15 Awkward Celebrity Fetishes That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Everyone has things that drive them wild in every sense of the word, but it's not often that you hear it spoken about to the general public. Sure, it may come up in conversation with your closest friends and potential partners, but it's typically something that you don't go out announcing to the rest of the world. That is, unless you're a special kind of celebrity.

Sure, people's sexuality may have become a more socially accepted topic of conversation over the recent years, but it's still rare to find someone who will willingly have that sort of information shared with the rest of the world. This being said, there are those who are okay with disclosing even the most intimate parts of their lives, no matter how shocking they may be. Celebrity fetishes are one of those things that we, as the general public, don't get to hear much about but, when we do, it explodes over every media source available.

From the more tame desires like a light spanking to animals and even things as dangerous as blood play, celebrities are people too and, if anything, they have the means to go out and explore their sexuality in any means they see fit as long as it remains in accordance with the law. There is a special place where those who aren't afraid of some kink reside so read on and see who likes to get a little more down and dirty than the rest.

15. Eva Longoria

There is no denying how beautiful Eva Longoria is with or without makeup, and chances are you have probably fantasized about her at least once in your life. She fully owned up to the fact that she loves being the submissive one in the bedroom. So, how does she like it? By being tied up with silk scarves. Letting your guard down is something that we should all be able to do in a happy and healthy relationship and that's the exact quality that she finds so alluring about the idea. It just goes to show you, it doesn't matter who you are, we all like to just let go every once in a while.

14. Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera may have released a number of singles of a sexually explicit nature, but it's hard to believe that she would be anything but vanilla in the bedroom. Apparently, however, that statement was nothing short of jumping to conclusions. She has stated that she loves role playing, especially when it comes to medical situations and is even a fan of fetish and latex garb. As much of an initial shock as this may be, it's pretty easy to put two and two together after you think about a variety of her costume choices and how big her personality can be. Everyone likes to play around and pretend to be someone else for a little while and, hey, if it's a turn on than so be it.


4 Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake may have a reputation derived from singing a lot of songs that revolve around sex and the like, but apparently he can't get enough of it either. While he may not be a sex addict per se, he does like engaging in quickies with his wife Jessica Biel while he's putting on a show. Thankfully it never involves interrupting the concert as a whole as they usually take place either during an instrumental interlude or intermission, but that's not the point. Given, we all like to get a little freaky from time to time, but this brings exhibitionism to the next level. Then again, maybe that's what's so sexy about it...

3 Carmen Electra


Carmen Electra may only be 5'2", but even those who are small like to go big sometimes and this beauty is no exception. Given, you will definitely encounter dirtier celebrities as you go through this list - she is a notable addition either way. Apparently, she loves collecting the naughtiest lingerie, the kinkiest of handcuffs and gets off to being restrained and spanked with coat hangers. While she may have not given any further details about her personal preferences, you can figure that she enjoys it a little rough but all within reason. So, if you happen to run into her you may want to think about giving her something of the unconventional variety and see where things go from there.

2 Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie may not always be on magazine covers for the happiest of reasons, but this may just take the cake. She has gone on record about her past sexual exploits and, in particular, how she and her ex-husband Billy Bob Thornton used to really be into knife play. In one way or another, this kind of makes sense considering that they used to be seen in public with a vial of the others' blood around their neck, yet it's just hard to believe that the mother or many could be into something of that nature. According to her, it's a means of getting closer to her lover as well as a way to escape the feeling of being trapped and while she may not have gone into more details than that, some things are best left to the imagination.

10. Russell Brand

Russell Brand has always been known for being one of the most outlandish people in Hollywood and, according to Katy Perry, that quality doesn't change behind closed doors either. This served as one of the main reasons why their marriage failed! Brand has a wild imagination and loves to get off on things that he can't possibly imagine happening to him. For example, he apparently loves watching this one adult film that focuses on a man in a wheelchair and, while details of the film were never disclosed, it's safe to say that it didn't get any better from there.

9. Jennifer Lawrence

There is something about a new sponge that Jennifer Lawrence just loves to the point where it will make her get up earlier than she will on most other days. On a totally separate note, it even helps her determine if a relationship would work and served as a sign that she and Nicolas Hoult wouldn't last because he didn't wring out her sponge. There is such thing as cleanliness and then there's what J-Law has. Sure, it's not the worst thing in the world, far from it, but it still makes you take a step back and think: so, how much do I really know about her?

8. Hugh Jackman

Everyone should be allowed to love whoever, or even whatever, they so desire, within reason of course, and sometimes you just know that it's a love that will last forever. In Hugh Jackman's case, that statement seems to summarize his feelings to a T. It has been reported that he has given television reporter Barbara Walters a lap dance not once but twice: once on stage during his Broadway show and another when she was interviewing him on Oscar night. He literally said that he would give her one any time which kind of suggests that he has a thing for her despite being happily married. Sure, it may be difficult to determine if she is one of his fetishes or just someone that he finds attractive but, if we know one thing for sure, he's not afraid to show it.

7. James Franco

James Franco may seem normal enough but he is not afraid to admit that rabbits sometimes turn him on. While he may have no idea why or even how it happens, the simple fact that he has accepted that part of himself is admirable. This admission first came to the forefront during an interview on the television show Inside the Actor's Studio which then led to the audience laughing at him and it was easy to see that a part of him was laughing at the admission too. Sure, we all may see a rabbit and think about how cute and fluffy they are or some may even be scared by their red eyes and very few are willing to admit that there is something sexual about them but kudos for James Franco for doing just that.

1 R. Kelly, Ricky Martin & John Mayer


Most of us like to keep our bathroom antics to ourselves but there are some who like to bring that part of who they are into the bedroom. R. Kelly and Ricky Martin have both come clean that they enjoy giving golden showers and, while it may not be true, John Mayer may actually be in that same boat! Ricky Martin was the most candid about it and explained that the sense of arousal has to do with the colliding of the two temperatures. While the act may not be "socially acceptable" as long as you have a partner who is also okay with you doing so then there shouldn't be a problem. No matter who you are, what you like is simply that: a preference and should in no way determine how you are viewed in the public eye or your worth as a valued member of society.

5. Heather Mills

Heather Mills may almost be in her 50s but she is a blonde bombshell and is not afraid to admit that she finds herself to be a very attractive woman. This being said, despite having her leg amputated after a wicked crash car accident she uses the situation to her advantage in every way possible. On top of that, she loves knowing that she can have any guy in the bar, whether she wants them or not. This confidence makes her unbelievable sexy despite her physical limitations and, if anything, it has even upped her game. After the accident happened, she even discovered a new fetish of hers: having her lovers give special attention to her stump. The main things that she enjoys having done to it consist of having it rubbed and even massaged which, in turn, drives her wild! While it may not sound like a very sexual experience, she claims that it is and that's what matters.

4. Jack Ryan


Jack Ryan may not fall under the conventional definition of "star," at least not in today's world, but being not only the sixth husband of actress Zsa Zsa Gabor and the creator of Hot Wheels and Barbie deems him one in his own right, especially when you consider that he was seen in a lot of Hollywood circles anyway. This being said, Jack Ryan raised the bar as far as sexual fetishes are concerned. How? He had a recording of him instructing his lady friend to follow the path of rose pedals to the bedroom and, when they did, he would pop out of a coffin, yell out "Boo!" and then masturbate in it! While what happened afterward may be undetermined, it's safe to say that he makes the list either way.

3. Kristen Stewart

There is a fine line that shouldn't be crossed between intimate and getting a little too close to your partner but, in Kristen Stewart's case, those are one and the same. While there may not be anything wrong with loving the way that your significant other smells, she can't help but love to engage in armpit play! Given, it may not involve any man parts going between the area and then having him thrust but, in one way or another, this may actually be one step further. Most just completely disregard that part of their body, but to some like Kirsten Stewart and apparently Robert Pattinson it serves as a major erogenous zone. Something about having him lick her armpits serves as a very successful means of setting the mood and, while it may not be our place to judge, it's safe to say that there are very few people who would be okay with that sort of ordeal.

2. Matthew McConaughey

We all love a good meal but how many of us actually get turned on by it? Well, one comes to mind and that just so happens to be an A-list who goes by the name of Matthew McConaughey. In his case, taste is his strongest sense and that can easily result in him getting sexually aroused by a wonderful meal. He has gone on record saying that he would much rather go hungry than turned on all of the time but he will have to settle for taking breaks while eating his meal instead. Apparently, the best of foods can send shivers down his spine which is kind of cool but, when you think about it, is also weird. When you can't help but get turned on by something that is vital to your existence then you know that you're trekking on a long and dangerous path.

1. Charlie Chaplin

Throwing pies at naked girls may be anything but normal, but Charlie Chaplin just couldn't help himself. During auditions, not only would he stay completely in character and do all of the exaggerated movements vital to a silent film as well as not say a word but he would even get the actresses to undress via suggestions from his caption cards! After that, there was always a lot of big gestures that constituted as fondling of their breasts which would be shortly followed by throwing custard pies at them. Given, we all have our weird quirks that those around us will just have to live with but his verged on sexual assault, or at least sexual humiliation, to the nth degree.


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