15 Actresses Who Should Bare It All On Screen In 2016

There are some female celebrities that we all have to admit we’ve been waiting to see what they are working with. They may show a great deal of skin on a regular basis but the fact that their naughty bits remained covered vexes their fans around the world. For this list, we’ll be taking a look at some of the actresses who we most wish would appear on screen wearing only a smile.

A couple of these actresses have been the victims of nude photo leaks in the past but that doesn’t mean we’re looking forward to the idea of them sharing their bodies of their own free will, any less. Being a victim of a wardrobe malfunction also didn’t preclude anyone from finding their way onto our ranking. So let’s take a look at some female celebrities we all know but would like to get to know a little better.

15 Sofia Vergara

14 Megan Fox

13 Katherine Heigl

12 Yvonne Strahovski

11 Gabrielle Union

10 Natalie Portman

9 Elizabeth Banks

8 Mila Kunis

7 Emma Watson

6 Blake Lively

5 Kaley Cuoco

4 Jessica Alba

3 Elisha Cuthbert

2 Jennifer Love-Hewitt

1 Alison Brie

One of the stars of Community at the same time she was a supporting actress in Mad Men, Alison showed off her impressive acting range and unique magnetism in the two roles. An actress who seems like she should have been seen naked several times by now, especially since she has spoken about her college years being largely clothing optional. Having appeared in her skivvies in both Get Hard and Sleeping with Other People in 2015, she seems to be perfectly prepared to reveal on screen. We certainly hope looks aren’t deceiving and she gets that opportunity very, very soon.

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15 Actresses Who Should Bare It All On Screen In 2016