14 Celebs You Didn't Know Had Cancer

Cancer is something that affects all of us. In way one or another cancer has touched every single person's life. Whether they battle the disease themselves, have loved ones going through the struggle, or even if they are involved in cancer-related charity efforts, cancer has no boundaries when it comes to the people that it impact. Cancer doesn't care if you are rich, poor, or famous.

You have probably noticed that a lot of celebrities participate in philanthropy events to raise funds for cancer research. They appear in commercials encouraging people to donate and support hospitals. They share patient stories on social media. Many stars have used their spot in the limelight as an opportunity to help people affected with cancer.

There are plenty of well-known people who lend their voice and star power to help those with cancer, but there are also many celebrities who have been affected by the disease firsthand. Some of these celebs fought their battles privately and just focused on their own health and well-being. A lot of people do not realize that a good amount of their favorite celebrities have struggled with cancer. Cancer does not discriminate and can affect just about anyone. The only positive thing to come from these stars going through the cancer battle is that most of them use their celebrity to increase awareness, raise funds, and give back to those patients who need the help.

Did you know that these 14 celebrities had cancer?


16 Michael C. Hall


14 Bob Marley

13 Lisa Vanderpump

12 Khloe Kardashian

11 Robert De Niro

10 Michael Douglas


8 David Bowie

7 Hugh Jackman

6 Dr. Drew

5 Hoda Kotb

4 John McCain

3 Dustin Hoffman

2 Cynthia Nixon

1 Camille Grammer

I really miss seeing my girl Camille Grammer on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She was my absolute favorite, but the timing of her Bravo exit definitely worked out. She left the reality show right before she started fighting her battle against endometrial cancer. It gave her the privacy to focus on getting better. Now that Camille Grammer has beat cancer, she has a new focus in life that is much greater than cat fighting on reality television. Camille is the National Chair of the Foundation for Women's Cancer and it is a position that she is very devoted to.

Cancer does not discriminate. Anyone can be victimized by the disease. These stars have done what they could to turn a scary situation into a positive one by sharing their experiences in addition to raising funds and awareness through their struggle.


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14 Celebs You Didn't Know Had Cancer