15 Annoying Things Wrong With The Big Bang Theory

For fans of The Big Bang Theory, it appears that one of the most consistent element may very well be the show's theme music. This is not limited to the scientific fab four's tome, however. History has shown us that a lot of classic TV shows can veer away from their original premise for the drive to the plot, both for the sake of longevity, ratings and character development.

So how does a show stay fresh?

When the show is a hit, like The Big Bang Theory, many sins can be committed and are instantly forgiven.

The story of four "nerds," Leonard Hofstadter, Sheldon Cooper, Howard Wolowitz and Rajesh Koothrappali, along with their ever-present across-the-hall neighbor Penny, and their foibles in personal relationships, due to a whole host of social anxieties, touches a nerve with the show's core audience. However, the stuff which has made this series great can sometimes get lost in sensationalism and the pursuit of new material. The magic can only be partially recovered. There are issues with The Big Bang Theory, past and present, that simply cannot be ignored. Here, we will attempt to examine a few of them.

15 Penny has no maiden name

14 The bizarre relationship of Leonard and Sheldon

13 Speaking of co-dependent, Amy Farrah Fowler

12 Nebraska/Texas jokes

11 Caltech's blind eye

10 Leonard's iffy loyalty

9 Raj's out-of-character actions

8 The snarkiness of the married couples

7 Leonard's mommy issues

6 Howard's mommy issues

5 Stuart Bloom is an impoverished loser, despite a booming comic book business

4 Howard's sex life

3 Howard and Raj's gay relationship

2 Sheldon becoming a caricature of himself

1 The eternally broken elevator

Why has this elevator been broken for nine seasons? This is Pasadena, California! What about the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance? Have none of the building's residents complained? Aren't there any maintenance men available? Put out of commission when a rocket experience went haywire, the elevator has been out of order since 2003. That's an awfully long time to ignore the city's disabled persons. Just sayin'.


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15 Annoying Things Wrong With The Big Bang Theory