14 Of Rihanna's Hottest Music Video Scenes

Following pop stars in the recent decade, you can notice one pattern – as the time goes by, music videos are more and more explicit. Looking back to the 90s, Britney’s “Oops I did it Again” video was considered controversial and scandalous. If that video would be released today, nobody would even notice it. Today we’re talking about the best-imported product from Barbados – Rihanna. The sensual appeal, stunning eyes, and a smokin’ hot body – RiRi is making our eyeballs stick to the screen without blinking.

Throughout her career, she has tried on different styles and different genres, but one thing remained the same - her undeniable sex appeal. Whether she is nude or clothed (though it looks she prefers to be almost bare), Rihanna radiates an unmatched sexiness in her music and videos. She is a favorite performer to millions, and the whole music industry knows her as the one of the hottest pop stars. We’ve browsed through her videos a bit, and picked the 14 hottest scenes that are surely not to be missed.

14 “We Found Love”

13 “Shut Up and Drive”

12 ”Where Have You Been”

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11 "Umbrella”


10 “Hard” feat Jezzy

9 “B***h Better Have My Money”

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8 “Te Amo”

7 “Stay”


6 Shakira ft. Rihanna “Can't Remember to Forget You”

5 “Rockstar 101"


4 “S&M”

3 “Rude Boy”

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2 “Work” feat. Drake

1 “Pour It Up”

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14 Of Rihanna's Hottest Music Video Scenes