15 Beautiful Actresses That Just Can't Seem To Stay Alive On Screen

As you are about to learn, just because you might be incredibly good looking, does not mean you are guaranteed to make it to the end of the movie. These 15 actresses just can't seem to stay alive, and whether it's being beheaded, beaten to death, having their eyes gouged out or being sexually assaulted by a snowman, there is no shortage of ways that have seen them make their exit. Granted, this list is not made up exclusively of horror movie deaths, so some of the more graceful exits from the world of cinema are also recognized below. Every woman below has died at least three times on screen, but as the list gets deeper, the actresses find themselves in deadlier situations.

Be warned, there will be spoilers below, but only a select few from each actress had a death that was gory, weird, or memorable enough to be detailed below. Want to avoid the spoilers? The headings contain their death totals without giving away those fun details!

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15 Shannon Elizabeth - Dies In 3 Films

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Shannon Elizabeth may always be best known as the sex-kitten from the American Pie series, but she's also met her end in several horror movies including Scary Movie, Cursed, and Jack Frost.

Scary Movie saw her get beheaded by a cleaver but in a more humorous fashion, her severed head remained alive. Cursed was a little more gruesome, as she got ripped in half by an unseen creature. Jack Frost is definitely the most disturbing, as Elizabeth sees her boyfriend get killed, and then is raped in the shower (by a snowman) before meeting her chilling end.

14 Crystal Lowe - Dies In 3 Films

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Crystal Lowe is definitely good looking. Hell, she's pretty good looking in Final Destination 3, but she also happens to get trapped in a tanning bed and fried to death...which definitely takes away some of the sex appeal. She also makes the classic mistake of having sex in a horror movie, which naturally means she was due to get slashed up in Wrong Turn 2: Dead End. We also hope you aren't too partial to her eyes because she is found with them gouged out in Black Christmas.

13 Sarah Michelle Geller - Dies In 3 Films

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Sarah Michelle Gellar may be best known for Buffy The Vampire Slayer, but all that experience trying to slay vampires and demons didn't come in handy for I Know What You Did Last Summer, The Grudge 2 or Scream 2, all of which saw Gellar meet her end.

I Know What You Did Last Summer may be her most popular and saw box office earnings of $125.2 million, but she was one of the many casualties of the hooked killer. This definitely runs in contrast to The Grudge 2 in which she reprises her role from the first one but sadly gets thrown from a roof.

12 Bijou Phillips - Dies In 3 Films

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Bijou Phillips may be known for her role in Raising Hope, but in the movies Tart, Venom and Hostel Part 2, there definitely was not a lot of hope to be found.

Tart was a lesser-known 2001 film, but it saw Phillips infuriating a man who she walks in on while he's receiving some oral pleasure. She gets chased down, bangs her head on a rock and is then beaten to death. Yikes!

She may also have a beautiful face, but it didn't stay attached to her body for the entirety of Hostel Part 2, which sees her getting beheaded. She also ends up having her face get literally sandblasted off in Venom.

Talk about 3 brutal ways to meet your end on the big screen!

11 Jena Malone - Dies In 3 Films

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While it may not have exploded at the box office, Donnie Darko was able to find a huge cult following and is one of the better films of Jena Malone's career. Sadly for her, her character was unable to avoid an oncoming car and was run over.

Things are a lot more intense in her other horror movie The Ruins, in which vines (among other things) start attacking her and her group of friends. Malone is actually the only one from her group to survive the original cut of the movie, but an alternate ending shows her character driving away, only to have vines start appearing on her face, implying her death.

Malone is also unable to make it through the entirety of the action-packed Sucker Punch.

10 Meagan Good - Dies In 4 Films

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Meagan Good has been in a variety of roles, but her best may be her appearance in the hilarious Anchorman 2. It makes sense that she was able to survive that film, but unfortunately she wasn't so lucky in Saw V, Venom, One Missed Call and The Unborn.

At least she was able to avoid most of Jigsaw's traps in Saw, dying after being stabbed by another trapped participant. She also kicks off the death toll in One Missed Call by getting dragged into a pond, but the film also got 0% on Rotten Tomatoes, so definitely don't expect a masterpiece.

9 Dina Meyer - Dies In 4 Films

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Dina Meyer is both gorgeous and tough, just check her out in Starship Troopers as proof enough of that, even if she doesn't make it to the end. But as you can imagine by her inclusion on this list, Meyer also met her untimely end in Saw 3, Crazy Eights as well as Piranha 3D.

Her death in Saw 3 is anything but clean, as she is actually able to stick her hand in the acid and retrieve a key that was attached to her lethal harness; but the trap was rigged and the harness still exploded and tore apart her body.

A scuba diving trip turns a lot more deadly for her in Piranha 3D when she is killed by a piranha (shocking).


8 Denise Richards - Dies In 4 Films

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Denise Richards has been a fantastic actress for decades, but just because she's in a movie doesn't mean she's going to live to the end of it. Richards has died in Valentine, Wild Things, Drop Dead Gorgeous and Scary Movie 3.

While her deaths have some variety to them, none may be more horrific than when she was electrocuted after being trapped in a hot tub by the killer in Valentine.

Wild Things is definitely one of her sexier roles, as it also includes a relationship with Neve Campbell, but sadly she earns the scorn of Matt Dillon who shoots and kills her.

As for her most random? How about the fact that she dies after the victory parade she is in explodes in Drop Dead Gorgeous.

7 Eva Green - Dies In 5 Films

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Eva Green has experience as a Bond girl, so you know she has killer looks, but sadly she also can't avoid being killed. Green has met her end in Casino Royale, Dark Shadows, White Bird in a Blizzard, 300: Rise Of An Empire, and Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.

You may be most familiar with her exit in Casino Royale where she drowns after a building she is in sinks.

She takes on the role of a naval commander for 300: Rise Of An Empire but didn't know when to walk away from the battle and took a blade to her stomach.

It's Josh Brolin that takes her out in Sin City, shooting her with a .45 gun as she is embracing him in a kiss. I guess you could say that kiss really took her breath away!

6 Hilary Swank - Dies In 5 Films


Hilary Swank is no stranger to acclaimed acting roles, but as you're about to learn, she's also no stranger to not making it to the end of the movie. Her portrayal in Boy's Don't Cry is full of heartache, and includes her character getting raped and shot under the chin.

You may also be familiar with her character in Million Dollar Baby, the movie won Best Picture and saw Swank's character go from a top-tier boxer to a quadriplegic begging for death after a freak accident. Her character passes away after her former trainer administers a fatal injection of adrenaline.

When you consider she also portrayed the real-life story of Amelia Earhart, the famed pilot who went missing in Amelia, you can understand why that character didn't have a happy ending either.

Swank was also unable to make it to the end of The Black Dahlia and The Homesman.

5 Michelle Rodriguez - Dies In 5 Films (1 TV Show)

Michelle Rodriguez is one of the tougher females in Hollywood, so it may not surprise you to see she has also died a fair amount of times. Her death toll includes appearances in Resident Evil, Avatar, LOST, Resident Evil: Retribution, BloodRayne and The Breed.

LOST may have been the most prominent death, as Rodriguez was killed after appearing in 26 episodes. You can also imagine she wishes she had been able to survive for future Avatar movies, but she saw her end during the final battle. If you didn't see Resident Evil: Retribution, that means you also didn't get a chance to see Rodriguez get dragged away by zombies, which probably isn't going to end well!

4 Kate Winslet - Dies In 7 Films


Kate Winslet is one of the most acclaimed actresses of all time, but all that success doesn't mean she's able to live out some of her best roles. Winslet has died in Hamlet, Finding Neverland, The Reader, Revolutionary Road, Contagion, The Divergent Series: Insurgent and Triple 9.

She was cast as Ophelia for Hamlet, so I mean the writing was kind of on the wall for that one. Her abusive relationship in Revolutionary Road left critics stunned, especially after her character meets her end after a failed vacuum aspiration abortion. Contagion was also centered around the spread of a deadly virus, which Winslet's character becomes infected with and dies.

3 Sandrine Holt - Dies In 4 Films (3 TV Shows)

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For Sandrine Holt, it seems like it doesn't matter if she's going to be appearing in television shows or movies, she probably isn't making it to the end. Holt has seen her end in Resident Evil Apocalypse, Starship Troopers 2, Underworld Awakening, Terminator Genisys, Fear The Walking Dead, Mr. Robot and 24. The big downfall of appearing in movies with zombies like Resident Evil is that you run the chance of being killed by zombie dogs and zombie children, as Holt found out.

While her character did not technically commit suicide in Fear The Walking Dead, it's definitely what was implied and Showrunner Dave Erickson commented on the matter saying "This is the end. She is left in a place where I don't think she sees any way to bounce back from it. We have no plans for [her character] right now."

2 Julianne Moore - Dies In 9 Films

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Julianne Moore has no shortage of roles in which she expresses her sexuality, but your favorite may be Don Jon which also starred Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

You have also definitely seen Moore die if you saw her in Tales from the Darkside, Assassins, Children of Men, Carrie, Maps To the Stars, Seventh Son, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay (Part 2), Roommates and The End of the Affair (and we're still probably missing some!).

The most popular of these films may be Mockingjay in which Katniss decides she deserves to be executed. She also got the chance to be the mother of Carrie, which you can imagine doesn't end well for her. Her character is killed at the end of the movie when the house she is in collapses.

Her character in Maps to the Stars was a famous, but less successful actress who suffered from constant abuse from her mother, who kills her. Moore brutally dies after she is beaten to death with one of her former awards.

1 Charlize Theron - Dies In 10 Films

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Whether it's the bald-headed Furiosa from Mad Max or the captivating Theron that appeared in The Italian Job, it's easy to see why she's a fan favorite. If you want to see her die, perhaps you'd enjoy seeing her in Children of the Corn 3: Urban Harvest, Reindeer Games, Sweet November, Monster, Head In the Clouds, The Road, Prometheus, Snow White and the Huntsman (and in the sequel), Days in the Valley or The Devil's Advocate.

TDA has the added advantage of seeing her paired up with Keanu Reeves, but she does end up killing herself with a shard of glass, so I mean it's definitely not a feel-good moment. In a far more intense moment, Reindeer Games has Theron get rammed by a flaming car and thrown off a cliff. Theron may also be best known for her portrayal of the real-life murderer Aileen Wuornos in Monster. Wuornos was executed by lethal injection in 2002.


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