14 Most Expensive TV Series Ever Made

As a society, we are now used to seeing huge budgets attached to Hollywood blockbusters, but when it comes to television show budgets, we're usually a bit (or a lot) surprised at the staggering costs attached to each episode. A combination of cast salaries, elaborate costume designs, detailed sets, special effects, exotic shooting locations, and extensive post production requirements add up to hefty price tags for the following fourteen most expensive television series ever made. For some of these shows, the high budget was completely worth it given the success and popularity of the show - but for others it was an ambitious flop.

14 The Walking Dead - $2.75 million

13 Breaking Bad - $3.5 million

12 Fringe - $4 million

11 Lost - $4 million

10 Terra Nova - $4 million

9 Deadwood - $4.5 million

8 True Blood - $5 million

7 Boardwalk Empire - $5 million

6 Game of Thrones - $6 million

5 Camelot - $7 million

4 Rome - $9 million

3 Marco Polo - $9 million

2 Friends - $10 million

1 ER - $13 million

With fifteen seasons and 331 episodes, ER is one of the longest running TV drama series to date. The show aired on NBC from 1994 - 2009, and starred A-list actor, George Clooney. ER is an American medical drama series that follows the inner life of the emergency room at the fictional County General Hospital in Chicago. In 2000, the previous budget of $1.9 million per episode ballooned up to $13 million per episode due to NBC having to fork over $10 million per episode to Warner Bros. Television for the rights to continue to air the show for the 2000-2001 season.


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14 Most Expensive TV Series Ever Made