15 Awesome Facts You Didn't Know About Dave Grohl

Many of us who picked up musical instruments while young dreamed of one day being fortunate enough to play in a rock band that gained us fame and, of course, a ton of money. It is only a small percentage of such individuals who are able to live out that dream. Dave Grohl has not only been to the mountaintop of the music industry. Grohl has been part of two legendary bands. The legacy had by Nirvana is one that will live on for generations. Some diehard fans of the Foo Fighters may consider that band to be one of the greatest rock groups of its time.

You almost certainly know about Grohl's time drumming and also singing for Nirvana. Odds are that even casual fans could name multiple songs associated with the Foo Fighters. You may, however, know very little about Grohl's early years, and those who have not read up on Grohl probably could not name the first band that he played in before he became a worldwide star as a member of Nirvana. Grohl has certainly lived a fascinating life over the past several decades, and there is little reason to believe that he will be finished providing us with memorable music at any point in the near future.

15 His Parents Were Divorced


14 He Was Class Vice President


It was when Grohl was attending Annandale's Thomas Jefferson High School that Grohl was vice president of his freshman class. It has been said that Grohl played punk rock songs over the school's intercom before he began his announcements per his VP duties. Grohl also, as one probably would have guessed, was involved with bands at the time. Dain Bramage and Freak Baby are two of the bands Grohl played in back in the day. Grohl's days in student politics ended up being not much more than something mentioned during trivia contests, as he dropped out of high school. That decision worked out alright for Grohl.

13 Nirvana Wasn't His First Major Band


12 How He Dealt With Kurt Cobain's Death

Kurt Cobain of Nirvana (Photo by Kevin Mazur/WireImage)

11 Cobain Heard The First Foo Fighters Songs


10 He Gets Stage Fright

9 He Always Chews Gum On Stage

8 He Has A Street Named After Him


7 The Beatles Are His Biggest Influence

6 Led Zeppelin Helped Him Rehab His Leg

5 "Blackbird" is His Favorite Paul McCartney Song


4 He Believes In UFOs



3 He Lives Drug Free

2 He Used His Grammy As A Doorstop

1 Why He's Known As "The Nicest Guy In Rock"

Take a spin around the ol' Internet, and you will see that Dave Grohl has the reputation for being arguably “the nicest dude in rock and roll.” Lisa Respers France of referred to Grohl as “the coolest” in a piece that was published in June 2015. Grohl is known to be a solid tipper (having reportedly tipped a waitress a thousand dollars after she was verbally abused by a customer), he has supported multiple charities in the past, and he has banned the act of fighting at his shows. There are, unfortunately, many stories of rock stars and celebrities being, for lack of a better word, jerks. Grohl is one of the good guys, and that makes him even more awesome.

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15 Awesome Facts You Didn't Know About Dave Grohl