15 Awkward Celebrity Fetishes That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Everyone has things that drive them wild in every sense of the word, but it's not often that you hear it spoken about to the general public. Sure, it may come up in conversation with your closest friends and potential partners, but it's typically something that you don't go out announcing to the rest of the world. That is, unless you're a special kind of celebrity.

Sure, people's sexuality may have become a more socially accepted topic of conversation over the recent years, but it's still rare to find someone who will willingly have that sort of information shared with the rest of the world. This being said, there are those who are okay with disclosing even the most intimate parts of their lives, no matter how shocking they may be. Celebrity fetishes are one of those things that we, as the general public, don't get to hear much about but, when we do, it explodes over every media source available.

From the more tame desires like a light spanking to animals and even things as dangerous as blood play, celebrities are people too and, if anything, they have the means to go out and explore their sexuality in any means they see fit as long as it remains in accordance with the law. There is a special place where those who aren't afraid of some kink reside so read on and see who likes to get a little more down and dirty than the rest.

4 Justin Timberlake

3 Carmen Electra

2 Angelina Jolie

1 R. Kelly, Ricky Martin & John Mayer


Throwing pies at naked girls may be anything but normal, but Charlie Chaplin just couldn't help himself. During auditions, not only would he stay completely in character and do all of the exaggerated movements vital to a silent film as well as not say a word but he would even get the actresses to undress via suggestions from his caption cards! After that, there was always a lot of big gestures that constituted as fondling of their breasts which would be shortly followed by throwing custard pies at them. Given, we all have our weird quirks that those around us will just have to live with but his verged on sexual assault, or at least sexual humiliation, to the nth degree.


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15 Awkward Celebrity Fetishes That Will Make Your Jaw Drop