14 Of The Biggest Nags In Hollywood

There are a couple of things that people say about the money. They say that money makes the world go around, that it is a root of all evil and that it changes people. Every expression seems about right, but we will stick with the last one, about changing people's personalities. We don't know how they behaved before they were famous, but now when they are well-known, they are pretty difficult to work with and extremely unpleasant. Actresses, singers, show hosts, comedians; you name it. The one thing that binds them is nagging. On the one hand, we can try to understand; there are stress-related issues, fear from performing poorly at the box office, pressure to look good for any occasion, maybe some related health problems.

Celebrities are only humans, after all. But the thing is, you can be rich, famous and be nice at the same time. There is a bunch of celebrities who are a joy to work with, but there are the ones that make your life miserable with their behavior. This list is entirely random, so there is not the best or the worst celebrity on it, they are all equal. Stay tuned for filthy rich celebs with God complex and unbelievably unpleasant behavior from time to time in the 14 of the biggest nags in Hollywood.

14 Nicki Minaj

13 Katy Perry

12 Madonna

11 Sharon Stone

10 Salma Hayek


9 Mariah Carey

8 Britney Spears

7 Christina Aguilera

6 Lindsay Lohan

5 Jennifer Lopez

4 Shannen Doherty


3 Beyonce

2 Jennifer Aniston

1 Katherine Heigl

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14 Of The Biggest Nags In Hollywood