get and I worry so much about it." Kardashian probably thinks she has anxiety related to all the pressure of being rich and famous. However, her symptoms are also consistent with hypochondria. This population often gets in a vicious cycle of feeling ill, which triggers anxiety, which manifests itself into physical symptoms that mirror serious diseases. The simplest explanation is probably the correct one. Thus, it makes more sense for Kardashian to suffer from hypochondria than it does for her to suffer from a host of rare maladies.

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15 Biggest Hypochondriacs In Hollywood