14 Instagram Stars Who've Shared Way Too Much

Social media has given rise to a myriad of huge advantages, from communication with family members across the globe to celebrities interacting with fans. Yet, Instagram has put a completely different spin on interacting with the world. Unlike Facebook that is mostly for friends, family members, and acquaintances, Instagram has a more separated feel that opens the door to self-promotion. The ability to only post photos has allowed for a more interactive experience when viewing someone’s Instagram page, which is perfect for people to follow multiple accounts with ease. For those with stellar photography abilities, bangin’ bodies, or fashion forward trending, the opportunities can be boundless on Instagram.

Regular people have become Instagram stars almost overnight, which has led to everything from brand endorsements to television opportunities. In fact, it’s shocking to see how much money Instagram has made some of these hot, young Instagram sensations. From a 22-year-old making millions off of her love of fashion to a young mom earning million dollar endorsements to push their brands, there are definitely advantages to building a presence on Instagram. The urge to become the next Instagram sensation or to maintain a certain number of followers has caused some to slip up in their sharing choices. From way too much information to cringe-worthy posts, there have been some Instagram stars that went a bit too far in their pursuit to fame and fortune. Check out our list of the 14 Instagram stars who’ve shared way too much on social media, and see how important posts can be in gaining or maintaining followers.

14 Kendall Jones


When the public thinks about typical hunters and outdoorsman, inevitably there will be an image of a camouflage-clad bearded man that comes to mind. However, Kendall Jones has proven that not all hunters look like a cast member from Duck Dynasty. With over 160,000 followers on Instagram, Jones isn’t exactly what you might consider as a typical teen. Although she has the fresh-faced look of a blonde and beautiful girl next door, she’s also a self-proclaimed huntress and outdoor enthusiast. Her Instagram posts are a hodgepodge of cute and quirky poses mixed in with pictures of her standing over a dead animal carcass. In 2014 (when she was just 19-years-old), the Internet exploded in outrage over the photos of big game kills she posted via Facebook. The photos included a dead lion, zebra, and even an elephant. Over 300,000 people signed a petition to have the photos removed, and Facebook released a statement that said, “[we remove] reported content that promotes poaching of endangered species, the sale of animals for organized fight or content that includes extreme acts of animal abuse.” While those photos were taken down, she continues to share these types of photos via her Instagram page.

13 Haileigh Vasquez

via Instagram

In a world that criticizes the fashion and entertainment industry for constantly lowering the age for the standard of beauty with women, it seems odd that so many have embraced a 7-year-old star on Instagram. Haileigh Vasquez has over 129,000 followers on Instagram and is coined as a fashionista. She participated in a runway show during the New York Fashion Week, and has a social media presence that is far more adult than anything she should be participating in as a 2nd grader. From promoting products (which she shouldn’t even really be aware of at such an early age) to posing with a hand on one hip, Vasquez seems to be skipping childhood in the traditional sense. While most kids her age are preoccupied with playdates and coloring in the lines, Vasquez is working on brand recognition and looking like a miniature 22-year-old. Perhaps her parents should stop sharing her stolen childhood photos and focus on letting her stay a kid until at least her age hits double digits.

12 Sarah Stage

Via Instagram

Known for her smokin’ hot lingerie photos and passion for staying fit, Sarah Stage created a huge following on Instagram. Yet, once she became pregnant, many of her followers wondered about her vigorous fitness routine while with child. She posted belly photos while pregnant, and many of the comments were things like, “Where’s the baby hiding at? Definitely not in her tummy.” It’s obviously a bit ironic, since women seem to get shamed for gaining too much weight during their pregnancies and apparently they also get criticized for not gaining enough weight. However, after seeing some of the photos, it seems completely reasonable that people would want to know why the baby bump was so inexplicably small. This can perhaps be forgiven, since most women want to show off their baby bumps (or lack thereof) via their social media accounts. However, it was the period directly after the birth of her child that has some of her 2 million followers wishing she would start to hold back in some of her posts. In one of her most recent posts, she actually took a photo of herself standing on a scale. As if women don’t feel bad enough about the difficulties of bouncing back after the birth of a child, now there is this Instagram hottie showing off that she just had a baby and is proud to post her scale weight on Instagram.

11 Kristina Bazan

via Instagram

It’s not just aspiring models that have made a name for themselves on Instagram, since this social media site is about all areas of expression. Kristina Bazan proved this by starting off on the site as a fashion blogger. Often highlighting top brands like Yves Saint Laurent and Louis Vuitton, she gained a huge following that loved taking a peek into her luxury fashion sense. However, it wasn’t just regular Instagram followers that started taking notice of Bazan’s fashion sense. Bazan actually landed a lucrative deal with L’Oreal as an ambassador, and has even added to her online presence. From L’Oreal makeup artists providing their services for photo shoots or red carpet events, this 22-year-old has definitely upgraded from her simple fashion blogger status. However, her presence on Instagram has seemed to evolve into a completely different entity. Sharing things like magazine photo shoots and L’Oreal promotions makes it seem less genuine than how she started off originally. In her more recent posts, she is now trying to promote herself as a newcomer in the music industry. While her followers may have been able to transition from fashion blogging to a makeup ambassador, it’s a little more difficult to then transition into the next Britney Spears.

10 Louise Delage


The influence of social media is actually pretty astounding since it can make seemingly ordinary people overnight sensations, which has even resulted in millions of dollars in income for some of Instagram’s hottest young stars. However, the Internet has also brought to light the fact that the public doesn’t actually really know who these people are, and if Catfish has taught us anything, it’s that it is relatively easy to fool people online. This became apparent with hugely popular Instagram star, Lonelygirl15, who later turned out to be a completely false persona with videos that were being directed, starring the actress, Jessica Rose. Proving that social media could be used to do more than just promote one person’s life, a French organization called, Addict Aide, collaborated with an advertising agency to create a fake Instagram page. The woman, Louise Delage (not her real name), posted photo after photo of a glamorous French lifestyle filled with laughs, sexy smiles, and cocktails. She racked up over 50,000 followers in a short amount of time, and garnered numerous comments like, “Wow. You’re beautiful!” Yet, the experiment ran its course once she released a video stating that what each of the photos had in common was that she was constantly holding an alcoholic drink. It was basically a public service announcement for drinking and enabling. While the premise is good enough, the fact that this woman would use her likeness all over Instagram is a bit much. She didn’t just share a few photos, but she shared her entire online persona (which later turned out to be a fraud).

9 Princess Andre

via Instagram

It’s difficult to call Katie Price a true celebrity since she doesn’t really have anything that was noteworthy enough to shoot her into fame. Yet, she was able to become a mildly successful television personality across the pond, under the name, Jordan. However, that fleeting bit of fame came and went without anyone kicking up dust, and Price took the time away from the limelight to focus on her children. With multiple exes and multiple children, no one ever thought Price was going to be nominated for “Mother of the Year” but no one could have guessed that she would set up Instagram accounts for her 9-year-old and 11-year-old. Price went on a series of shows to defend her decision and stated, “[she] is simply being business savvy about her two oldest children’s futures.” The fact that a 9-year-old would share things on Instagram is already a huge red flag, but the fact that the mother would consider it a business savvy decision in the best interest of the child is even crazier.

8 Gabrielle Grace Epstein


Following in the footsteps of Dr. Mike on Instagram, Gabrielle Grace Epstein had a background in studying biomedicine and a propensity for posting beautiful swimwear shots on social media. It definitely worked for Dr. Mike, since it resulted in a huge following that led to TV appearances on hit shows like The Doctors. While Epstein had a pretty good following on her Instagram page, she could have used a bit of a bump to thrust her further into the spotlight. Whether it was a ruse or the truth, this Australian medical student divulged a variety of statements on online bullying. She claimed that she actually knew the people that were posting negative comments on her photos, and then went into a long tirade about how it used to bother her but no longer does. It seemed a little like a ploy for attention, and a way for Epstein to get even more followers. Rather than addressing her haters, she probably should have kept that tidbit of information to herself.

7 Stacie Venagro

Via Instagram

While doctors always recommend staying healthy and fit while pregnant, Stacie Venagro has taken that advice to a whole new level. While pregnant, she posted a variety of workout photos and videos to Instagram, and she immediately had people shocked. Venagro was obviously not going to slouch around since she is a three-time winner at the World Miss Fitness America Pro competition. Yet, most would assume that she would calm down her routine while pregnant. Instead, she seemed to amp up her workout routine, and even posted some questionable photos on Instagram. From the man-sized guns that would make any adolescent boy jealous to the faint six-pack over her baby bump, she didn’t exactly have the look of the typical glowing pregnant woman. She currently boasts over 13,000 followers, and has since had the baby that so many people worried about during her pregnancy. Mother and baby look to be doing well, but many are still wishing she hadn’t posted those horrifying six-pack pregnancy photos while with child.

6 Hein Koh

Via Instagram

Instagram isn’t just a social media outlet for those promoting their fashion sense or bikini-ready body. Because of the versatility of Instagram, there are numerous ways people can use it to promote far more than just their bodies. In fact, artist Hein Koh has built up a sizeable following by promoting her art. Photos of her custom-made art allows followers to view her work without ever having to travel to a Brooklyn gallery. For anyone that knows anything about building an online presence, they know that the key to Instagram is to follow an underlying theme. If you’re gaining followers through your travel photos, it wouldn’t bode well with fans to suddenly start uploading random photos of various carpet squares. Koh made this glaring mistake when she chose to share a photo of herself breastfeeding while working on her computer. While the photo garnered some attention by the media for her self-proclaimed feminist nature, it didn’t really help to sell art or build a reputation as a true artist on Instagram. Perhaps she should have saved that photo for her own private collection because it didn’t do her any favors for the continuity of her page.

5 Sia Cooper

Via Instagram

As one of the original Instagram stars revolving around the “Fit Mom” premise, Sia Cooper has an impressive 240,000 followers. She, of course, garnered a huge amount of criticism for her over-active lifestyle while pregnant, and even took on some harsh criticisms for her rock hard six pack abs after she gave birth. While it’s easy to just fluff that off as just another way for people to criticize a woman for seemingly no reason, the oversharing properties of her Instagram aren’t as easily dismissed. When first starting her Diary of Fit Mommy brand, her Instagram page was a great way to show off her “Fit Mom” lifestyle. Yet, the popularity of her page and her commercialized aspect to the craze has given rise to a whole new look to her Instagram. Nowadays, it’s filled with before and after photos of flabby bellies supposedly transformed and a myriad of product endorsements and giveaways. While it was once a cute and inspiring page for other moms, it now looks like an infomercial on social media.

4 Essena O’Neill


Australian-born model, Essena O’Neill, first started gaining her Instagram following at the tender age of just 12-years-old. She gained a huge following by posting scantily-clad photos of herself on a regular basis. As she aged, her following only increased and her photos became even more crafted. Each Instagram post seemed straight out of a magazine photo shoot, but she released personal details surrounding the photos that made people realize there was far more going on behind the scenes. At the age of 19-years-old, O’Neill apparently changed her mind about her social media presence, and released a variety of statements claiming, “Social media is an illusion.” With over 500,000 followers on Instagram, O’Neill let loose on her huge audience and stated, “I no longer want to spend hours and hours of my time scrolling, viewing, and comparing myself to others.” She also posted background details to some of her most liked photos, lifting the veil at what seemed like a quick and casual photo when in actuality it was taken and retaken dozens of times to get just the right look. Perhaps this was a way for O’Neill to vent some of her inner feelings to her followers, but she shared way too much about her own personal feelings about social media. While she may have been agonizing over each “like” and how many followers she has, that doesn’t mean every Instagram star had those same insecurities for their social media presence.

3 Stina Sanders


Typically, when a model becomes an Instagram sensation, her page is filled with only ultra glamorous shots to help promote her latest endeavors. Yet, Stina Sanders is one model that has chosen to use her Instagram to promote the realness behind what it takes to maintain a model-perfect look. Taking to her social media page, Sanders posted a variety of photos that were anything but glamorous. From waxing her top lip to issues with having Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Sanders didn’t exactly share the photos that her followers were hoping to see. She lost more than 3,000 followers after posting these non-glamorous photos, but Sanders didn’t just stop there. Due to the other highly sexualized photos on her page, Sanders has had to deal with her fair share of Internet trolls that reach out in most inappropriate ways. Whether it was an effort to gain back some of her followers or it was just a tactic to deter others, Sanders shared a penis photo that was sent to her via Instagram. She also shared the response she gave, which was, “It’s too small. Sorry! Kind regards.” It’s difficult to say which oversharing moment was the worst, but the colonic irrigation one definitely had to make the top of the list.

2 Fouzia Akeem

via instagram

Model, Qandeel Baloch, hailed from Pakistan and had a huge presence as a social media star. She had over 100,000 followers on Instagram and was even referenced as “Pakistani’s own Kim Kardashian.” Her page was filled with risqué photos, Kardashian-esque selfies, and provocative status posts. Yet, Pakistan isn’t exactly known for its progressive stance on feminism, and she obviously understood the dangers since she didn’t even operate under her real name. Her real name was, Fouzia Akeem, and she reportedly endured a lot of criticism (even death threats) on her social media pages. In July 2016, someone actually acted on these threats by strangling her to death. While visiting her family’s home, Akeem was killed by one of her brothers in an act of “honor killing.” While her provocative posts and feminist expressions might be thought of as typical in the Western world, this type of sharing doesn’t bode well in Eastern cultures and Akeem paid for it with her life.

1 Raylynn

Via Instagram

With over 120,000 followers on Instagram, Raylynn from Atlanta, Georgia has become an Internet sensation because of her over-the-top booty. While Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez may have been first to put the big booty craze on the map, Raylynn has taken it to a whole new level. She frequently posts photos of herself to her Instagram in provocative poses, and in a state of undress. While her status posts are generally positive with a focus on being happy no matter what your size is, she is also known to refer to herself as a PAWG, which stands for “Phat A** White Girl.” Due to the disproportionate size of her body, many have called her out and accused her of digitally enhancing herself to create the 70-inch backside seen in the photos. Raylynn has denied these claims, and even posted a video to prove that all of it is real. Experts have come out to speculate as to what is truly going on, and some have said that it is most likely the result of a condition called, Lymphoedema. This condition causes an excess of fluid in the lower portions that causes these areas to swell. However, rather than becoming an advocate for treatment or awareness, Raylynn has tried to exploit herself as the biggest butt girl on Instagram.

Sources: The Dodo, BBC, Daily Mail

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14 Instagram Stars Who've Shared Way Too Much