14 Of The Hottest Female Animated Characters

They're sexy, gorgeous, breathtaking and extremely hot. These characters are so unbelievably beautiful, it’s like they were drawn from the mind of a teenage boy…oh, wait…they probably were drawn from the mind of a teenage boy. Even if they're not currently a teenage boy, they once were. Animated cartoons and comic books provide some of the most memorable and unforgettable characters. Such as Homer J. Simpson, Superman and Stewie Griffin. However, female animated characters play an equally as important role. Not only are these women attractive and sex symbols, often they're extremely intelligent, brave, hilarious and can kick some serious butt. Regardless of what they're doing, they remain super hot the entire time. Here is a look at 14 of the hottest animated characters.

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14 Mystique


Even though we are familiar with the likes of Halle Berry and Rebecca Romijn playing the iconic role in the ever popular X-Men films, we just can't forget about the original character. The one from the comic books and the first one to catch many people's attention. Mystique is both sexy and terrifying, all at the same time. She is a a popular character from the X-Men Series. She is a shape shifter that can take any form. When she is not shape shifting, though, she has blue skin (shown on her curvaceous hot body) and yellow eyes.

13 Leela


She's beautiful, sexy and when she looks at you with her one big eye, it's like you're the only one she can see (and you probably are). She is one of the main characters in the animated sitcom, Futurama. Turanga Leela is the ship captain for an interplanetary delivery company in the 31st century. She is portrayed as being attractive and sexy. She often wears low cut tank tops, jeans and boots. Although she is beautiful and many characters purse her, like many other beautiful girls, she is often unlucky in love. She is voiced by Katey Sagal.

12 Lois Griffin


Lois Griffin is the wife of Peter Griffin and mother to Chris, Meg and Stewie, in the ever so popular sitcom, Family Guy. She can be the down to earth, voice of reason. However, this isn't always the case. She's also shown to be very promiscuous and highly sexual. She's even cheated on Peter a number of times, including with former President Bill Clinton, in one of the episodes. The series made its debut on January 31, 1999, and is currently in its 13th season. Family Guy was created by Seth Macfarlane and Lois is voiced by Alex Borstein.

11 Holli Would


Holli Would is a blonde bombshell that appeared in the 1992 animated/live action fantasy, Cool World. A brilliant cartoonist, played by Gabriel Byrne, ends up trapped in the cartoon world that he created. The beautiful and sexy, Holli Would has true desires to be real. Holli is portrayed by Kim Basinger and also stars the hunk of HollywoodBrad Pitt, as the cop hunting Holli. She is often seen wearing a short, tight and revealing white dress. The revealing dress, along with her golden, yellow hair, is certainly what helps her deserve the number 11 spot on this list.

10 Lana Kane


Lana Kane is sexy, tough and can hurl an insult as good as legendary insult comic, Don Rickles. Archer follows members of the CIA (formerly ISIS in the series). It centers on the charming and self-centered spy, Sterling Archer. The number 2 agent is the gorgeous and bada**, Lana Kane. Her and Archer have an on-again-off-again relationship. She often wears a short, tight sweater dress with large, hoop earrings. She is portrayed as being very sexual. The series premiered on January 14, 2010, and has been renewed for seasons six and seven. Lana is voiced by Aisha Tyler.

9 Catwoman


The ever so sexy Catwoman, a.k.a. Selina Kyle, is one of the most famous characters in the Batman franchise, and with reason. She started out as a villain, but as time has gone on, she has become more of an anti-hero. She is known to have an on-again-off again relationship with Batman and remains one of his longest love interests (can we blame him for being so attracted to her?). She normally wears a tight, black catsuit with a mask and whip, giving her the ultimate "bad girl" look and deserving her number 9 spot on this list.

8 Stripperella


Although she is not portrayed as being as popular as some of the other entries on this list, Stripperella, a.k.a. Erotica Jones is a stripper who moonlights as a superhero. She was created by Stan Lee and was voiced by none other than sex symbol, Pamela Anderson. Not only is she sexy and gorgeous, she is also highly intelligent. She has the ability to jump extremely high, has super human strength and she knows "sexy" martial arts. The series ran for one season, from 2003 to 2004. The series was rated TV-MA and often featured topless nudity.

7 Wonder Woman


We are definitely more familiar with number 7 on this list, possibly because every year on Halloween, we can count on seeing a huge number of girls sporting her sexy costume.  Wonder Woman a.k.a. Princess Diana of Themyscira, a.k.a. Diana Prince, is one of the most famous female heroines. She is one of DC Comics' top characters. She is beautiful, sexy and gorgeous, but is also shown to be powerful, intelligent and tough. Her "tough girl" look is undoubtedly visible through her one piece, red and blue suit. Additionally, she is a member of the Justice League and sometimes has a working partnership with Superman.

6 Princess Jasmine


It surely comes as no surprise that a Disney Princess makes this list. Princess Jasmine first appeared in Disney's Aladdin. The film was released on November 11, 1992. Jasmine is voiced by Linda Larkin. Initially, she spends a lot of time in her palace and is seemingly bored of the life of a princess. This leads her to meeting that street rat, Aladdin. She is shown to be fierce, goes against tradition and is strong-willed. She has a proportionate hourglass figure with beautiful brown eyes and long, flowing, black hair. It's no wonder Aladdin instantly fell in love with her.

5 Belle


Belle is one of the main characters from the famous Disney animated film, Beauty and The Beast. It was released on November 22, 1991. Obviously, Belle is the beauty. The beautiful and breathtaking princess has hazel eyes and long, flowing brown hair. However, she isn't just another pretty face. She has a great love for reading and desires more from life than just marriage. She wants to go on adventures. Eventually, her father is imprisoned by The Beast. Belle sacrifices her own freedom in exchange for her fathers. As time goes by, she begins to fall in love with The Beast.

4 Harley Quinn


Harley Quinn, who is originally known as Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel, is the girlfriend and sidekick to one of Batman's greatest nemesis, The Joker. The Joker is often portrayed as being sick, sadistic and twisted. To be the girlfriend of The Joker must surely make Harley Quinn equally crazy. Quinn is often portrayed as a kind of brat, with her hair in pigtails and her tight, black and red suit, appearing as "the joker" seen on a deck of cards. She is beautiful, sexy but at the same time, also kind of creepy and scary.

3 Betty Boop


With her big beautiful eyes, curvy hour-glass figure and sweet innocence, Betty Boop could break any man's heart, drawn or otherwise. Betty Boop is considered to be one of the most memorable animated sex symbols of all time. She was created by Max Fleischer and made her first appearance in Dizzy Dishes on August 9, 1930. When she first appeared, she was actually geared towards an adult audience, despite cartoons being considered a child's medium. At the time, most female characters were more child-like in the way they would dress. Betty Boop was very different than most of the characters of the time. She wore tight, short and revealing dresses. She had a curvy and sexy figure that she often displayed. Often times, her tops would reveal a lot of cleavage. Betty Boop's Bamboo Isle featured her doing the hulu in a grass skirt, while wearing a lei that was placed over her breasts. In the early cartoons, she appeared in incidents that were considered risqué, such as dealing with villainous characters trying to take her virginity. However, several cartoons implied that she had a sexual relationship with her male "friend", Bimbo. She remains one of the most famous sex symbols of all time.

2 Ariel


Ariel is the main character in Disney's smash animated hit, The Little Mermaid. The film was released November 17, 1989. The plot revolves around Ariel and her desire to walk and be a normal human. She is rebellious and listens to no one, including her ruling father. She has blue eyes and gorgeous, long, flowing, red hair (which is desired by many girls and women alike). She wears a bikini top, which are purple seashells. She also has one hot tail. Not her butt, she actually has a tail.

1 Jessica Rabbit


The stunning, beautiful and sexy, Jessica Rabbit, an animated human, is the wife of Roger Rabbit, an animated rabbit. Who Framed Roger Rabbit? was a live action/animated cartoon that was released June 22, 1988. The plot revolved around Roger Rabbit being framed for the murder of the head of ACME. Jessica Rabbit is one of the most famous animated sex symbols. She has the figure of a coke bottle and wears a long and very revealing, red dress. Her long legs are prominently featured, as well as her cleavage. However, don't try to get a peak down her top because she literally as a "booby trap" down there. It's actually a bear trap but it gets the job done. Despite her incredible looks and that she can have any man or toon that she wants, she is head-over-heels in love with Roger Rabbit. She claims that one of the reasons she loves him so much is because he makes her laugh. Also, he's a better lover than Goofy. Jessica Rabbit was voiced by Kathleen Turner.

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