15 Actors You Won't Believe Were Almost Batman

A few renowned actors have played Batman over the last few decades, each one bringing something new and unique to the role with every new major motion picture. Adam West brought a cartoon to life with every ounce of camp in tow, whereas Michael Keaton revolutionized the role by being dark, gothic, and utterly melancholic. We saw Christian Bale redefine Batman after a short hiatus in the series, turning the trilogy into the benchmark of quality superhero cinema in the process.

And now we have Ben Affleck who, despite immense backlash and skepticism, seems to be the only overall positive element of an incredibly divisive new movie. Affleck will continue to don the cape and cowl for years to come, until someone new steps up to wear the mantle and glide through Gotham as its new Dark Knight. Although only a lucky few have been given the opportunity to play one of the two most iconic superheroes in history, the list of actors who have tried to etch the Batman’s name on their resumes are a plenty. I’ve compiled 15 actors who came extremely close to actually being the billionaire vigilante, and as you scroll down the list you’ll realize that most of them are very surprising albeit interesting choices. Given the chance, which one of these actors would you pick to play Batman?

15 Josh Brolin

Before he became the Mad Titan, Thanos, on Marvel’s side of things, Josh Brolin was being strongly considered by Warner Bros to play Batman in the now highly-divisive Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Much like Ben Affleck, Brolin possesses the build and maturity to properly portray a grizzled, war-torn Caped Crusader.

14 Armie Hammer

Unlike the other actors on this list, Armie Hammer was in fact signed to play Batman in George Miller’s Justice League: Mortal. Unfortunately for him, things fell apart and all plans for that universe were scrapped, giving way for Zack Snyder to hop on board and kick things off with Man Of Steel.

13 Heath Ledger

The Joker was once supposed to play Batman. How’s that for a mind-bender? After seeing his extraordinary performance as The Joker in The Dark Knight, I have no doubt that the late, great Heath Ledger could have played Batman perfectly if he was given the part.

12 Bill Murray

Talk about unorthodox casting choices. When casting the titular role for Batman in 1989, Tim Burton was adamant about picking a comedic actor and turning them into a serious, brooding vigilante. It’s no surprise then that Bill Murray was one of the actors Burton wanted as Bruce Wayne.

11 Ashton Kutcher

Yes, I’m being totally serious. Ashton Kutcher was a very popular studio pick when it came to casting Bruce Wayne for Batman Begins. Apparently learning absolutely nothing from the gargantuan flop that was Batman & Robin, Warner Bros felt the need to go nuts and vouch for Kutcher to don the cape and cowl for their rebooted Batman franchise. It was Christopher Nolan’s disapproval and disinterest that led the studios away from Ashton, and we got Christian Bale instead. Phew!

10 Johnny Depp

How different would Johnny Depp’s career be had he taken this role? No, it wasn’t for Batman or Batman Returns, but rather Batman Forever in 1995! Tim Burton had left the director’s chair after Batman Returns but still stuck around as Executive Producer for Batman Forever. Since his kinship with Johnny Depp is well documented and Michael Keaton had also vacated the role of Bruce Wayne, Burton suggested that Depp take the reins and run with it. For better or worse, things didn’t pan out and Val Kilmer nabbed the role instead, leaving Johnny Depp to turn in his magnum opus as Jack Sparrow a few years later.

9 Henry Cavill

First The Joker, and now Superman?! That’s right, British actor Henry Cavill was called to audition for the role of Bruce Wayne AKA Batman in Batman Begins. Apparently he was a steady front-runner too, before everyone finally settled on Christian Bale, who as we all know did a fantastic job with the part.

8 Charlie Sheen

What would this have been like? Picture a Batman full of "tiger blood" and running around screaming “Winning!” at his foes. The Penguin would have been so confused. Okay I’m sorry, I realize those Charlie Sheen jokes are very old, but I just had to take a jab or two.

7 David Duchovny

X-Files was dominating TV ratings, Val Kilmer didn’t want to come back as Batman, and Warner Bros was eager to get Batman & Robin out as soon as possible… which, looking back, seems like the studio’s worst decision to date.

6 Ethan Hawke

Ethan Hawke has been a fan-favorite choice for the Caped Crusader for many years now. He has that air of mystery about him that just seems very Bruce Wayne-like. Hawke was offered the part when Michael Keaton declined to reprise the role in Batman Forever. Hawke turned it down, but later went on record saying it was a “stupid, stupid decision”.

5 Jake Gyllenhaal

Now this would have been interesting to see. Jake Gyllenhaal is an amazing actor and has done some amazing work in films like Prisoners, Nightcrawler, and Southpaw, just to name a few. While it’s difficult to say if he would have been a good Batman, I’d be willing to wager that it would have been an unorthodox take on the character, at the very least.

4 Mel Gibson

Racial tirades and drunken rants aside, Mel Gibson is actually a powerhouse actor who sinks into the skins of his characters with ease. He would genuinely have made a fairly brilliant Batman.

3 Harrison Ford

You can’t tell me with a straight face that you wouldn’t want to see Harrison Ford as Batman at least once. True, he’d just be Harrison Ford in a cape and cowl, but then again… he’d be friggin’ Harrison Ford in a cape and cowl! Ford brings so much wit and charisma to the table that it makes me want to see a movie with him dressed up as Gotham’s savior, fighting criminals with gadgets and spewing one liners like “Cut the crap, kid!” in typical Ford fashion.

2 Keanu Reeves

Duuude. Let’s be honest, Keanu Reeves would make a very interesting Batman, to say the least. He basically played Batman in John Wick by being a straight-up, no nonsense, skilled as all hell ass-kicker. Take that stoic demeanor and that whispery voice and put them in a mask, and it turns into a very formidable Batman.

1 Tom Hanks

Call me shortsighted, but Tom Hanks is totally wrong for the role of Batman, in my humble opinion. Maybe a Mr. Freeze, or a Hugo Strange… but not Batman. Much like Bill Murray, Tom Hanks is a fantastic actor who always brings something intriguing to the table. I think it’s those qualities that made Warner Bros reach out to him for both of Tim Burton's Batman movies; Batman and Batman Forever.

Things may not have panned out for Hanks back then, but the actor has shown a heightened interest in the superhero genre lately. Maybe, if we’re lucky, we’ll see Tom Hanks play a famous Batman villain someday.

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15 Actors You Won't Believe Were Almost Batman