15 Awesome Easter Eggs In Capt America Civil War You Probably Missed

The Marvel Comics Universe (MCU) is known for adding in countless Easter eggs within every one of their movies. These little references are fun for diehard fans and even the new fans who fancy themsel

The Marvel Comics Universe (MCU) is known for adding in countless Easter eggs within every one of their movies. These little references are fun for diehard fans and even the new fans who fancy themselves little Internet sleuths, solving mysteries on their downtime. Many of these eggs are meant to tickle fanboys and fangirls with little inside jokes and references that only they’ll understand. Some make pointed references to other movies within the MCU, some to other characters and some hint to upcoming events. Others make little jokes about their star-studded casts, connecting to characters to their real lives or their previous films.

Since every third week we get another new Marvel movie, it makes perfect sense that there are so many connections. I’m not complaining, really I’m amazed. If, at some point down the road, they ever stop adding onto this franchise, it’s going to be crazy to see what the box set consists of and how much it all costs. Captain America: Civil War is no different than all the other films that have come before it. There were about 50 Easter eggs that I counted, some so small even the diehardest of fans missed them on their first go-round, others too obvious to even point out here, lest I be labeled Captain Obvious, and nobody wants that. I’ve gone through and picked the ones that I felt were most meaningful and, therefore, the most list-worthy. Without lists like these, many of the Easter eggs would go unnoticed, so I’m just trying to make the world a better place for everyone. God forbid you go another minute without knowing why Cap said that thing to that other guy. You’re welcome. You can thank me later. Anyways, here are 15 Awesome Easter Eggs In Civil War You Probably Missed, or, if you did see them, here are 15 awesome reminders about the Easter eggs in Civil War.

15 The D(eck) 23


When Bucky is held prisoner in the containment chamber, there is a large “D” and “23” visible on the glass, with “ECK” in smaller print below the “D.” This is almost certainly a reference to Disney’s, the parent studio, annual D23 event which showcases and details all of the upcoming films that they are working on. This may be a quick reference that the filmmakers can laugh at or it could be the evil Disney corporation trying their hand at some subliminal messaging. You be the judge. All I know is I, all of a sudden, have a crazy urge to go see Finding Dory, finally go see Zootopia, and also pick up several pieces of random Frozen memorabilia.

14 The Arrested Development Truck


Today, as directors of Civil War and part of the MCU, the Russo Brothers play a large role in one of, if not the, largest film franchise in the history of film, but it wasn’t always this way. They used to actually have to walk places instead of riding on the backs of lesser men. Back in 2003, the two brothers were breaking into the television world with Arrested Development. They directed the pilot episode of the smash hit, won an Emmy for their efforts, and never looked back. Except when it came time to plant a little nod to the TV comedy, by placing a Bluth company truck in the background during the major fight scene at the airport. When Ant-Man uses a tiny truck as a weapon, check out the background and smile. You get it. The reference was for you, too.

13 “The Futurist”


Even though Tony Stark called himself a futurist in the comics, when he visits the floating prison, The Raft, and gets mocked by Clint Barton, calling him a “futurist,” there’s something else going on here. Something that you didn’t get before but now you do. Well, not yet you don’t. In 2004, Robert Downey Jr. released his debut music album. “Wait a second here,” you might say. “RDJ has a music album?” Well, yeah. If you let me get to the Easter egg—“Wait, another second,” you might rudely interrupt again. “Debut album? There was more than one album?” Nah… Just one and some other individual songs. Okay, now that that fake exchange is over with, I can finish. The album was called The Futurist. So, Barton was referencing that. Clever huh? Thanks. And now you know.

12 Crossbones


Brock Rumlow (Frank Grillo) is first seen in The Winter Soldier, as a member of Hydra posing as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. He fights with a few of the Avengers throughout, wins some, loses some, eventually gets crushed by a helicarrier, though not killed, just a little bit burned, amazing how that all works. In the beginning of Civil War, though, it is learned that the team has been chasing Rumlow for six months. But now he goes by the name Crossbones and is decked out in his new skull and bones armor. Actually it's just normal armor that has been drawn with chalk or something, like he’s a 5-year old child, but it still looks pretty cool. After a brief battle with the good guys, Crossbones blows himself up. Well, he started to until Scarlet Witch accidentally made it so that he took out some innocents with him in the blast. This event all leads to the “Sokovia Accords,” the trigger for the superhero civil war referenced in the title.

11 Another Stan Lee Cameo

As he always does, the legendary Stan Lee, former president of Marvel Comics, makes a cameo in a Marvel movie. Most fans look forward to his little appearances, and this one is actually pretty good. Posing as a delivery driver near the end of the film, Lee makes a decent sized impact in a very short period of time. When he comes in, he gives Tony Stark Captain America’s final message, as well as a phone for Stark to use if he ever needs the Captain’s help. In the little exchange, Lee mispronounces Stark’s name as “Tony Stank,” which gives Rhodey quite the chuckle. Quite the chuckle indeed.

10 Thor and The Hulk Are Missing


Right before introducing the “Sokovia Accords,” William Hurt’s character, Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross, describes how dangerous and irresponsible it would be for a nation to lose weapons of mass destruction. He goes on to explain that the Avengers had essentially done that exact thing by not knowing the whereabouts of the impossibly strong Hulk or Thor. Now, if Ross had checked IMDb lately, he would have known exactly where the two were. He would have seen that both Hulk and Thor are in Thor: Ragnarok, which is set to take place during this same period of time. It shouldn’t be a stretch to assume that both characters might be rather incapacitated at some point in the film, probably wishing they could help their friends, which would serve as an explanation as to where the two giants are and why they never made it into the Captain America film. That, or Mark Ruffalo and Chris Hemsworth were too busy in real life, or too expensive.

9 Spidey Webbing Cap’s Shield


In Civil War when Spiderman webs and takes Captain America’s vibranium shield from him, comic fans probably squealed like little piglets because it was a similar scene to what happened in the comics. If they didn’t squeal, they probably snorted because that’s how I like to picture them laughing, but I digress. In fact, there were a few fight scenes that mimicked the comics, especially the Civil War comic, which makes sense. The big Captain America v. Iron Man fight, for example, saw a replica of the iconic scene which has Cap and Iron Man pushing from either side of Cap’s shield, while a close-up blast from Iron Man is also blocked. There’s also the scene which shows Iron Man using his suit to learn and fight back against Captain America. These aren’t really Easter eggs as much as references, but, then again, some things that don’t make sense actually do: like Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.

8 Ant-Man & Hawkeye Teaming Up


In the big fight between the two sides of superheroes, Hawkeye and Ant-Man team up to accomplish something pretty awesome. Hawkeye shoots an arrow at Iron Man while a miniature Ant-Man hitches a ride on the arrowhead. This gets Ant-Man inside of the armor of Iron Man and allows him to disassemble some important circuitry. The Easter egg here is that this scene is replicated from the story of The Avengers #223, which has Hawkeye aiming with a small Ant-Man perched on his arrow. Now even if you aren’t a huge fan of the comics, this scene is great because every time two of the individuals get together, their combined powers are usually pretty neat to witness.

7 Sam Wilson’s Redwing


Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) is usually aided by his giant bird Redwing, in the comics, through which he holds a telepathic link. In Civil War, the real life bird Redwing is replaced by a remote controlled drone, which Wilson uses to see and read his surroundings. This change may have been done to make the ability more believable in the films, as if the rest of the things that happen in the comics aren’t fantasy (see a giant green man called the Hulk or Thor, the God of Thunder). I guess the major Easter egg is not that he uses a drone, it’s because he calls the drone “Redwing,” so you know. Otherwise, people might have been waiting until after the credits for a big ol’ red bird to come swooping down to save the day.

6 “I could do this all day”


When Captain America and Iron Man are going toe to toe, slugging each other into paste, Cap says something that sounds familiar to fans of the MCU. He says, “I could do this all day.” Well, the reason it sounds familiar is because that’s what the awkwardly scrawny Steve Rogers says to the alley bully in The First Avenger, demonstrating his never-say-die attitude. Being able to “do this all day” is helped along by Captain America, and even scrawny Steve Rogers, having seemingly unbreakable bones. Actually, can we talk about how weird skinny Steve Rogers looks? Looking at him in that state gives me a weird feeling. I don’t like it, not one bit.

5 Everett Ross


While Everett Ross’ (Martin Freeman) role in Civil War might seem like something small and inconsequential, it’s likely to come into play more in the Black Panther film in 2018. In Civil War, Ross simply talks smack to Bucky and Captain America, but, in the comics, he is the U.S. liaison for Wakanda and the Black Panther, almost definitely a role he will pick back up in the later film. The character of Ross is usually a funny one too, so it’ll be right up Freeman’s alley. Maybe he’ll come across Doctor Strange (Bundlebear Campertracks) and wouldn’t that be interesting. A little bit of British banter, and we’re back on Baker street.

4 A View of Wakanda


In the first of the post-credits scene. “What do you mean, the first?” Well, let me explain. The Marvel movies have gotten so jam packed that they now need two scenes after the movie to fit it all in. By the time Iron Man 6: Iron Grandpa hits theatres, there might be as many as four post-credits scenes. All joking aside, I actually like these little scenes. They’re also a great way to learn who some of the crew members are, like my personal favorites, the Gaffer and the Best Boy. Lord knows what either do, but what great titles. Okay back to the scene. We see Bucky going back into a frozen state with the help of the technologically advanced Wakanda. As the camera pans out, we are given an idea of what Wakanda looks like, advanced buildings mixed up among age-old carvings. Through the fog we also get a quick glimpse of a giant stone panther, showing the iconic image from the comics.

3 Stop Calling Me Jarvis


When Tony Stark asks his new A.I. system if it had run the facial recognition on Zemo, FRIDAY asks him: “What do I look like?” Jokingly, Stark says he figured she was a redhead. Fans might have taken this to suggest that Stark imagines the A.I. looking like his old flame Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow), but the hardcore fans knew better. These fans would have clued in that FRIDAY, in the comics, is portrayed as an attractive redhead. Which, if you think about it, is a weird omission by the filmmakers. They had already introduced about 33 new characters, what’s one more? Plus, another gorgeous redhead in the mix definitely couldn’t hurt.

2 The Dora Milaje


When Widow (Scarlett Johansson) stands to meet King T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) after he is apprehended, a bald woman doesn’t take too kindly to her blocking their path, saying “move, or you will be moved.” The King laughs and suggests that it would be entertaining to see, giving us an idea of the woman’s ability to fight. These all point to her being a member of the Dora Milaje, the king’s personal, all-female bodyguard. I think the Dora Milaje are donated from each village or something like that, which might be weird to put in Black Panther. Either way, though their back story might change to fit a more gender equal role, look for them to be a central part in the upcoming Black Panther film.

1 Spider Signal


In the second and last of the post-credit scenes, we see Spiderman in his room nursing a black eye and playing with one of his new toys that Iron Man gave him. After Aunt May comes and goes we are shown that he now has the Spider Signal on his wrist. If you didn’t know already, the Spider Signal is essentially a giant forewarning that Spiderman is entering a room because who needs the advantage of surprise when you’re a sweet superhero. Perhaps we should expect to see Spidey use this gadget in his upcoming movie, but it likely won’t be a major element outside of a cool little Easter egg for old timey comic fans, as well as an introduction to Spidey’s upcoming standalone movie, Homecoming.

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15 Awesome Easter Eggs In Capt America Civil War You Probably Missed