14 Hottest Female Guest Stars You Missed On Two And A Half Men

Part of the appeal of Two And A Half Men was always its hot guest stars. A steady parade of girlfriends, ex-girlfriends, one-night stands, flirty strangers, teachers and foils marched through the show's 12-season run. It would be hard to find an episode (there were 262 in total) that didn't feature a guest appearance by a hot actress.

While one of the show's title characters was a kid, the series was driven in large part by sex appeal. That's one of the reasons the kid - played by Angus Jones, a devoted Christian - eventually left the show, claiming moral disagreement with the series.

For eight seasons, the program was propelled by Charlie Sheen's persona, drawing comedy out of his hedonistic character (not coincidentally named "Charlie") and the clash with his straight-arrow brother Alan, played by John Cryer. Eventually, Sheen's persona overpowered the show and he forced himself off in very public dispute/meltdown (WINNING!). The final four seasons featured Ashton Kutcher as a replacement (his character, Walden, moved in with Alan), but the show's general tone had been established. Now, with the sheer number of sexy guest actresses, to make this list, it is not enough to be beautiful. Special points are given for that something special - actresses that are a cut above the usual "Hot Girl at Party #3." These actresses are talented, funny and accomplished, along with also being outrageously attractive.

14 Jenny McCarthy

13 Teri Hatcher

12 Hilary Duff

11 Miley Cyrus

10 Brooke Shields

9 Missi Pyle


8 Judy Greer

7 Allison Janney


6 Paget Brewster

5 Denise Richards

4 Ming-Na Wen

3 Alicia Witt

2 Megan Fox

1 Mila Kunis

It's not a surprise that the hottest guest performer in the history of Two and a Half Men would be the finance of the show's star. Well, it might have been surprising if the hottest guest star in the show's history had been Jon Cryer's finance. But it's not surprising that Mila Kunis, then engaged to Ashton Kutcher, would top the guest-star rankings. The star of That 70s Show and Forgetting Sarah Marshall appeared in a season 11 episode as a traveler who makes Walden question whether he really loves his girlfriend. Since the appearance, which aired in April, 2014, Kunis and Kutcher have gotten married and had a daughter. Kunis had announced the pregnancy just 3 weeks before her guest spot aired.

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14 Hottest Female Guest Stars You Missed On Two And A Half Men