15 Animated Character Doppelgangers That Exist In Real Life

Have you noticed a guy or a girl out there that looks the same as a character you've seen in a cartoon or animated movie? Sometimes we all bump into flesh-and-bone individuals who look the same as some cartoon characters. Did it happen to you? It often leads to questions, like are there more people like this in the world? Sometimes we all might think, do movie productions create characters based on those people, or do those people try hard to look like their favorite cartoon characters? Is there any originality left in this world?

One way or another, it's interesting and quite amusing how you can find at least one person who would perfectly fit the role of a particular cartoon character in a real life movie adaptation. Based on the fact that we all have at least two or three doppelgängers out there, it comes as no surprise that every cartoon character has their doppelgänger as well.

Examples that you’re about to see here are really incredible. Some people raised the bar so high that they altered their looks just to match the animated characters as much as possible. We’re taking plastic surgery here, yes. There are many silly people in this world who are basically true animated character doppelgängers! Check out what crazy resembling people we’ve found:

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16 Merida, Brave

via imgur.com

Princess Merida of DunBroch is a fictional character from the animated movie Brave. She is of Scottish origin, which can easily be supposed when you've seen her amazing ginger hair. She is a 16-year-old girl whose parents are King Fergus and Queen Elinor. Despite her mother’s wish that Merida should be a lady who is expected to get married and act politely, she is the complete opposite of that. She is a feisty girl who is incredibly skilled in archery, sword fighting, spears; all the things that are usually expected from boys.

All in all, Merida is a very impressive character, so it is no wonder that women all around the globe would like to be like her, even just a little bit. That is why girls who are into Cosplay dress like Merida and copy her hairstyle to the point. Sometimes it happens that you see a real life Merida, right in front of you. We've picked out a very good example up there in the picture, don't you think?

15 Mr. Burns, The Simpsons

via buzger.com

Charles Montgomery Burns is a cartoon character from The Simpsons. He is the main antagonist of the series. He is a metaphor for everything wrong with our world – the corruption, money influence and evil. He is the owner of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant and has a net worth of around $1,800,037,022. He is very old and very psychically frail, which makes him comedic in multiple scenes where he engages in ruthless and fierce tactics to fulfill his heart’s desires.

He is just one of those evil capitalists that we see on our screens everyday and get the creeps. If you were to meet him in person, you would probably be freaked out by his disturbing looks. Imagine if there was a real life person who resembles Mr. Burns. Well, we’ve found him. The resemblance is impeccable.


13 Eggs, The Boxtrolls

via khaojing.com

Eggs is the main character in the 2014 movie The Boxtrolls. He is an orphaned boy who was adopted by the Boxtrolls. A brave, decisive and very intelligent boy, he loves his family and fights for them with all his heart. In this flick, he is given his voice by Game of Thrones’ Isaac Hempstead-Wright. Eggs fights for the freedom of being different - that is why we love him so much.

It is so cute how Eggs stands up for his beliefs, and although he’s just a boy, he is a far better man than many grown-up people in the real world. Wouldn’t you like to have a kid like that? A kid that fights for his beliefs, a child with integrity and the one who doesn’t undergo peer pressure. Well, look at this picture; it turns out somebody’s child looks exactly like Eggs. We hope he has Eggs’ personality, too.

12 Granny, Looney Tunes

via pikuruxo.com.br

Emma Webster (aka Granny) is a cartoon character which was created by Friz Freleng. She appeared in many Sylvester the Cat and Tweety animations, and other Warner Brothers cartoons. She has her own short movies, as well. Her voice was provided by two women, Bea Benaderet and June Foray. She is depicted as an old fashioned, kind widowed woman with a gray bun and spectacles, and wears a dress from the late 19th century. She is extremely protective of her little yellow canary, Tweety. We often laugh when she finds Sylvester trying to eat her precious little pet – that’s when the beating with the umbrella starts.

You’ve all probably met Granny at least once in your life. Maybe it was the old lady who lived next door during your childhood, or maybe she was even your grandmother. One way or another, here is a photo of a real life Granny that might help refresh your memory of that sweet old woman. The resemblance is amazing, don’t you think?

11 Carl Fredricksen, Up

via supergracioso.com

Carl Fredricksen is a fictional character from the animated movie Up. The film depicts Carl’s whole life as one story. Carl is a good guy who is labelled as a weirdo, but he is not alone in his weirdness; he has his wife, Ellie. Unfortunately, Ellie dies of illness and leaves Carl alone and bitter. He becomes like one of those old men that are always grumpy.

However, what keeps Carl going is the promise he once gave to Ellie, the promise to move their house to a cliff which overlooks Paradise Falls. In his adventure, Carl befriends a bird, a dog, and a young boy scout. In the end, he realizes that he’s not alone in his world. Up is a beautiful movie based on love, hope, friendship and fallen idols, and it makes us think about seniors and their stories. Do you think the man, who looks exactly like Carl in our picture, has such an amazing story as well?

10 Flash, Zootopia

via gadguide.com

Flash is a sloth from Disney’s new movie Zootopia. He is referred to (by Nick the Fox) as the fastest-working sloth in the Department of Mammal Vehicles. It is general knowledge that sloths are among the slowest animals in the world. They spend 70% of their lives being lazy and really slow, so the metaphor of Flash in Zootopia is a perfect opposite when compared to real sloths.

There isn’t much said in the movie about Flash, only that he likes jokes and that he, despite everything said and known about him, likes to drive really fast. You might think that it is hard to find someone who would resemble a sloth, but, look at this picture please - it says more than a thousand words. The person in the picture might not seem like a real sloth, but she looks exactly like Flash, right?

9 Edna, The Incredibles

via imgur.com

Edna is a minor character from the animated movie The Incredibles. She is a fashion designer and the family’s good friend. She is half-Japanese and half-German and known for being very demanding of herself and others, as well. However, she is a kindhearted and friendly woman who is always willing to help her dear friends. She is short and very cute as well. She calls everyone “darling”, which sounds more like “dahling” due to her German accent.

Edna has been designing costumes for superheroes since the “glory days”, saying that she used to create clothes for Gods. When Helen needs a voice of reason later in the movie, Edna provides it by hitting her with a newspaper and telling her to fight for what’s hers. Linda Hunt is the same as Edna; the two of them even have very similar voices and mannerisms. Linda Hunt would definitely be chosen to play Edna in a real movie adaptation of The Incredibles. Maybe the creators made the character based on this actress.

8 Ned Flanders, The Simpsons


Ned Flanders is a cartoon character from the The Simpsons. Asides from the previous character from this show that we’ve mentioned, Mr. Burns, Ned is the complete opposite. He is a very good guy, who is religious beyond comprehension. He is always involved in some social-friendly activities, he volunteers and owns a shop which contains stuff exclusively for left-handed people.

Ned is the golden citizen of Springfield and one of the few people in this town who is kind, honest and religious. He represents all that is good and morally acceptable in a human being, maybe even a little exaggerated. The man in this picture looks exactly like Ned, wouldn’t you agree? Let’s hope this guy is as good as Ned, besides from being his doppelgänger.

7 Consuela, Family Guy

via happywide.com

Consuela is of Hispanic origin, which leads to her funny English accent and poor knowledge of the language. She is the head of the Maid’s Union and known for pronouncing the word “Mister”, wrong (like “misser”) and using incorrect sentence structure. Mike Henry, the creator, based her character on one of his former maids. He even provides her voice. Maybe the woman in this picture is exactly her because she resembles the cartoon character so much.

Throughout the series, Consuela is a maid of many. Besides the Griffins (who couldn’t stand her), she cleans for Dart Vader, Superman and James Woods. She always seems to succeed in messing something up and irritating people around her.

6 Elsa, Frozen

via youtube.com

Elsa is the eldest daughter of Arendelle’s king and queen and an heiress to the throne. She has the ability to create snow and ice, and that’s why everyone fears her except her younger sister, Anna. When she accidentally hurts Anna while they were playing as children, Elsa is immediately judged as dangerous. Even though she’s based on a character of evil Ice Queen, Elsa is a kind person. Only due to the misunderstanding of her and her powers, she becomes fragile, angry and unstable.

The only person who continues believing in Elsa is her sister, Anna. It is unbelievable how easily people misjudge and reject what is unknown to them. Fortunately, this movie has a happy ending. The girl who is Cosplaying Elsa on the picture looks so shockingly similar to her that you would probably not want to upset her, worrying that she might freeze you.

5 Johnny, Johnny Bravo


Johnny Bravo is the main character from the animated series under the same name. He is the over-muscular, blond guy who is probably trying to resemble Elvis but has far less success in “gettin' the ladies.” Despite the effort he puts in trying to get women to date him, they always refuse his advances. Nevertheless, he never loses hope and relentlessly pursues his cause. You could see Johnny as a little dumb, but never as a dull character.

His funny ultra-macho thing made us laugh every time, and we waited for every next episode to see what would happen. Imagine you meet a person looking exactly like Johnny - that would be hilarious, right? Well, as we mentioned before, some people like looking like famous cartoon characters. This guy really put some effort to look like Johnny, and by the look of his picture, he’s as narcissistic as he is. Good luck scoring some ladies, dude!

4 Meg Griffin, Family Guy

via wittyfeed.com

Meg Griffin is the fictional character from the Family Guy series. In the beginning of the series, she is depicted as a sweet teenage girl who always takes the responsibility for her dysfunctional family’s deeds. She might be the most avoided and unloved character in the whole series. You can really feel for Meg because the whole family is up against her. They don’t care about her at all, and what is even more terrible is they regularly mock her.

What’s even worse, she is abused by her peers as well. Mostly by an egoistic, popular and attractive head cheerleader in her school. However, there’s a boy in her school who is attracted to her. Meg tries so hard to fit in that she ends up having repressed anger and releasing it on a perfect stranger.

3 Cartman, South Park

via happywide.com

South Park is an adult animated series with a worldwide popularity. Eric Theodore Cartman is one of the main characters of the series. He is a little fat and spoiled American kid. His behavior makes his friends wonder why they started hanging out with him in the first place. However, his character develops in the later episodes of the series. He’s sociopathic, psychopathic and very manipulative.

In addition, he is extremely intelligent and very capable of doing terrible things. Despite all that, he is considered to be the most loved character of South Park. Cartman is depicted as a terrible student in elementary school. However, he is a master in leading and exploiting people’s weaknesses. The boy in this picture is obviously dressed up to look like Eric, but we sincerely hope he’s not as bad as him. Considering what Eric Cartman did in the series, he would be locked up in a prison a long time ago.

2 Mr. Spacely, The Jetsons

via moviepilot.com

Mister Spacely is a fictional character from the animated comedy The Jetsons, which was produced by Hanna-Barbera. The reference to The Flintstones is pretty obvious here - the characters were drawn to resemble them a little. Mr. Spacely is George’s boss, a president and owner of Spacely Space Sprockets. He is a real stereotype of a strict and overly demanding boss who exercises his authority over his employees. Furthermore, he is very short and loud, which became an almost legendarily characteristic for cartoon characters like these.

He is conceited, aware of his power and that’s what makes him a real nightmare. As for his real life doppelganger, that could be none other than Danny DeVito. Danny is short, loud and looks impressively creepy with a mustache. If someone were to play Mr. Spacely in a movie, then Danny DeVito would be a perfect choice.

1 Peter Griffin, Family Guy

via youtube.com

Peter Griffin is the main character from the animated series Family Guy. He is a fat, lazy and disregardful person who always gets his family into trouble, especially when it comes to his wife Lois, or his eldest daughter Meg. His favorite thing in the world is watching TV, especially his favorite TV shows – Star Trek, Charles in Charge and Three’s Company. He enjoys KISS’ music, and he followed them on tour once. He's a perfect example of a neighbor nobody would want near.

He always has the need to prove himself due to his mental shortcomings and his sick jealousy. His wife Lois irritates him a lot because she’s always right. That’s why he’s always competing with her. Peter is a bad father, especially towards Meg – he neglects her almost entirely. His real life counterpart is Robert Franzese, who not only looks like but sounds like Peter, as well. Robert is an avid fan of Family Guy, so he started mimicking Griffin with a huge success.

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