14 Of The Absolute Worst Celebrity Encounters

To many people, celebrities are idols, the people we look up to, the people we aspire to be, and the people that can do no wrong. This notion leads us to believe that celebrities are supposed to be nice all the time. However, celebs are just like everyone else. They have good days and bad days. They experience the same spectrum of emotions - happy, sad, angry, and downright pissed off. Unfortunately, a fan can get an awful encounter with a celeb on one of their bad days and experience the bad side they thought simply didn't exist. It is worth noting that each celebrity encounter story is a personal retelling by an individual and is hearsay. Here are 14 of the absolute worst stories of celebrity fan encounters.

14 Jennifer Lopez

13 Orlando Bloom

12 Ariana Grande

11 Hugh Grant

10 Jeremy Piven

9 Rachael Ray

8 Cameron Diaz

At a premiere for her film Sex Tape, Cameron Diaz walked the red carpet which was lined with paparazzi and screaming fans (as these types of events typically are). The red carpet is meant for celebs to promote their projects and/or themselves, and interact with fans and paparazzi, evidently. However, Diaz doesn't see it that way. When fans asked to get a photo with Diaz her response was, “If I did it for you I’d have to do it for everyone,” and she then proceeded to walk away.

7 Britney Spears

6 Catherine Zeta-Jones

5 Megan Fox

4 Niall Horan

3 Janet Jackson

2 Adam Levine

1 Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is the king of horrible celebrity encounters. He's well known for losing his cool with fans and being downright disrespectful to them. There's even a photo of the pop star spitting on a gathering of Beliebers from his apartment balcony in Toronto, Canada. One of the worst celebrity encounters was when a fan approached Bieber on a beach. She was wearing a bikini and Bieber allegedly called her a "beached whale". Spectators reported that he also suggested that she try out for The Biggest Loser. Now that's really mean.


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14 Of The Absolute Worst Celebrity Encounters