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14 Of The Biggest Nags In Hollywood

14 Of The Biggest Nags In Hollywood

There are a couple of things that people say about the money. They say that money makes the world go around, that it is a root of all evil and that it changes people. Every expression seems about right, but we will stick with the last one, about changing people’s personalities. We don’t know how they behaved before they were famous, but now when they are well-known, they are pretty difficult to work with and extremely unpleasant. Actresses, singers, show hosts, comedians; you name it. The one thing that binds them is nagging. On the one hand, we can try to understand; there are stress-related issues, fear from performing poorly at the box office, pressure to look good for any occasion, maybe some related health problems.

Celebrities are only humans, after all. But the thing is, you can be rich, famous and be nice at the same time. There is a bunch of celebrities who are a joy to work with, but there are the ones that make your life miserable with their behavior. This list is entirely random, so there is not the best or the worst celebrity on it, they are all equal. Stay tuned for filthy rich celebs with God complex and unbelievably unpleasant behavior from time to time in the 14 of the biggest nags in Hollywood.

14. Nicki Minaj


Popular “Anaconda” is one of the most famous female rappers of all time. Her songs remained high on many charts for weeks, and she is a winner of many prestigious awards like American Music Award, Billboard Music Award and MTV Video Music Award. She is also famous for other work-related stuff. On the other hand, Nicki is very unprofessional and constantly late. On the set of the American Idol, she was late all the time and talked harshly to contestants. And we don’t even want to start talking about her rider list with all candles that smell like baked goods, buckets of spicy fried chicken and gallons of lemonade. “Trying to please Nicki is hell,” one hotel employee said after her stay.

13. Katy Perry


This California girl has everything in life; the looks, the voice, the fame and she adores all things pink. Well, almost everything – she hates pink carnations. She hates them so much that they are officially banned from her dressing rooms. That is not the weirdest thing that she insists on because it is well known that she explicitly demands chairs in her dressing room to be egg-shaped. Oh, and there’s a little thing that you cannot do if you are her driver and that is to make an eye contact or speak to her.

12. Madonna


Madonna is a queen of pop. Period. Besides that, she is also a perfectionist and very unpleasant for cooperation according to people that worked with her. She is well known for being afraid of germs and having a sterilization team that cleans her dressing room from the top to the bottom. Yes, that is strange, but her next caprice is just rude. She banned air conditioning in every venue that she played because she wanted to protect her vocal cords. Because of that, many people had fainted on her concerts in 2006 when the temperature rose more than 90 degrees. All to please the queen.

11. Sharon Stone


She was a sex symbol of the nineties, appeared in many cult movies in her prime, and aged very gracefully. She is still one of the most beautiful women in the world. Unfortunately, she is not very kind to the people that she works with. Sharon is very coarse to the people that work for her. For instance, her former assistant said that it was hell working for her because she always acted like a diva, yelled and belittled her. Yes, she even called her a complete b**ch. Not even a new leg crossing scene can get her out of this.

10. Salma Hayek



One of the most attractive actresses in the world, Salma is known for great roles of heroines. Apparently, she is quite a difficult for cooperation. When someone stares directly at her, she is known to go away from the set and will not perform until the person “responsible” for that act is removed from the set. A beautiful woman who hates when someone is looking directly at her?! Strange is a mild word for that kind of behavior. She is also known for yelling profanities in Spanish when she’s moody.

9. Mariah Carey


An amazing singer that tried her luck with acting and being a judge on the American Idol. Besides that, she is known to be one of the biggest nags in the business and tough to work with. Her co-stars at the American Idol describe working with her like a nightmare. She even got a list of crazy demands over the years. Like puppies, kittens and bunnies in her dressing room for her to play with, endless supply of Cap’n Crunch cereal, a fully furnished private trailer for her dog and bunch of others. A nagging diva to the max.

8. Britney Spears


Apart from being a famous singer, Britney Spears appeared in a bunch of scandals. Some may say that scandals were the one that kept her career alive. She has a lot of crazy diva demands like on the X Factor show, when she specifically requested that people working for her can’t be attractive and that she wants her personal beauty team. She also requested that whenever she appears on the show needs to have access to 34 Herve Leger dresses which are not cheap at all and go for 2000 dollars a piece. Oops, she did it again.

7. Christina Aguilera


One of the best singers today but also one of the most beautiful women, Christina is indeed, very conceited diva. Not only that many of her colleagues say that she is impossible to work with, but she also has some rather strange demands. Being a judge on The Voice, she insisted that she should have a police escort on her way to the set. Not only that, but she demanded a male masseur to massage her feet every 30 minutes like she is a pro athlete or something. We know that she is a “Fighter” but if this isn’t nagging, we don’t know what is.

6. Lindsay Lohan


Fallen teenage star that isn’t a teen anymore and is not that much of a star anymore as well. Lindsay is known for her trouble with the law as much as the roles themselves. Many of her colleagues claim that she is impossible to work with because she often comes ill-prepared, appears late on sets (if she even comes at all) and is very demanding when she gets on the set. The movie Mean Girls that she starred in depicts her life almost entirely. Once a good kid who wanted to fit in and be likable ends up being hated by all.

5. Jennifer Lopez


This Latino diva went far from “Jenny from the block” that was loved by anyone. Now she is the world famous performer that everyone admires. Well, almost everyone. People often feel intimidated by her because she is a perfectionist and a control freak. Besides that, her rider list includes large trailers with everything white in it, a special list of fruits and bunch of other strange things. Yes, she is scary enough that Trey Parker and Matt Stone parodied her in one of the South Park episodes. Even a big snake from Amazon never stood a chance with Jennifer.

4. Shannen Doherty

via New York City, USA - 01.11.05 Credit: (Mandatory) PNP / WENN


During the nineties and early two thousands, Shannen was a hugely famous actress that played in a hit series Beverly Hills, and Charmed. Many people have openly stated that she is a tough person, and that is impossible to work with her. Her former co-star from Beverly Hills, 90210 Jason Priestley, has said that she is too much of a diva on the set and in person. She even picked a fight on the set with her 90210 co-stars Jennie Garth. Because of her behavior and reputation, she is no longer a prime-time series actress.

3. Beyonce


One of the best singers and most influential women in the world, Beyonce achieved everything that she imagined. She acts like a diva in most occasions. Of course, one of the most unusual rider lists must belong to her. Not only that she asked for red toilet paper, hand-carved ice balls, freshly painted white walls, and a new toilette seat but she also asked for titanium drinking straws. Yes, you’ve read it right. These particular drinking straws (priced roughly 935 US Dollars) are used for drinking alkaline water that has to be served at exactly 21 degrees. Apparently, she does run the world.

2. Jennifer Aniston


This famous actress became America’s sweetheart when she was starring in Friends and remained like that in the public eye ever since. Every movie that she appears in has instant success, and she is loved around the globe. Not many people know, but she can be very tough to work with. Between the sets, she stays in her luxurious trailer and never hangs out with other cast members. On the set of Friends, other actors have always invited her to lunch and to associate with them, but she turned them down regularly. Too much of a diva to hang out with other mortals. She demanded for the movie studio to pay for her incredibly expensive ($50.000 a week) hairstylist.

1. Katherine Heigl


You all know her for her incredible smile, charming persona, few roles on films and a couple in drama series. But, when everything is said and done, it turns out that she is a drama queen. She had dissed all the people that she had worked with and even refused to be nominated for Emmy award in 2008. This happened because she wasn’t given the good enough material to work with during the 2007 season of Grey’s Anatomy. After that scandal, she was kicked out of prime time, and many people didn’t want to work with her anymore.

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