15 Actresses Hotter Than Scarlett Johansson

We know exactly what you’re thinking: no one is hotter than Scarlett Johansson. With that body you just wish you could take her home every night. She is on every ‘Sexiest Women’ list. She is perhaps the very sex symbol of our time with men and women drooling over her. Who could possibly be hotter than her? It doesn’t seem possible. But calm down and listen to us for a second. While we agree that Johansson is wildly sexy, there is a bit in us that believes she is ever-so-slightly overrated. While this is all so subjective, there are other women out there who are much more facially beautiful than Johansson. And indeed, there are women with just as many curves in all the right places, meaning that it is time for Johansson to share the baton.

With that, here are 15 women who rival Johansson in the looks and body department. You may just have yourself a new celebrity crush. Do you believe us? Well, you will just have to check it out for yourself.


15 Emma Watson

A lot of people have a thing for Emma Watson (both men and women alike), which is why we have included her on this list. Not only did they have a thing for her when she played the iconic teen role of Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter franchise but also now that she is of age, too, although perhaps the appeal of Watson comes from watching a young girl grow up on screen. Not only is she attractive but, more importantly, she is intelligent and charming. She definitely has that girl next door thing going on. Plus, she’s all about women’s rights, being a UN ambassador for women and all. She’s elegant and independent. Those are qualities that will outlast the physical beauty of Scarlett Johansson. Plus, there’s the British accent, which is always a favourite. Do you agree or disagree? Draco Malfoy may disagree with this assessment, but who cares what he thinks, right?

14 Marion Cotillard


French actress Marion Cotillard, known for her roles in movies such as The Dark Knight Rises and Rust in Bone, has an understated beauty and elegance about her - especially at 40 years old. Her beauty is both natural and timeless. Cotillard has arguably had a much more successful career, at least by critics' standards, garnering acclaim in films such as A Very Long Engagement (2004), Inception (2010) and Midnight in Paris (2011), to name only a few. Her performance in La Vie En Rose also garnered her a lot of awards. Cotillard goes beyond pretty to beautiful and we know we aren’t the only ones who think so. The Critics Independent List named her “The Most Beautiful Face of 2013” and in that same year, Empire Online assigned her the 13th spot on their list of “100 Sexiest Movie Stars in 2013.” While she may not be one of our modern sex symbols, Cotillard has a timeless beauty about her.

13 Anne Hathaway

Call us crazy, and feel free to disagree with us, but Anne Hathaway has some serious sex appeal that easily puts Scarlett Johansson to shame. Have you not seen her wear that tight black leather body suit in The Dark Knight Rises? Or seen her beautiful pair of breasts and backside in 2005’s Havoc and again in Brokeback Mountain and Rachel Getting Married? We see her beautiful derriere yet again while she gets down and dirty in Love and Other Drugs. What about when she transforms into an innocent teen hottie in The Princess Diaries? She may not be Hollywood’s most likable celeb but you have to admit that she is dripping in appeal. Not to mention there’s nothing hotter than a seemingly classy woman, right? Plus, a woman with a few awards, including an Academy Award, a Golden Globe and a Screen Actors Guild Award (for her performance as Fantine in Les Miserables) makes her even more swoon-worthy.

12 Zoe Saldana


Zoe Saldana, known for her roles such as Nyota Uhura in Star Trek, Neytiri in Avatar and as Gamora in Guardians of the Galaxy, is a beautiful specimen, with a very pretty face, easily rivaling Scarlett Johansson’s facial beauty, even though Saldana is almost forty years old. Her beauty is similar to Johansson’s in the sense that is not a cookie-cutter type of beauty but instead, very unique. Even better, Saldana is a natural beauty, saying, “I am going to try to do everything I can to keep this ass together for as long as I possibly can—without going against nature.” While Saldana isn’t known for her more sexy roles and hasn’t been established as one of the sex symbols of our time like Johansson has, her prettiness could make anyone want to stare at her for hours (not in a creepy way, of course). By the way: a lot of people express a lot of confusion over her ethnicity but Saldana identifies as a black woman.

11 Elizabeth Olsen

Move over Scarlett Johansson, there’s a new hottie in town. Her name is Elizabeth Olsen (yes, she is the younger sister of the Olsen twins, which is pretty obvious given the similarities between the three). Elizabeth Olsen, is now known for films such Godzilla as well as the role of Wanda Maximoff in Avengers: Age of Ultron and Captain America. However, her breakout role came in 2011 when she starred in the critically acclaimed Martha Marcy May Marlene. But let’s get straight to the point: The 27-year-old Elizabeth Olsen is absolutely gorgeous with the best eyes ever. Not to mention she’s quite smart. We will get to see more of this beautiful face as Olsen is set to star in Ingrid Goes West alongside Aubrey Plaza and Jason Sudeikis. She may not yet be one of Hollywood’s sex symbols (yet) but her prettiness is undeniable. She seems like the kind of girl you’d want to take home to mom.

10 Charlize Theron


Charlize Theron is a fierce smoke show with how smoldering she is. The woman has a striking beauty that is not a bubblegum type of pretty but something more. She’s also a former model, if you like that kind of thing. Plus, think about all of those strong roles she’s taken on. Similar to others on this list, Theron has also made a number of those hottest women lists, including taking the number one place when Esquire named her “Sexiest Woman Alive” in 2007. We’re guessing a lot of men and women alike have a thing for Theron and it’s easy to see why. Even as recent as 2014, Maxim included her on their list of Hot 100. Her interest in women’s issues and fighting for equal pay for both men and women and animal rights also makes her hot.

9 Natalie Portman

It has been suggested by those on the web, as well as by science, that Natalie Portman rivals the beauty of Scarlett Johansson. A British scientist created the most beautiful face by asking a series of people to create their own version of the most attractive face via computer software. Additional participants then rated those faces. The results? Portman’s features ended up being most similar to the results, which included having a face shaped like a heart, arched eyebrows, eyes shaped like almonds, a small and slim nose, as well as full lips. Some have said that if you were to strip away Scarlett's curves, she would be much plainer while Natalie Portman could go bald in films like 2005’s V for Vendetta and still look great. Do you agree or disagree with popular opinion and science? Let us know in the comments.


8 Salma Hayek


Salma Hayek, known for her roles in 1995’s Desperado and 2002’s Frida, is one of the sex symbols of our time, which is why it made sense to include her on this list. Her sex appeal comes from her absolutely gorgeous body, including her ample bosom and tiny waist. If only we could show you what we’re talking about. Although she is nearly twice Scarlett Johansson’s age, the woman has still got it going on. Not to mention her dark, exotic look. Have you seen her look as hot as ever in From Dusk Till Dawn? If not, you need to check out the film. We will get to see more of this sexy woman in a total of four films in 2017. We bet you can’t wait.

7 Vanessa Hudgens

No one will be able to deny the physical attractiveness of the dark-haired beauty Vanessa Hudgens, whose ethnicity is part Irish, Filipino, Spanish and Chinese. She has been listed as one of the sexiest women by FHM in both 2008 and 2009, which is why we have included her on this list. While she may have the overt sex appeal of the curvaceous Scarlett Johansson since Hudgens is primarily known for more teen roles like High School Musical, you could easily say that Hudgens' facial beauty surpasses that of Johansson. Plus, there is something to say about innocence. And look at her luscious hair. Perhaps you would argue that she has even more sex appeal than Johansson if you’ve happened to see her (unfortunately) leaked pictures, but we can’t comment on such matters. If you’re into that “cute” look, Hudgens definitely fulfills that. Do you agree or disagree?

6 Shay Mitchell


If you haven’t been a regular viewer of television’s Pretty Little Liars, a teen drama and mystery series, chances are you may not be too familiar with the gorgeous Shay Mitchell yet, who is originally from Ontario, Canada. Although she is mainly known for her role as television’s Emily Fields on Pretty Little Liars, Mitchell has recently also had some roles on the big screen, most recently in 2016’s Dreamland and Mother’s Day, alongside an all-star cast of Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson and Julia Roberts. But, let’s get to the point of why we’re here. The 29-year old Mitchell, who is half Filipina, is a gorgeous dark-haired beauty that easily rivals, if not outdoes, the beauty of Scarlett Johansson. She even has a very feminine frame and some curves like Johansson. While she has a much lower profile than other celebs at the moment, we hope to see more of this gorgeous woman in the future.

5 Aishwarya Rai

Aishwarya Rai is one of the most popular Bollywood celebrities in the world and one of India’s most loved celebrities. To add to that, she was the winner of the Miss World 1994 pageant due to her striking appearance, intelligence and charm. If that wasn’t enough, she is also a model and actress and has had many critically acclaimed films and has even been the recipient of many awards for her performances, including two Filmfare Awards. Getting to the reason why Rai is included on this list is that she is one of most beautiful women ever. In a very classy kind of way. Indeed, she is frequently called “the most beautiful woman in the world,” but how could she not with her trademark look of her striking blue eyes, full lips and curves? Indeed, she easily rivals - if not outdoes - the beauty of Scarlett Johansson in both facial beauty and in the body department. Have you seen this woman? Her beauty is absolutely striking and otherworldly.

4 Angelina Jolie


Another woman to be considered one of the most beautiful and sexiest in the world by multiple sources, it is no surprise that Angelina Jolie has made this list. After all, she is known for her sex appeal and her striking face easily surpasses that of the rather plain Scarlett Johansson, in our opinion. Sorry, ScarJo fans. With Jolie making every possible ‘hottest women lists’ out there, you knew we wouldn’t skip over her. She is even the woman credited with starting the “girl crush” trend, with men and women alike claiming to have a thing for her. While her career might not be as hot as Johansson’s at the moment (her breakthrough role came when she played Lara Croft in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider), she does have a number of Awards under her belt, including an Academy Award, two Screen Actors Guild Awards and three Golden Globes Awards. She is also now Hollywood’s highest paid actress.

3 Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis is such an exotic vixen with a ton of sex appeal: the girl is hot, hot, hot. We believe she also has a bit of a wild side. Of course, we’re not the only ones who think that Kunis is hot as she has been featured on every possible ‘hottest women list,” including Maxim’s Hot 100 list. GQ named her 'Knockout of the Year' in 2011, while Men’s Health gave her a spot on their list of “100 Hottest Women Of All Time.” FHM put her on their “Hot 100 List” in 2012 and assigned her the number one spot on their list of “100 Sexiest Women in the World.” Esquire Magazine named her Sexiest Woman Alive in 2012. We think you get the idea. Plus, she has a fun personality, at least in interviews, which makes her all the more attractive. She may not be as such of a commercial success as Scarlett Johansson, but you can’t argue with the physical beauty and all around sex appeal of Kunis.

2 Kelly Rohrbach


Leave it Leonardo DiCaprio to date one of the hottest woman on the planet, Kelly Rohrbach, a 26-year-old model and recently turned actress. The gorgeous blonde also made an appearance in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2015 and 2016, while also being named “Rookie of the Year,” meaning she is hot stuff, to put it eloquently. While she may not be widely known yet, she is sure to cause a splash in the near future as she takes on the iconic role of C.J. Parker in Baywatch to be released in 2017. She has also had smaller appearances in television shows like Two and a Half Men, Broad City and Rush.

Rohrbach has an interesting but yet absolutely stunning look, unlike any other. She also has a Sports Illustrated body, meaning that her sex appeal easily rivals that of Scarlett Johansson. But unfortunately, you’ll have to wait until May 2017 to see Rohrbach don that sexy red swimsuit…

1 Margot Robbie

By now, you probably know who Margot Robbie is. Harley Quinn, anyone? Indeed, Robbie is a relatively new Hollywood starlet, only making her grand entrance in 2013 with her role in Martin Scorsese’s Wolf of Wall Street. But in a few short years, she has already cultivated a pretty impressive list of acting credits. By 2016 she would be playing super villain Harley Quinn in the much hyped Suicide Squad. Now, she will even be getting her own standalone film as Harley Quinn in 2017, even before Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow. What we mean to say is that Robbie could very well be the next Scarlett Johansson. Physically, Robbie is more objectively pretty than Johansson with just as much sex appeal (did you see her in Wolf of Wall Street?). She is also younger than Johansson, meaning that, eventually, someone will be needed to replace her in those sexier roles. Robbie could be the girl to do it. While Johansson is obviously a beautiful woman, arguably her beauty is slightly over-hyped. Do you think Robbie could replace Johansson? 

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