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14 Of Rihanna’s Hottest Music Video Scenes

14 Of Rihanna’s Hottest Music Video Scenes

Following pop stars in the recent decade, you can notice one pattern – as the time goes by, music videos are more and more explicit. Looking back to the 90s, Britney’s “Oops I did it Again” video was considered controversial and scandalous. If that video would be released today, nobody would even notice it. Today we’re talking about the best-imported product from Barbados – Rihanna. The sensual appeal, stunning eyes, and a smokin’ hot body – RiRi is making our eyeballs stick to the screen without blinking.

Throughout her career, she has tried on different styles and different genres, but one thing remained the same – her undeniable sex appeal. Whether she is nude or clothed (though it looks she prefers to be almost bare), Rihanna radiates an unmatched sexiness in her music and videos. She is a favorite performer to millions, and the whole music industry knows her as the one of the hottest pop stars. We’ve browsed through her videos a bit, and picked the 14 hottest scenes that are surely not to be missed.

14. “We Found Love”

Teamed up with Calvin Harris, Rihanna made a song about love and decided to spice it up with a very dark video. “We Found Love” aired in 2011, and had worldwide success. The video features RiRi with her boyfriend (rumors are that the actor was her real boyfriend at the time), passing through stages from beautiful love scenes, to disturbing drug-abusing and violent events like in a thriller movie. And like every thriller movie, it has some explicit scenes where the dynamic duo enjoys all sorts of naughty things. Naughty Rihanna shows a lot of her body in this video, alongside quality acting and rustic scenery.

13. “Shut Up and Drive”

Back in 2007 when “underground car racing” was at its peak, Rihanna discovered the way to get a crowd interested in her music videos. Wear something revealing, turn up in a Ferrari, set it in a mechanic’s workshop full of hot and attractive women, throw in a drag race and add an electric guitar riff to your tune for a good measure. This was the young pop star recipe for attention. Well, let’s be honest, when we see a girl that looks this good and knows how to fix a car, what’s left not to be sexy?

12. ”Where Have You Been”

via YouTube

via YouTube

“Where have you been” is a single from Rihanna’s album Talk That Talk, released in 2011. Dave Meyers directed the video, where Rihanna is depicted in all sorts of costumes and locations. The opening of this video is very mystic and sensual; Rihanna emerges from the water wearing a scale-looking bra that gives her a look as a deity. In another scene, RiRi is shown nude with her hair up and her hands covering her chest. Although Rihanna’s looks and costumes are incredibly sexy, we want to mention the moves in the dance routines. They look exquisite.

11. “Umbrella”



This is the song that put Rihanna on the map. The song went extremely popular, as it was fresh, and something that wasn’t released before. Rihanna first appears in a skin-tight leather dress, wearing a big hat. During the video, she dances in different costumes half naked, demonstrating her abilities and gorgeous body. In the second part of the video, she goes a step forward, wearing nothing and being covered with silver paint and oil, performing a dancing/theatrical sequence in a gray background, revealing her entire body. We must agree that we’d love to join her under the umbrella, how about you?

10. “Hard” feat Jezzy

Army-themed video that has over 110 million views on YouTube portrays Rihanna as a military character/black diva of explosion/silly pink tank barrel-rider. RiRi wears sexy clothes all over this video and performs some powerful moves. She overpowers a bunch of army men while holding her crotch in a provocative way. Shooting machine guns, explosions, and half-naked Rihanna enjoying in mud are the scenes that definitely won’t leave you reserved. While waving the big black flag, Rihanna represents a sexy version of Death itself. All men must subdue to Rihanna’s will, or they will be punished. Would you join the RiRi’s military squad?

9. “B***h Better Have My Money”

via YouTube

via YouTube

Do you think music videos can go too far? After watching this one, Rihanna made us think twice. Kidnapping a rich woman, and torturing her, asking for ransom, a ton of nakedness from both Rihanna and supporting actors… This video really went a step forward bringing an intense scenario to a song with R’n’B beat. Turns out that is a perfect recipe for popularity. In a scene where the guy responsible for her missing money is tied up to a chair, Rihanna’s latex dress reveals her breasts completely, and she’s perfectly fine with that. You’ve probably seen it so far, and you know how the guy ends. Don’t mess with RiRi and her money, you’ll regret it.

8. “Te Amo”

The song “Te Amo” came out on the Rated R album in 2009, but the music video for this song came out a year later. The sensual side of love and passion is portrayed through lesbian-ish relationship of two main characters of the video. Who to partner with Rihanna in sexy underwear? Let’s go with Laetitia Casta. This video makes both genders amused and lured to the screen, as two femme fatales cuddle and emit a strong vibe of sexual energy. Rihanna and Laetitia displayed a connection that was more than evident, making us drool.

7. “Stay”



Sometimes a simple idea can bring the best results; for this video, one simple bath tub and naked Rihanna did the job. The music video for “Stay” was featured on the Unapologetic album back in 2012. The natural beauty of the Bajan performer stuns the eye without any doubt. Simplicity, emotion, Rihanna’s naked body and mesmerizing eyes made us all watch without blinking. Who wouldn’t want to get in that tub with her and help her ease the pain of a leaving boyfriend? Who’s the fool who would leave this beauty?

6. Shakira ft. Rihanna “Can’t Remember to Forget You”

If the hotness of the music video can be rated, then this video can definitely be labeled as double-hot. The video is a result of the cooperation of two pop divas, and we’re all grateful because the collaboration happened. Those sexy voices, almost bare bodies, and the belly dancing made the video too dynamic at moments. There are the moments in this video for which virtually every man would love to say “God, I would like to switch places with that wall.” Shakira & Rihanna had an incredible flow filming this video, which can be felt off the screen.

5. “Rockstar 101″



Rihanna is controversial, always different, always sexy, and you can count on her to put out sexy performances in her releases. This song features Guns’N’Roses legendary guitarist Slash, and it represents all of the lascivity you could see in a life of a rock-star. Perhaps the most stunning image comes from the song’s breakdown when Rihanna appears dressed as a sexy version of the iconic guitarist. Even though the original concept did not have Rihanna putting on a sexy gender-bending performance, producers decided to go with it because she made a real “Hot ass mess on stage” as they said. Blurring was needed for this one.

4. “S&M”

“S&M” was the fourth released single of Rihanna’s fifth studio album Loud. The song reached the 53rd position on the U.S “Billboard Hot 100 Chart” initially. Upon the album’s release, it moved to second place really fast. This music video takes Rihanna’s sexiness to a whole new level – bringing the weird presentation of media, the weirdness, and the submissive nature of people. Dressed up in a pink latex, RiRi takes the role of the dominant mistress, and has a full arsenal of bizarre equipment to punish her slaves. While being taped to the wall in a newspaper dress, Rihanna states “It’s so good being bad.”

3. “Rude Boy”

via YouTube

via YouTube

The music video for “Rude boy” highlights Rihanna in a number of cartoon-like, vibrant, brightly colored, Caribbean-inspired scenes. Taking a break from her typically dark and edgy videos, “Rude Boy” is a sexy one, with Rihanna swaggering her hot body in a gold net bodysuit and a really tight black-&-white zebra print catsuit. This sexy video features Rihanna wearing a skin-tight chain suit showing every curve of her body in detail. Some of the scenes go too far, so they had to be blurred – that’s the level of explicit hotness in this video.

2. “Work” feat. Drake

Rihanna’s latest music video is labeled “Work”, and it features Canadian rap star Drake. Although this song is one of hottest on the chart currently, and it features an incredibly sexy performance, it doesn’t top our list. In “Work”, Rihanna dances with seduction in a club alongside her partner, and the dancing builds up the tension between the two. The scene ends with both of them rapping and dancing, and a dramatic pause leads us to the private area, where it’s time for a private dance. Here RiRi wears a provocative see-through top and performs for Drake (and us as well). Drake kept his calm, which is a respectable feat.

1. “Pour It Up”

In this video, the queen of sexy literary takes her throne. Rihanna’s sexiness is unbelievable in this video, as she is wearing only a diamond bra and a thong; during her rapping, pole dancers are spinning in the water surrounding her. At one moment this Bajan beauty displays her behind and twerks up upon her golden throne. The scenes involve close-ups of pole dancers’ behinds in slow motion – a typical music video in the pop industry, don’t you think?

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