14 Shocking Photos That Prove Kim Kardashian's Butt Is Fake

Kim Kardashian's butt has been the topic of conversation since 2007, when it started showing up on E! network. Its large size has mesmerized the masses and left us with a number of unanswered questions - Is it real? Is it fake? How big is it exactly? Taking a look at pictures of Kim's infamous behind, it would appear as Kim Kardashian's fame has grown, so has her butt. Over the years, the Kardashians have sworn up and down that Kim's larger than life asset is all real and is the product of her Armenian heritage and working out in the gym. Despite their claims though, the following pictures prove otherwise. Real or not, we just want Kim to be upfront about her plastic surgery. Here are fourteen shocking photos that prove Kim Kardashian's butt is in fact fake.

14 A Little Before and After

13 Proportionate Curves

12 Bodycon Booty

11 Booty in White

10 Barely There

9 Looking a Little Fuller

8 Looking a Lot Fuller

7 Where Did That Come From?

6 Post Baby Booty

5 Looking Bigger That Ever

4 All Natural?

3 OMG, Becky. Look at that Butt!

2 Booty Bump

1 Ms. New Booty

This most recent picture of Kim was taken in April 2016 when she was spotted in Miami wearing an all white skin-tight outfit that emphasized her massive butt. To this day, Kim still claims her booty is all natural; however, given the extreme growth of her derriere over the years as seen in the previous photos and the disproportion of her butt to the rest of her body, we have to disagree. Kim should just come clean about her plastic surgery, because at the end of the day, real or fake, it doesn't matter as long as she's happy - but we still want her to be honest about it.


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14 Shocking Photos That Prove Kim Kardashian's Butt Is Fake