15 Actors From The 90s Who Made Incredible Comebacks

In the ‘90s, the film industry was filled with actors that were popular worldwide. They were promising, had a lot of success overnight, and we all thought that they would never leave the scene. And out of nowhere, many of them simply disappeared. The celebrity world is cruel, and you've got to be aware that if you don’t use your moment in the spotlight the right way, it can disappear as quickly as it appeared. The film industry is full of twists and turns; you can be on top for one minute, and gone the next. After reading today's list, you'll wonder how you managed to forget about some of them.

It's Hollywood, guys; it's tough to get back in the spotlight. Still, it's not impossible. The actors we'll show you today made incredible comebacks to the scene with new roles and a lot of media attention. Some of them were popular in the 90s, but now they are way bigger names. They really made a big bang with their bounce back. Check out the 15 Actors From The 90s Who Made Incredible Comebacks:


15 Anna Paquin

Anna Paquin starred in some hit movies that made her noticeable in the early ‘90s. She had significant roles in The Piano, Fly Away Home and Jane Eyre, but after that, she disappeared for several years. Paquin was a child star and earned the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress at the age of eleven. Now, she is back on track with the role of Rogue in the latest X-Men. Paquin also stars in one of the most popular TV shows nowadays, True Blood. This lovely actress proved that she still has something to show.

14 David Duchovny


If an actor is known worldwide for one significant role, that fact could mark his entire career. David Duchovny became one of the most famous actors when he was Agent Fox Mulder on The X-Files. Since then, he had problems finding the next big role that would make his career go back on the right track. The show ended in 2002 and until 2007, Duchovny couldn’t find himself one important part. He had luck with the leading role in Californication, and since then he has officially bounced back. X-Files is back as well, and we'll get to see Duchovny in the leading role that made him popular. Good luck, David!

13 Tatyana Ali


We all remember the hit series The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, from the ‘90s and all the actors from that show. The young and sweet Ashley Banks, played by Tatyana Ali, was one of them. After the success of that series, she disappeared from the eyes of the public. Tatyana starred in the sitcom Love That Girl, and her role in the soap opera The Young and the Restless, is also important to mention. She is also a musician, and her acting “time off” was dedicated to her music career.

12 Jared Leto


Jared Leto was one of the My so Called Life stars in the early ‘90s. He was popular at that time, and after Chapter 27, he just disappeared from the big scene. He didn’t have much luck in the movie business, stating that he needed to “walk away to have something new to say”. During the six years of absence from the film scene, Jared focused on his music career (he's very successful with 30 Seconds To Mars) but when he came back, he did have something to say and show to the audience. Is there a better way to make a comeback than portraying the Joker in the latest blockbuster Suicide Squad?

11 Matthew McConaughey

As Matthew McConaughey first showed up in the movies A Time To Kill, Amistad, The Newton Boys and others, we all thought that he was a serious actor. In the next couple of years, we could only see him in romantic comedies like How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days, and that’s why he became a B-list actor. In the last couple of years, McConaughey jumped back to the A-League. He appeared in Dallas Buyer’s Club, and his big comeback role was in Interstellar. The comeback started with the very popular series True Detective, where Matthew shined as a veteran detective that solves the impossible case.

10 Wilmer Valderrama


No one can forget one of the main characters from That ‘70s Show; a crazy exchange student named Fez. He was the funniest, the cutest and positively weirdest character. After that role, no one imagined that Wilmer could nail a serious role. But, we all made a mistake. Valderrama is now back on the track with a new role, and it’s even hard to recognize this actor. He plays Detective Will Blake on Minority Report, and his comeback is amazing. Fez became a big boy, and we are all happy to see this cutie on the screen again.

9 Robert Downey Jr.

Today, we all know who Robert Downey Jr. is, but in the mid-'90s, he was a typical child star goner. Unfortunately, as a lot of stars that get their big moments when they are teens do, Robert had drug issues. That’s why Downey had problems and was absent from the public. After spending some time in rehab, he said goodbye to his addiction and put his career back on the right track. In the early ‘90s, he had roles in movies Less than Zero, Natural Born Killers, Weird Science, and many more. After that, he stopped acting for some time, but now we all know him as one of the most famous actors in Hollywood. Sherlock Holmes, Iron Man and Tropic Thunder, are just a few of the movies that made his big comeback to the scene.


8 Jason Bateman


Jason Bateman gained his fame as a teenage actor in the two series, The Hogan Family and Silver Spoons, and his popularity overwhelmed him. With his newly gained fame, Jason ruined his life and any chance of success with his alcohol and drug addiction. After years of recovery, he was back on the right track with a role in Arrested Development, in 2003. His career was alive again, and he continued to take on roles in movies such as Horrible Bosses and Up in the Air, and we can positively say that Jason Bateman is back in the saddle.

7 Joseph Gordon-Levitt

During the 90s, Joseph Gordon-Levitt was a big shot with his leading role in the comedy show, 3rd Rock from the Sun. With his excellent acting skills, a successful career was predicted for him, but that, unfortunately, didn’t happen, and the end of 3rd Rock from the Sun seemed like the end of Joseph Gordon-Levitt's acting career. But, he made a big comeback with his roles in the blockbusters Inception and 500 Days of Summer. These movies put Joseph on the path of success once again.

6 Ed O’Neill


Another great actor from the sitcom world that lives the dream nowadays is Ed O’Neil, known as Al Bundy from Married with Children. The show quickly became one of the best sitcoms during the 90s, but with the end of the series, came the downfall of Neil’s career. In 2009 he made a big comeback as patriarch Jay Pritchett in the popular show Modern Family. From then, Neil’s career started to climb back up, and he became a three-time nominee at the Primetime Emmy Awards, and won three Screen Actors Guild Awards for this role. Way to go, Ed!

5 Neil Patrick Harris

This famous actor first appeared in Doogie Howser M.D. as a teenage doctor, and the role quickly launched his career. The show ran from 1989 to 1993, and after that Neil just vanished from the scene until his appearance in Harold and Kumar, nearly ten years later. Nowadays, Neil Patrick Harris enjoys the fruits of his new fame, thanks to the role of Barney Stinson on the popular sitcom How I Met Your Mother. He made a name for himself after the great success of the series, despite being out of the spotlight for over ten years.

4 Johnny Galecki


We all know Leonard Hofstadter, the nerdy professor from the popular sitcom The Big Bang Theory. But, did you know that Johnny Galecki, the actor who portrays him, was off the scene for almost eight years before landing this role? He was successful during the 90s, appearing in movies like I Know What You Did Last Summer. But, intentionally or not, he was out of the spotlight for a very long time, until he became Leonard. His return to the big scene is one of the biggest, as he earns over a million dollars per episode now.

3 Katey Sagal

Katey Sagal was paired with Ed O’Neal in one of the best sitcoms from the 90s, Married with Children. Soon after the show ended, it seemed like Katey just disappeared overnight. In 2008, she took on the role of Gemma Teller Morrow in the popular series Sons of Anarchy. The series was extremely popular, and seven seasons were filmed with Katey Sagal as one of the central characters of the series. Excellent acting skills brought her back to Hollywood, providing another wave of fame.

2 Christina Applegate


One of the biggest hits when it comes to sitcoms was Married With Children. We all remember that cute, spoiled blonde. Christina Applegate had her 5 minutes of fame with that show, but after the show ended, she almost disappeared. She tried to make a comeback with movies like View from the Top or The Sweetest Thing, but unfortunately, the movies were not as successful as she had hoped. Applegate made her big comeback on TV shows: Up All Night and Samantha Who?.

1 Mayim Bialik

Do you remember the child star from the horror flick Pumpkinhead? Maybe you remember Mayim, from the early ‘90s sitcom Blossom, as she was the star of the series. Now we all know her as Sheldon Cooper’s girlfriend Amy, but Mayim had a significant pause in her career before the big comeback with The Bing Bang Theory. After taking on the role of “Blossom”, she did some voiceover work, and made small appearances on The Secret Life of the American Teenager and Curb Your Enthusiasm. Today everyone knows geeky Amy, Sheldon Cooper's girlfriend.

That’s what we call a comeback.


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