15 Amazing Facts You Didn't Know About Olivia Wilde

Tron: Legacy star and perhaps one of Hollywood's classiest young actresses, Olivia Wilde has made quite an astounding career so far. Only last month she celebrated her 32nd birthday and she has already played well over forty roles in television and film, has won four awards and been nominated for over a dozen others. But despite having shared the screen with so many renowned actors like Russel Crowe in The Next Three Days, Hugh Jackman in Butter, or Daniel Craig in Cowboys & Aliens, she is still way more than just that.

Wilde is also a very active member of society, seeking to contribute in making this world a better place. A few years ago she created the philanthropic company Conscious Commerce with the intent of promoting conscious living through various brands, lifestyles and causes. How's that for a concept? In this list we've compiled some of the most unexpected facts about Olivia's life, personality and her background. You'll find out that she is actually highborn and has been among celebrities since she was only a little girl. Among other things, you'll find out just how the stereotypical images of a wife and girlfriend apply to her and how she can combine that with being rated as hottest woman of the year.

15 Uses a stage name

14 Fan of classic cars

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13 Doesn't fool around


12 Personally thanked by the President

11 Has dual citizenship

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10 Loves to cook


9 Voted sexiest vegetarian of the year


8 Engaged to Jason Sudeikis

After her split with ex-husband and prince Tao Ruspoli, Wilde was free to meet the new love of her life, even if it did first take a little picking through Hollywood's most eligible bachelors. She had been seen together with some of the sexiest young male actors like Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds, however in this regard she was quite clear in making a distinction between 'dating' and 'going on a date'.

7 Has a rescue dog


And a star, at that. Olivia's rescue pooch by the name of Paco was Old Navy spokesdog back in 2006. In a conversation with Women's Health, she shared that Paco still acts like a doggie model from time to time. Wilde gave an example that pictures her canine friend's professional modelling discipline, and said if she would try to put a T-shirt on him, he would freeze, as though he were 'back on the job'. 'He'll strike a pose and just sit there', she concluded.

6 Had lunch with George Clooney when she was a teen

Few children have ever had the privileges of meeting the number of famous people Olivia Wilde had in her youth. This is mainly due to her parents' occupation and background. Both Andrew and Leslie Cockburn were international journalists and this exposed little Olivia Wilde to the world in a way that most kids her age were oceans away from. She came in contact with other journalists and intellectuals, people of importance and very well-known people. Among these was also famous actor George Clooney, whom Wilde met on the set of The Peacemaker, a film written by her parents.

5 Was sent to bed by Mick Jagger


To add more to the inconceivable celebrity encounters of Wilde's childhood, we decided to immediately follow up on the last one with The Rolling Stones lead singer - Mick Jagger. Jagger was a friend of the family and was once invited to have dinner with the Cockburns, when 5 year-old Olivia came to the dining room to find a strange man sitting in her chair. Apparently annoyed by his presence, the toddler demanded he get out of her chair, to which he replied: 'No, go to bed!'

4 Ate 33 pancakes in 20 minutes

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Bet you didn't see that one coming. Indeed, smart, beautiful and well brought up Olivia Wilde managed to consume a whopping 33 pancakes in just 20 minutes as part of a competition. It's kind of difficult to picture where she was able to stuff them all. Contrary to what you might think, the House star confessed to having a very large appetite and 'not getting full easily'.

3 Joined Artists for Peace and Justice in order to help restore Haiti


After the devastating earthquake that shook Haiti in 2010, Olivia Wilde - being the philanthropist and bighearted person that she is - became inspired to help the people of Haiti rebuild their home. To do this, she joined the non-profit organization called 'Artists for Peace and Justice', dedicated to aiding the provision of healthcare and education for the local population.

2 Received a note with advice from Steven Spielberg

1 Her ancestor was Governor of Hong Kong

We weren't joking when we said highborn. Olivia's father comes from a long line of English members of the upper class, who at the height of the British Empire were scattered across the colonized countries. Many of their ancestors lived in Peking, Calcutta, Bombay, Cairo, and Tasmania - to name several places, and one of Wilde's great-great-grandfathers, Henry Arthur Blake, was the Governor-General of Hong Kong from 1898 to 1903. After his tenure there, he was appointed Governor of Ceylon for another four years, before retiring to County Cork in Ireland.

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15 Amazing Facts You Didn't Know About Olivia Wilde