15 Amazing Movie Scenes That Should Have Never Been Deleted

Editing is everything. It's what makes plot points hang together in a single coherent storyline, it makes previews that sell us on a movie in under 3 minutes, and it's how scenes that are written and filmed and constantly changed over the course of months to years can be condensed to feature length and still flow chronologically and keep people emotionally engaged with the characters.

Between film editors' input, constraints on audience attention spans, and conventions surrounding the definition of "full length" movies, a significant number of scenes dedicated to film never make it into theatrical releases. Sometimes comedians go off-script to hilarious but lengthy results and the riffing has to be whittled down; in other cases, extended and alternate endings or additional dream or flashback sequences that add depth to the characters and their relationships or sometimes even change the entire direction or tone of a storyline have to be edited out. And still other times, scenes that fill in plot holes are cut from blockbuster films where extended action sequences and mind-bending special effects make up for gaps in story logic.

Here is a list of scenes that we feel should have made it into the final cut. These are 15 Amazing Movie Scenes That Should Have Never Been Deleted.

15 Rebooting Arnold in Terminator 2

In this exchange of a logically flowing plot for speedy storytelling, a scene was deleted from Terminator 2: Judgment Day that believably explains how Schwarzenegger's character loosened up Skynet's shackles enough to override his basic instinct to kill the protagonists he ends up protecting.

14 Aliens, Ripley's Daughter Is Dead

13 Mean Girls, Conflict Resolution

12 Thor, Loki's Not Such A Bad Guy

11 C-3PO's Not Such A Good Guy

10 Jennifer Lopez Mostly Cut From Jersey Girl

9 Mockingjay pt. 1, Some Comic Relief?

8 Deadpool: When Improvisation Goes Wrong

7 Pitch Perfect: When Improvisation Goes Right

6 The Lion King, Scar’s Alternate End

5 Natural Born Killers (Alternate Ending)

4 Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind (Alternate "Ending")

3 Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows pt. 1, Long Goodbyes

2 In Bruge, Dr. Who Is A Cop Killer

1 X-Men: First Class, Magneto In Drag

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: Professor X and Magneto walk into a bar…to recruit outcast mutants for their new school. As a way of convincing a stripper who works at the bar (Did I mention the bar was a strip club?) to reveal her superhuman powers, the two recruiters buy a private dance and reveal their own abilities. To show off, the future Magneto (Michael Fassbender) levitates a champagne bucket while the telepathic Professor (James McAvoy) gets inside the stripper’s mind, making it seem to her like his friend is wearing a dress. It is unclear why this scene didn’t make the final cut; it offers some needed comic relief and foreshadows tension between the future arch-enemies.


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15 Amazing Movie Scenes That Should Have Never Been Deleted