15 Absolute Worst Moments in Academy Awards History

With the Academy Awards coming up, all the historic Oscar moments from the past come to mind- some good and some very, very bad. There are beautiful outfits, wonderful performances, tear-jerking acceptance speeches that make you feel warm inside. But, instead of focusing on the good moment for the Academy, here we have recounted some of the worst Oscar moments in their long and glorious history.

These are the moments that made headlines, drew criticism, laughter and sometimes nausea. Whether it is celebrities making controversial statements and conceited speeches in a space where they are supposed to show gratitude and humility, or seeing Hollywood’s best and most entertaining blunder either professionally or personally, the following moments have spanned the ceremony’s history, some dating back over 50 years, and some more recent. Some you can find plastered all over the internet, while others appear to be mythological beasts- spread by word of mouth and shared amazement. Enjoy the memories and don’t be scared to imagine all the things that could possibly happen at this year's ceremony, you never know what could happen. After all, the hosts and viewers had no idea most of these were going to happen, or at least not in the same way they did.

16 Letterman Hosts the Wrong Show

15 Travolta Gets Touchy

14 Snow White and the 7-Plus Minutes of Rob Lowe

13 A Failure for Tinhorns


12 Julia Roberts Tries to Steal the Show

11 Julia Roberts Tries to Steal the Show Again

10 Greer Garson: The Original Julia Roberts


9 Jerry Lewis Dances Away the Awkward


Poor, poor Jerry Lewis had to deal with one of the most poorly timed Oscars on record. He was hosting his third Oscars ceremony in 1959, when things took a turn for the worse. The broadcast turned out ending 20 minutes sooner than planned, the final performance of There’s No Business Like Show Business came too soon and Lewis was left to fill the remaining time. This improvised performance ended up living on in infamy, as it showed the less than perfect side of Hollywood with the show's host bumbling around on stage. The notoriously funny comedian danced around on stage and made jokes with instruments until finally NBC cut to something else.

8 David Niven and Robert Opel: The Naked Man

7 Phil Collins Watches Someone Else Butcher His Song

6 Jolie Blushes Over her Brother

5 Michael Moore Damages His Image With an Anti-Violence Speech

Documentary film maker Michael Moore induced boos and cheers alike at the 2003 Oscars when he won the Oscar for Best Documentary for Bowling for Columbine. Moore took the stage and started a rant against the War in Iraq and President George W. Bush. He rambled for a bit, then threw in the zinger, “We are against this war, Mr. Bush… Shame on you!” Moore tried to explain after the ceremony that he wasn’t actually getting booed. Maybe he thought they were booing along in agreement? That seems plausible. Even though it has turned out that some of what Moore said during his speech was accurate, many people still see him as a liberal nut.

4 Vanessa Redgrave’s Hoodlum Hubbub


Vanessa Redgrave also had an Oscar moment with a political and controversial acceptance speech. She had worked on a pro-Palestine documentary in 1978 and was picketed at the ceremony. When she got on stage Redgrave commended the Academy for not being “intimidated by the threats of a small bunch of Zionist hoodlums whose behavior is an insult to the stature of Jews all over the world.” Obviously, this did not go over well. Many people spoke out in disapproval, saying Redgrave was pushing her own agenda and should have just said thank you for the honor and been happy.

3 Marlon Brando Sends Littlefeather With a Big Statement


1 Two Franks, One Embarrassing Moment


In 1934, Will Rogers was chosen as the Oscar host. He was presenting the award for Best Director when he made a horrible mistake. The nominees were George Cukor and two Franks, Frank Capra and Frank Lloyd. Rogers opened the envelope and for his big reveal said, “Come on up and get it, Frank!” Apparently Rogers didn’t pay attention to the names of the nominees. Frank Capra hurried towards the stage to accept the Oscar, while Frank Lloyd was the actual winner. I guess you could say Will Rogers was the 1930s equivalent to Steve Harvey, just without the social media backlash and memes.


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15 Absolute Worst Moments in Academy Awards History