15 Actors Who Admit They Adore Filming Love Scenes

It is well known that actors and actresses feel it is taboo to actually say that they enjoyed filming a love scene. In some ways and for many people, admitting to it may actually kill a career, rather than lift it up. The most likely reason for this is probably the fact that these people do have spouses of some type, and try telling your spouse that you spent the day in bed with another person and enjoyed it. It might not go over so well. Every interview from an actor will tell you how annoying it is to wear props, be under scrutiny from directors and cameramen, having someone re-position you after every shot for the perfect angle and so forth. Actors who have become aroused always come up with an excuse when it happens to explain their lack of professionalism. Actresses obviously have an easier time of hiding their excitement. This article is not about those that get aroused and deny the pleasure.

There are those very few that defy the taboo and openly admit that they love the whole damn experience even when they get caught being aroused. In their minds, why wouldn't someone enjoy a great job perk that no one in any other legal profession actually gets to do. Even though close to 100% of all love scenes are simulated, some equate the experience to self pleasuring. It's close enough to the real thing that it still excites them. Others just love making it real on film and don't mind doing it, without props, in front of a live audience and camera. This article is about those that just don't care what others in their profession think.


15 Natalie Portman - She Found Herself

When Natalie was younger she was quite reserved about showing off her goods on screen, having this to say: ''Young actors often don't think of the consequences of doing nudity or s*x scenes. They want the role so badly that they agree to be exploited, and then end up embarrassing family, friends, and even strangers.'' Apparently the embarrassment she felt must have dissipated because not only has she had some famous such scenes in the last few years, but her quotes might embarrass daddy as well. According to her, the scene in Black Swan where she shared herself with Mila Kunis, helped her discover her likes and dislikes in real-life, as she was still ''figuring it out'' while filming the movie. In her next film she did it with Mila's husband, Ashton Kutcher.

14 Laura Prepon - Loves Making Out With Her Friend


She first had a few love (we use the word 'love' loosely here) scenes as a high school sweetheart on That 70's Show, but nothing compared to her full fledged eroticism in Netflix's Orange Is the New Black. The opening episodes of the TV series saw Laura Prepon getting it on with the show's protagonist played by Taylor Schilling. "One of the first scenes we had to do, we were in a shower together. But the cool thing is, we're so comfortable with each other, so that's really great. We totally trust each other, which is awesome." In real life they really are just friends.

13 Mindy Kaling - Give Her More

This girl is funny. Even her quotes are admirable when discussing why she adores love making scenes. The former star of The Office had this to say in her book: “I Love S*x Scenes! Obviously onscreen s*x is not actual penetrative s*x, but, as any religious high schooler will tell you, simulating s*x can be pretty damn enjoyable as well.”

While most actors state that they are uncomfortable with all of the cameras and all of the people watching, Mindy has a different point of view: “To that I say: the more, the merrier! Most of those people are artists whose job it is to make sure your physical imperfections are cloaked in mysterious shadows. By the end of the shooting day, you’ll wish there were more people there.”

On why other actors won't admit to liking this kind of thing she writes: ''No one wants to make it seem like they’re being paid to fake having s*x on camera. People already think acting is the world’s easiest and most frivolous job, so we all have this tacit agreement to keep our traps shut about the world’s best job perk.” Having said that she also finds celebrities who hate filming love scenes, like Justin Timberlake, ''Annoying''.

12 Seth Rogen - He's The Man


The man may not have admitted to liking or hating love scenes one way or another, but give the guy credit; when he makes a comment it just makes you laugh. On the nervousness he felt about his first love scene with Katherine Heigl for Knocked Up, the comedian had this to say: “I got really nervous and I kept thinking, ‘What will I do, how do I behave?’ And I was watching TV one day and Inside The Actor’s Studio was on and Sean Connery was on it and he has a lot of s*x scenes. He was talking about s*x scenes and he said, ‘Before every s*x scene I say to the woman, ‘I’m sorry if I get aroused and I’m sorry if I don’t.’ I thought, 'That’s good, I’ll use that.’ So we’re shooting the scene and we’re getting into position. I’m really focusing on not sweating on her, that’s my main goal. I say to her, ‘Katherine, I’m sorry if I get aroused and I’m sorry if I don’t.’ And she looks at me and says, ‘Why would you be sorry if you don’t get aroused? I don’t want you to get aroused.’ I realized that’s the difference between me and Sean Connery – people kind of want him to get aroused a little. I should have just said, ‘I’m sorry.’ And that’s it.”

11 Yael Stone - Fornicating On TV Is A Privilege

The Orange is the New Black star spent her first season on the show in several graphic love making scenes, playing Lorna Morello. Writers decided that the audience needed to see less of her body and more of her in season 2, as the amount of nudity decreased for the actress. Unlike other actresses who explicitly want this, Yael has the opposite view as she is always ready for more. “The sex scenes are also a privilege, and we have to see it that way. If it’s written by great people — these people that write the show are really smart, we can trust them — I do feel like those scenes are really necessary,” she said. “It’s a big part of [prison] life. It’s a big part of our lives as human beings.” This is the professional and artistic way of saying that she likes getting it on without necessarily offending anyone. She also confessed to being a virgin in real life prior to her first sex scene. “I’ve never said this, but I did my first s*x scene before I’d actually had s*x in real life.” said Yael. “A lot of times we create roles and there are experiences we haven’t had but we have to imagine it. I happened to do that as a young 15-year-old person”.

10 Jon Hamm - Tried To Enjoy Love Making Scenes

The man whose character on Mad Men became famous for sleeping with every co-worker played both sides of the fence when asked whether or not he enjoyed the love making scenes in the movie Bridesmaids. According to him: "It's like running in the rain. There's a certain point when you go, '[Expletive] it, I'm already wet. I'm not going to get any less wet, so I might as well just enjoy how this feels.' I mean, sure, there's awkwardness about being in a weird flesh-colored thong, bouncing on top of an actress. I am not a small human being. I weigh at least 200 pounds and I'm six-foot-two. And Wiig is a twig; she's a skinny little thing. It's weird and uncomfortable at first, but then all the awkwardness melts away and you think, All right, we're doing this, so let's have fun with it. You know what I mean? You're in that moment and it's happening and it's not going to get any better, so you might as well enjoy it."

9 Hugh Grant - Just Outright Loves It

The man definitely has no regard for the professional manner expected from actors when addressing nude scenes, as he once stated that: ''I’ve always enjoyed s*x scenes, though you’re not really supposed to. The classic answer is, Oh, it’s not sexy at all because there are so many technicians standing around. But I’ve always found them extremely arousing.'' Furthermore, he wishes that he was a little more like Ricky Martin, as he ''could do with some more mobbing. Particularly from women. I'd like to be treated Like Ricky Martin''. Interesting.


8 Margo Stilley - She Is Proud Of Her Work

The actress became an international sensation for her starring role in 9 songs (2004). The film was billed as the most explicit mainstream film yet. This is one movie where the love scenes were real without the use of props. In other words, it was the equivalent of an adult film, except that the characters were in love. In an interview from a few years back, the actress stated that: ''It was a film about love and s*x. It wasn't p**n. I mean, I had s*x with my boyfriend last night and that wasn't p**n. It was just hot s*x! 9 Songs was a real film about love and s*x, and I wanted to do that film and I am proud of it.''

Having said that, the actress hid her identity from everyone when the film came out. The film credits only referred to her as Lisa. According to Margo: ''Newspapers were running competitions with pictures of me, saying, 'Who's this girl?' They were offering rewards to readers if they found out who I was. It was ridiculous!''. One may ask the following question: If you were really proud of it, why go out of your way to hide your identity in the first place?

7 Anna Paquin - She Gets To Make Out With Her Husband Everywhere

Anna played Sookie Stackhouse on the TV Series True Blood. Her character's lover at one point was fellow vampire Bill Compton, played by Stephen Moyer, Anna's true life husband. One would think that it would be awkward showing the world the moves that you share with your husband at night, but according to Anna: "Maybe it should be weird, simulating s*x with your husband in front of people? But it's really not. When it's a love scene with someone you actually love, there's no feeling like, 'Can I touch him here? Can I touch him there?' You know what your boundaries are — or what they aren't, I suppose." For Stephen it was love at first sight the minute he saw Anna for the first time on set around 10 years ago.

6 Kieran O’Brien - What's Wrong With A Little Loving?

Kieran O'Brien was initially a star on children's TV. Like many who wish to escape the stigma of being too goody two-shoes, he had more risqué roles as an adult. One of those roles was starring in the film 9 songs, as the love interest of Margo Stilley. As mentioned before the love making in the film was real. In a 2005 interview, the actor was blunt in stating: "It wasn't difficult for me to make and I'm really proud of it. Honestly, I don't know what all the fuss is about. It's a film about two people in a monogamous relationship, having s*x as you'd kind of hope that everyone does".

Of course, he also went on the defensive at the same time making one wonder about his pride in the film, having this to say about one of his critics, Anne Widdecombe; "I find it funny that people were saying it was disgraceful. As for Anne Widdecombe, she's the most infamous virgin in the country, and I bet that's not by choice." Now really, is there a need for that? Did you model yourself after Donald Trump when people criticize you? He later went on to say about his critic, "She is supposedly an educated woman but she hadn't seen the film when she made these comments, as I understand it.’’ It's always curious when people say watch the film and then judge. Is this only to garner more viewers? Because in reality, if you find public love making offensive how is watching the film going to change your mind?

5 Zac Efron - Finally Lived A Lifelong Dream

In the movie At Any Price, the star enacted his first ever love scene with none other than actress Heather Grahamthe young lady he had a crush on for years as a kid. So how excited was he to finally get a chance to strip down in front of his teenage love? Efron said this: “I was nervous because I’ve been in love with her since I can remember. It was very surreal for me.” We are sure there are many female readers going: Aw! How cute? Right about now. Zac later went on to say that the experience was “surreal” for him. Heather didn't have similar things to say.

4 Jake Gyllenhaal - Has An Open Door Policy


According to Jake, he states that he usually operates with an “open door” policy for love scenes. He says that he makes an agreement with his co-star to “go for it”, and the “door closes” when the scene is over. Having said that, the actor still admits: “It’s sexy when we’re doing it”. That is definitely an admission that he loves it. The star also had the following to say when filming his gay love scene in BrokeBack Mountain, where he overcame his inhibitions when the director Ang Lee, said this to him; ''We were talking about the kissing in the movie just recently. Clearly, it's pretty challenging material, but Ang said two men herding sheep was far more sexual than two men having s*x on screen.''

3 Robert Pattinson - He Doesn't Fake It

Robert Pattinson first became a star in the Twilight Series. Tabloids and critics loved him for something else entirely though, his love scene in the movie Little Ashes (2008). His orgasm seemed too real to believe and critics were very impressed. Apparently it was real. The young man, 22 years old at the time, truly enjoyed himself when creating the facial expression that made him famous. Prior to the scene he pleasured himself in front of the camera and recorded his face during his climax. It was that face which was used in the final take of the love scene.

2 Kristen Stewart - She Loves Pushing The Limits


Real love making is definitely the exception and not the rule in Hollywood. However, if you do engage in a real love scene the actors must definitely like it, unless of course it's just a publicity stunt to get noticed. When Kristen Stewart did the deed live in the movie On The Road (2010), she had this to say: "I love pushing and I love scaring myself. To watch a genuine [s**ual] experience on screen is so much more interesting than when you see the tape holding up the pasties... As long as you're being really honest, there's nothing ever to be ashamed of." She must have meant it, as in the movie she engaged in ''road head'' while manually stimulating the recipient and engaging in a threesome. Try doing that if you are married.

1 Amanda Seyfried - Love Scenes Are Wonderful

Amanda just has a face that can melt anyone, and she also likes getting it on in front of a camera, as the actress noted that: "Sex scenes are great. A lot of my co-stars have been sexy guys my age, and so, why not? I'm not going to pretend it's not fun", while filming Les Miserables. She does have one complaint about her audiences that may make a pretty girl like her feel a little insecure. Her favorite movie was Jennifer's Body, a box office flop that left a hole in the actress’ heart. According to her: ''I can’t believe nobody wanted to see Megan Fox and me hitting it. They had an extreme close-up of our tongues, and I’m telling you, the thing about the scene is that it’s actually really sexy. For a young girl to say that about her own sex scene — it must be because it’s special. I think Megan and I kissed really well together. We have similar kissing styles and it worked.'' Alas, no one else really cared enough to see it.

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