15 Acting Careers That Will End In Five Years

There are actors who stand the test of time. These are the great ones. They act continuously throughout the multiple stages in their lives, seamlessly transitioning to new genres and for new target audiences, but this is certainly not the norm. Most actors have a booming period of success, but eventually, they fizzle out. Most child actors can't find success as adult actors, and most adult actors can't continue finding success as they become elderly. Yeah, some do, but most are not some, whatever the hell that means.

Predicting how someone's career is going to go is a pretty futile activity, but, when it comes to the acting profession, there are a few indicators available that make it a bit easier to make projections. First, we'll take a look at popular, highly paid actors because no one cares about you if you don't make millions of dollars per film. Usually it isn't one bad film that ruins an actor's career but a gradual progression of crap that does the trick. So we'll look at the actors who demand high pay days, but consistently stink it up—something that Hollywood studios are sure to make note of. If an actor begins to lose their ability to bring in audiences and convince critics that they can act, the studios won't be too generous with their wallets.

So what's happening here? Is it harsh to bet on an actor losing their livelihood? Yes. But it's also hard to shed tears for millionaires. Plus, these actors will probably always be around in some sense. They just wont be seen in many big movies five years from now. Some of these actors have been typecast in their careers, but that believability is now fading. Some have passed into the next stage of their lives, be it moving from father type to grandfather type, sex symbol to non-sex symbol or whatever. For many of these actors, their sheen has simply worn off. Their gimmick has run its course. Some of these actors may find another gear and revitalize their careers, but most, if not all, will be all but gone five years from now. Here are 15 actors whose careers will definitely be over in five years.

15 Jennifer Lopez

14 Ashton Kutcher

13 Mila Kunis

12 Gerard Butler

11 Katherine Heigl

10 Jessica Alba

9 Megan Fox

8 Renee Zellweger


7 Sharon Stone

6 John Travolta

5 Jason Statham

4 Vince Vaughn

3 Sylvester Stallone

2 Nicolas Cage

1 Will Smith

Over the past decade or so, Will Smith has had a difficult time being anything other than Will Smith. Pretty much every character he plays these days seems like they're just Will Smith. Even his best performance in recent history in Concussion was a little off-putting. Growing up in the spotlight and having a famous (and weird) family has kept him on our screens for so long. This has made Smith into a larger than life actor. It’s hard for audiences to separate his characters from his real life person. Because of this, his performances seem a little awkward lately. Smith might be able to reinvigorate his career in the coming years, but he'll have to stop playing Will Smith so hard and start playing characters more.

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15 Acting Careers That Will End In Five Years