14 Of The Very Best Celebrity Selfies So Far In 2015

These days, people are taking the art of achieving the perfect selfie pretty seriously. Sure, Kim Kardashian pretty much has it down (depending on whether or not you’re a fan of hers), but there are a few other celebrities who could easily be in the running for Best Selfie of 2015.

While a great selfie is one that has just the right lighting, celebs can also achieve optimum selfie status by keeping their makeup intact, making extremely funny faces, or taking a picture with a picturesque background. Selfies have become so popular that a lot of celebs use them to promote upcoming albums, shows or movies. The pictures can also capture candid of the celebrities in their “real lives.” For instance, the public loves to see a picture of a celebrity playing outside with his/her children, leaving a local coffee shop with a popular beverage, or sharing a sincere laugh with friends. It’s also pretty cute when celebrities become fans and take selfies when they’re at a movie premiere for their favorite film, or attending the concert of a singer they admire. Here are 15 of the very best selfies that have been taken so far this year.

15 Kesha’s No-Makeup Selfie


Singer Kesha is known for her crazy style, but it’s nice to see her tone it down every once in a while. She recently took a selfie using natural light that features her beautiful eyes, adorable freckles and full lips. Her blond tresses made an appearance in the selfie as well. If Kesha ever wants to become a more mellow artist and write a folk album, this selfie could be the album cover. It’s great to see that Kesha is embracing herself without the trappings of makeup and other cosmetics, at least for this selfie. She’s had some body image issues in the past, but this pic sends the message that she’s learning to become comfortable with who she is.

14 Carrie Underwood’s Pet Selfie


The powerhouse country singer and American Idol veteran took a pretty cute selfie this year. Carrie Underwood proved (once again) just how gorgeous she is, since she still managed to be cute in a photo where she's scrunching up her face and not wearing any makeup. Her bandanna and cotton shirt indicate that she’s probably on her way to work out—not that she needs very much fine tuning after giving birth to a baby boy in 2015. However, Underwood has to get back to the business of entertaining the people, so she can maintain her title of the highest earning American Idol alum of all time.

13 Bella Thorne


So, apparently, there are several reasons why actress, model and singer Bella Thorne has been gracing her fans with many beautiful selfies lately. One of those reasons is that she’s promoting her new show Scream, which airs on MTV and is based on the popular novels by Wes Craven. Other reasons may include the fact that she wants to reinforce to the world that redheads are pretty much here to stay, and that teenage years don’t automatically mean bad skin. Thorne has also appeared on a number of talk shows for interviews this year, so the selfies make her even more relatable, and remind people that they want to see as much of her as possible.

12 Gina Rodriguez


Gina Rodriguez is enjoying well-deserved success for her role as the main character in the CW drama Jane The Virgin. The show is derived from a telenovela, and follows a woman who is a virgin and gets accidentally inseminated during a routine visit to her gynecologist. Rodriguez sports the fresh-faced look with a red or pink lip pretty often, but recently, she posted a photo on her Instagram that shows off her natural glow and cute little freckles. Her innocent smirk and doe eyes make it clear that she was pretty much born to star in Jane The Virgin. Rodriguez has also shown that she has great comedic timing and is personable during interviews, so we’re excited to see what Hollywood brings her way in the coming years

11 Camilla Cabello


One of the sultry singers from the group Fifth Harmony posted a selfie to participate in #unprettymondays. Of course, we all wake up some days feeling like it would be better to just sleep in and try it again tomorrow. In many cases, these days are Mondays. In her caption for the selfie, Cabello states that she wanted to change her crooked teeth for the longest time. However, she learned to embrace this flaw, because everyone’s definition of beauty is different. She also reminded her followers that character is more important than beauty because “someday we’ll all be wrinkly anyway.” Well said, Camilla.


9 Demi Lovato


Singer and actress Demi Lovato showed off a little sweat during her 'No Makeup Monday' selfie after a workout. It’s good to see that Lovato is staying on track, since she went to rehab to work through some emotional issues in years past. In addition to flaunting her flawless skin on social media, Demi has also been known to take selfies with some of her famous friends. For instance, she and Taylor Swift are good friends, and there’s a picture of the two at an awards show looking pretty adorable. There may even be more selfies of her and Selena Gomez for fans to enjoy, since the two mended their friendship via social media this year.

8 Selena Gomez


Looks like Justin Bieber’s ex wants the world to know that she’s a grown woman and has the body to prove it. The former Disney kid turned singer and movie star recently took to social media to take a few selfies in her underwear. Gomez was careful not to show too much skin, but the pictures were provocative enough to send the message that she is comfortable with her body, regardless of the criticism she’s received for “gaining weight.” Gomez simply captioned the photo “morning,” leaving fans to imagine what they will. Selena has also been hard at work in the studio, and released a single entitled Good for You, earlier this year.

7 Kendall Jenner


6 Taylor Swift


The queen of female self empowerment and catchy breakup anthems (that you can’t stop singing) is no stranger to a good selfie. Swift took a morning photo with her cat and captioned it “I woke up like this.” She’s fresh-faced and looking as though she’s ready to conquer the day—or at least, meet a guy, break up with him before dinner, and write a song about it. Taylor also has lots of famous friends to take selfies with, from Selena Gomez to Sam Smith and even rapper Kendrick Lamar. We’ve got to admit, the cat in the picture is pretty cute, too.

5 Khloe Kardashian


We’ve already established that you basically can’t mention selfies unless you also mention the Kardashians. Love them or hate them, the girls know how to stake stunning pictures. Khloe, the outspoken (and some would say most logical) sister, took to Instagram to show the world how much she loves her baby sis Kylie, when she posted a few selfies of the two of them. She probably also made the photos public so we could see that fabulous hat she’s wearing. Khloe has also been known to post selfies after working out, so the public can see just how great her new body is looking.

4 Chrissy Tiegen


Singer John Legend’s hot model of a wife Chrissy Tiegen (who is the co-host of Spike TV’s Lip Sync Battle), most likely keeps him on his toes. She’s definitely not prissy and she has an approachable quality that women can appreciate. At the Super Bowl, she took a selfie while scarfing down a hot dog. Maybe she wanted to show the world that models do, in fact, eat, and that sometimes they indulge. Tiegen is also pretty comfortable with her body, and has lots of bikini selfies floating around out there. She has decided not to use filters anymore when she takes pictures, because she wants women to be comfortable with their bodies and wants to be more authentic. She’s still a size 0 or so, but it’s a nice gesture, so we’ll let it slide.

3 Kylie Jenner


2 Jennifer Lopez


Sure, she’s known as 'The Body' in some circles, but during the Oscars this year, Jennifer Lopez decided to show off her glowing tan and flawless makeup in a series of perfectly radiant selfies. Jennifer is used to getting it right when she steps out for an award show, and this time was no exception. Even though many of the pictures she took throughout the night weren’t full body shots, you could still get a glimpse of her neutral-colored sparkling gown, which only made her complexion appear even more youthful. Lopez also took some selfies with legendary actor Meryl Streep, which pretty much means she wins the imaginary Oscar Selfie Contest.

1 Kim Kardashian


Of course, Kim Kardashian gets the number one spot when it comes to taking a wonderful selfie. After all, she’s published a whole coffee table book of her best selfie “work” for you to purchase, display in your living room, and be inspired. One of her most appealing selfies was actually taken on her brother Rob’s phone earlier this year, when she and Khloe “stole” the device. They wanted to go through his text messages to see what has really been going on in his life, but Kim had to make time for a selfie or two. She’s even seen making her signature kiss face for the camera; in later photos, she referred to the pose as “pregnancy lips.” Perhaps her lips are bigger because she’s pregnant with her second child with hubby Kanye West. Or, perhaps she’s gotten a little more work done.

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