15 Actresses Who Would Be A Great Female James Bond

For over 50 years, the James Bond franchise has been one of the most successful in movies. Over 23 entries, 007 has gone from battling crime bosses to madmen bent on conquering the world, all with his smooth style. The franchise has gone from the realism of Sean Connery to the humor of Roger Moore, the darkness of Timothy Dalton, as well as Pierce Brosnan going wildly over the top and back to Earth with the action-oriented Daniel Craig entries. Each actor brings their own bit to the role, yet Bond himself remains mostly the same for fans to enjoy, no matter the times. Times do change, however, leading some to wonder if maybe James…became Jane.

It’s not really a new notion as the idea of a female Bond has been suggested for years. Hollywood and England alike have given various female action heroines, yet something about a woman as 007 still appeals. Naturally, some wonder if maybe this Bond would still be seducing ladies but even without that, the idea of a woman carrying on these stylish outfits while kicking butt and saving the world is amazing. While some might cite younger starlets like Sophie Turner, Bond often works better with someone who comes off a bit more experienced yet still capable in many ways. There are slews of great actresses who can handle the role, taking it to the bad guys and going wild with her actions. England alone offers slews of choices but others who can put on the right accent and carry the role on quite well, including Americans like Charlize Theron and others but some just seem better attuned to the role than others. Here are 15 great ladies who can easily take on the part to say “Bond…Jane Bond.”


13 Alicia Vikander

The Swedish actress exploded onto the scene in 2015 with roles that showed her amazing range: A living android in Ex Machina, a sneaky lady in The Man From UNCLE and a loving wife in The Danish Girl, which won her an Oscar. Just cast as Lara Croft in the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot, Alicia Vikander has the sexy drive, the lush accent and the gorgeous body needed to pull off the part brilliantly. She’s young, but comes off very experienced, and that energy can make her take on 007 more fun than ever to add yet another step to an already good career.

14. Rachel Weisz

The fact she’s married to the current Bond (Craig) would make her casting rather fun. However, the Oscar-winner has proven herself with her dramatic turns while her role in The Mummy films showcased her great drive for action. She may have backed down a bit from such roles today but Rachel Weisz still looks utterly gorgeous and ready to rule a major party in a dress while bringing her sharp edge to the part. Surely Craig can give her some hints on making Bond work right, while Weisz can deliver her own touches to provide a Bond maybe even hotter than what her husband has given us.

12 Jaime Murray


A popular actress on TV for some time, Jaime Murray just needs the right star vehicle for movies and this can be it. From the con artist series Hustle to baring all on Spartacus to the feisty H.G. Wells on Warehouse 13 and even an alien on Defiance, Murray can handle almost any role. She can be wonderful in her seductive style and spinning a web around a guy which fits Bond well. Always with a wicked smirk, Murray can bring a bit more fun to Bond and prove to movie audiences what TV ones have known for a while - which is how incredibly hot this lady can be.

11 Rosamund Pike

This would be a fun casting as Rosamund Pike played Miranda Frost in the final Brosnan film Die Another Day, going from dropping her dress before Bond to a sword duel with Halle Berry. Since then, Pike has added an Oscar nomination to her film career for Gone Girl and proven herself as a capable actress with her professional demeanor. But she has all the right qualities to go from Bond Girl to Bond herself, sexy as hell and feisty in a fight.

10 Keira Knightley


Among the more popular choices for a while, Keira Knightley has balanced a career of blockbusters and smaller films, able to go from dramas like Atonement to the Pirates of the Caribbean films easily, maintaining her sexy side with a great humor to make the part work. She would no doubt love a role that doesn’t have her in a garb and her action chops are quite obvious, as she can handle a gun or sword quite easily. Whatever the circumstances of the plot, Knightley can bring back the wild edge of Bond and balance the sexy action out for fans.

9 Emilia Clarke

Her role on Game of Thrones is notable for often baring it all and carrying on with CGI dragons. But Emilia Clarke has shown her stuff in other films, proving herself an action heroine in Terminator Genysis and her ability to shift her appearance (it’s amazing how different she looks without her blonde wig) can do well for a role as this spy. Fans of her show know how dominant Clarke can be, which also fits Bond and able to seduce her way for information and power. Clarke would be a fine choice as a queen can easily be a great 007 for a royally good time.

8 Angelina Jolie


If you’re looking for someone who can be seductive as hell, it’s hard to beat Angelina Jolie. The actress’ amazingly sexual aura is incredible in any role and she’s proven she can handle the action with roles in Salt, among other action pieces. She’s proven she can do a great British accent among others and handle herself well with the globe-trotting. In a love scene, Jolie can be smoldering enough to burn the screen so while some may knock her as an American - the idea of the former Lara Croft as 007 is more than intriguing enough to give a major try and maybe even work out quite well.

7 Rebecca Ferguson

Her role in Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation looked right out of a Bond movie; a seductive agent whose loyalties were always in doubt and able to take down a few guys at once. The scene where she shows off legs while aiming a sniper rifle in an opera was a highlight of the film, and thus Rebecca Ferguson has all the right ingredients for a female Bond, who might keep you guessing as to what her next plan is. Whether it’s in a fight, at a party event or just standing around, she’d be a perfect 007 and one of the sexier spies ever seen.


6 Emily Blunt


A pretty obvious choice as the actress is known for her cool but amazing beauty on screen and proven herself with action with such films as Edge of Tomorrow. She has the sexy air needed for Bond and proving herself in any hot outfit for a great time in the role. Emily Blunt can also be damn funny, needed for the one-liners Bond throws out and truly seductive in any situation. With her clipped voice and powerful demeanor taking down guys, Blunt would be a very sharp choice for a female 007.

5 Gillian Anderson

The X-Files star has been leading the campaign for a female Bond and many note she would be a good choice in the role. Having grown up in England, Gillian Anderson has proven she can pull off the accent with her role in the hit drama The Fall and even at her age, can handle the action sequences well. She would be a more thinking Bond, quieter yet able to handle herself very well with the globe-trotting, and no doubt a few sci-fi fans would follow the lovely Anderson over to make her 007 truly out of this world.

4 Priyanka Chopra


A star in her native India, Priyanka Chopra has proven she has the great push of an action heroine with her starring role in the ABC hit Quantico. She mostly sticks to muscle shirts and jeans for that part but Chopra has shown off a great body on the red carpet and can easily handle the action scenes. Having an Indian 007 is intriguing with her lush accent and exotic aura adding to the part well, and Chopra would make this a Bond who’s a massive hit abroad as well.

4. Margot Robbie

The actress got attention baring it all in The Wolf of Wall Street but has gotten more attention for various roles, including Harley Quinn in the upcoming Suicide Squad. The blond bombshell certainly has the curves to rock a designer dress and the smooth accent to win you over and while she may not go nude in the films, you can easily imagine her getting more than sexy under the sheets with guys. She might tone it down from her nuttier escapades, but the athletic form makes this a knockout choice for Bond no matter how clothed she can be.

3 Tatiana Maslany

Who better to play a spy than the woman who plays six different roles in a single show? The Canadian actress has been hailed for her portrayal of a variety of clones in the cult show Orphan Black and stunning how she makes each one so distinctive that you can forget it’s all one actress. She’s pushed the sexiness with hot love scenes with men and women, flashing skin and also kicking plenty of butt in various outfits. Tatiana Maslany can make Bond a true master of disguise, but still wowing in various steamy outfits and affect any accent to make this a 007 to enjoy no matter what face she tries to wear.

2 Daisy Ridley


Shot to fame with her role as Rey in Star Wars, Daisy Ridley has the looks, the skills and the training to be a believable Bond. Her sexiness comes from how little she shows off, more the fighter than flashing skin which just makes her even hotter but in person, comes off lovely and funny, thus the humor needed to sell those one-liners. She is busy with her role in the upcoming Star Wars movies but would be fun to balance that with 007 and show Ridley kicking butt in any world.

1 Hayley Atwell

She practically was a female Bond already with her role as Peggy Carter in Captain America and her own ABC series. Gorgeous, cool and handling various stunts, Hayley Atwell wowed with the 1940s fashions, a gorgeous woman fighting for respect and more capable than any man, the perfect tenor for Bond in action and romance. Atwell is now taking on an American role for the ABC show Conviction but can easily get back to her roots with this fun and very sexy Bond to prove once more how the female is truly the deadlier of the species.

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