15 Actresses Who Would Be A Great Female James Bond

For over 50 years, the James Bond franchise has been one of the most successful in movies. Over 23 entries, 007 has gone from battling crime bosses to madmen bent on conquering the world, all with his smooth style. The franchise has gone from the realism of Sean Connery to the humor of Roger Moore, the darkness of Timothy Dalton, as well as Pierce Brosnan going wildly over the top and back to Earth with the action-oriented Daniel Craig entries. Each actor brings their own bit to the role, yet Bond himself remains mostly the same for fans to enjoy, no matter the times. Times do change, however, leading some to wonder if maybe James…became Jane.

It’s not really a new notion as the idea of a female Bond has been suggested for years. Hollywood and England alike have given various female action heroines, yet something about a woman as 007 still appeals. Naturally, some wonder if maybe this Bond would still be seducing ladies but even without that, the idea of a woman carrying on these stylish outfits while kicking butt and saving the world is amazing. While some might cite younger starlets like Sophie Turner, Bond often works better with someone who comes off a bit more experienced yet still capable in many ways. There are slews of great actresses who can handle the role, taking it to the bad guys and going wild with her actions. England alone offers slews of choices but others who can put on the right accent and carry the role on quite well, including Americans like Charlize Theron and others but some just seem better attuned to the role than others. Here are 15 great ladies who can easily take on the part to say “Bond…Jane Bond.”

13 Alicia Vikander

12 Jaime Murray

11 Rosamund Pike

10 Keira Knightley

9 Emilia Clarke

8 Angelina Jolie

7 Rebecca Ferguson

6 Emily Blunt

5 Gillian Anderson

4 Priyanka Chopra

3 Tatiana Maslany

2 Daisy Ridley

1 Hayley Atwell

She practically was a female Bond already with her role as Peggy Carter in Captain America and her own ABC series. Gorgeous, cool and handling various stunts, Hayley Atwell wowed with the 1940s fashions, a gorgeous woman fighting for respect and more capable than any man, the perfect tenor for Bond in action and romance. Atwell is now taking on an American role for the ABC show Conviction but can easily get back to her roots with this fun and very sexy Bond to prove once more how the female is truly the deadlier of the species.

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15 Actresses Who Would Be A Great Female James Bond