14 Celebs You Didn’t Know Dated WWE Superstars

If you count yourself as a fan of the WWE, then you will definitely want to check out our list of 15 Celebs You Didn’t Know Dated WWE Superstars. While it is true that there have been some pretty incredible power couples in the world of wrestling, there have also been WWE superstars who have dated people beyond the wrestling ring. For instance, professional wrestler Hulk Hogan dated Linda Bollea. The two got married, had children and a VH1 reality show, and then got divorced after over two decades of marriage. That’s just one example, though, and Linda was not exactly a celebrity. On the other hand, actress Jennifer Aniston was said to have been in a romantic relationship with professional wrestler Rey Mysterio. It was probably a rumor, but you never know! Want to know who else has gotten cozy with WWE superstars? Then you’ll have to read our list to find out!

Before you get started with reading, just imagine what it would be like to date a professional wrestler. Does that make bedroom activities more rough and exciting? Do WWE superstars tend to show more affection and a softer side to their significant others? Or do they have red hot tempers that flare up on a regular basis? We might not know what it’s like to date a wrestler, but the celebs on this list do, and some of them might not be celebrities that you would imagine going for the wrestler type. It just goes to show that there are no rules when it comes to love.


15 Sheldon Souray

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He may be most well known for his slapshot, but professional hockey player Sheldon Souray is also a celebrity who got romantically involved with a WWE superstar. A man who played for 13 seasons with the NHL, Souray definitely knows athletic and physical prowess when he sees it. Perhaps that is why he was attracted to pro wrestler Kelly Kelly (also known as Barbie Blank.) Kelly Kelly was the second wife for Souray, who was first married to Angelica Bridges of Baywatch fame from 2002 to 2007. It looks as though he is into hot ladies! Souray and Kelly Kelly have only been married since the winter of 2016, so they are still newlyweds and we hope that they are very happy together. Since both of them are no longer in the professional hockey or wrestling circuit (they have both retired) they can now enjoy each other’s company even more.

14 Sarah Jade


David Bautista is widely known in the professional wrestling world as "The Animal" Batista, but he has also worked as a mixed martial artist and actor. His film projects have included movies like The Wrong Side of Town and The Man With the Iron Fist. Most people would probably recognize Dave Bautista as Drax the Destroyer from the marvel movie Guardians of the Galaxy. After all, he was a pretty spot-on choice for such a large and looming character. Bautista has also been a famous face among mixed martial arts events and he has been featured in magazines and special press events. He has also had quite the love life, marrying three times. His first wife was Glenda Bautista, his second wife was Angie Bautista, and his third (and hopefully final wife) is Sarah Jade who just happens to be a professional pole dancer. Ooh la la! In the past, Bautista was also romantically linked to Playboy model Rebecca DiPietro. He certainly gets around!

13 Amy Schumer

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Back in 2012, Amy Schumer was not nearly as famous as she is now, so perhaps you do not remember that she was dating Dolph Ziggler. Dolph’s real name is Nicholas Theodore Nemeth, but most people know about him from his exciting performances in the wrestling ring. Anyway, he got caught up romantically with comedienne and actress Amy Schumer, and as you might expect, Amy had a few hilarious things to say about the relationship. Among them was her description of sexual intercourse with Dolph, which she touched upon during an interview on The Howard Stern Show. Apparently, Amy isn’t too much into athletic sex, and we can understand that! As of right now, Ziggler is mingling around and is not in a serious romantic relationship. Amy is currently dating Ben Hanisch, a furniture designer. You can catch her in the upcoming films Thank You for Your Service and Mother/Daughter (which she wrote and starred in).

12 Robert Irvine

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The 50-year-old Food Network star of Dinner: Impossible is married to Gail Kim, who is a WWE veteran and is currently working in the TNA. Gail Kim is the second wife of Robert Irvine, he married Kim in 2012 after divorcing his first wife, Karen. If you’re wondering how Robert and Gail Kim met, it was actually while he was filming his show, Dinner: Impossible. On the show, Robert challenged chefs from across the country in tough and rigorous kitchen battles and tasks. The show has been wildly successful and has helped Robert Irvine further launch his career as a celebrity chef. Before that, he was in the Royal Navy. A tough guy! One particular day, Robert was working and providing food for the VIPs of the WWE’s SummerSlam tournament. That was when he locked eyes with Gail Kim, and well, the rest is history, right? Robert and Gail Kim are four years strong in their marriage.

11 Jeremy Piven

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Back in 2009, American actor Jeremy Piven was in the news headlines for his connection to professional wrestler Kelly Kelly. The paparazzi were snapping photographs that made it look as though the two of them were getting cuddly with each other, but how much merit did those images have anyway? Jeremy was seen attending an NFL game wit the blonde WWE beauty, leading many to suspect that there was something else going on between them. The Jeremy co-hosted the WWE event, Monday Night Raw and reportedly scored Kelly Kelly’s phone number. We don’t blame Jeremy, because Kelly Kelly is gorgeous and she looks like a fun gal to be with. Let's hope there aren't too many hard feelings now that Kelly is married to Sheldon Souray.

10 Sherri Shepherd


Back in the spring of 2009, The View co-host Sherri Shepherd was thought to be dating WWE superstar, MVP. On May 1st of that year, she appeared in an episode of WWE’s Friday Night SmackDown and she became unofficially known as a woman on the prowl. After all, she was recently split from her hubby, and it looked as though she was eyeing MVP. And why not? He’s fierce and tough and something that a recently divorced woman might want. When it was revealed that MVP would be escorting Sherri to the BET Awards, many people’s suspicions were confirmed. MVP, the six-foot-tall Florida native and pro wrestler, has won various wrestling awards including Most Improved, Intercontinental Champion, and WWE United States Champion. He also achieved the WWE Tag Team Championship with his partner, Matt Hardy. As for Sherri, she now makes sporadic appearances on The View. She’s in a custody battle for her son from her second marriage.

9 Courtney Cox

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Courtney Cox has had a lot of high-profile relationships and a long list of boyfriends. For example, she has dated Michael Keaton, Ian Copeland, Adam Duritz, and David Arquette, among others. In 1999, Courtney got married to David Arquette and the couple had a daughter, Coco Riley, together. Courtney has struggled with postpartum depression and faced her split from Arquette in 2010. The couple remained friendly but not romantic for 2 years before filing for divorce in 2012. Maybe it was the strain that both of their careers put on the marriage. After all, Courtney was busy doing businesswoman stuff, while David was working it out in the wrestling ring as a professional WWE wrestler. Known for his moves The Spear and The Worm, Arquette was mostly a comedic character in the WWE, a more tongue-in-cheek guy than an actual threat. He also worked in acting, fashion designing, and entrepreneurship (including a joint venture with Courtney called Coquette).




7 Eden Stiles

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You might know Eden Stiles by her other name: Brandi Rhodes, which is the name she uses when she’s modeling. She also worked as a commentator and announcer in the professional wrestling ring, which is how she met her husband, Cody Rhodes. Eden Stiles is also quite the athlete as she used to be a figure skater and has also been trained by the Florida Championship Wrestling organization. A lot of times, you can find Eden Stiles commentating behind the scenes on WWE Raw and the SmackDown events. In the fall of 2013, she married her boyfriend, Cody Rhodes, also known as Stardust. Rhodes has wrestling in his blood, and he achieved the title of Triple Crown Wrestling Champion from Ohio Valley Wrestling organization. Basically, he’s hot, she’s hot, so it all works out. We also give Cody honorable mention for the Triforce symbol from Legend of Zelda that he has on his wrestling boots.

6 George Clooney

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Even though hottie actor George Clooney is now married to another hottie: Amal Alamuddin, he has had a list of attractive ex-girlfriends in the past. One of them was Stacy Keibler, who was a WWE superstar and was even present at George and Amal’s wedding. To commemorate the event, Stacy even took to Twitter and posted a (cliche) but kind-hearted motivational quote to encourage George and Amal in their new marriage. Aw, how sweet. As for Stacy, she is now married to Jared Pobre, so everything really did end up with a happy ending! Stacy is a happy wife, she has her repertoire as a WWE Diva, and she is admired as a cheerleader for the Baltimore Ravens (she is a Maryland native.) George Clooney has been going strong as a pivotal actor for over 20 years and he’s still hella hot. Man, what a life for these people, right?

5 Rich Dollaz

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If you watch Love and Hip Hop, then you’ll know about Rich Dollaz. Sure, he has a crappy reputation, but he is also one of the stars of a VH1 reality TV show. So...he can’t be doing that bad, right? Well, maybe so! His ex, Moniece Slaughter claims that Rich Dollaz is “dead to her” and he’s just a big “crackhead.” Well, we’re not focusing on her today, we’re looking at Thea Trinidad (also known as Rosita in the wrestling ring). She was a romantic item to Rich Dollaz and she also works as a fitness instructor and occasional actress. She is also a super cute Puerto Rican chica. No wonder Rich Dollaz fell for her! The thing about Thea Trinidad is that she can whoop anybody’s butt! As a Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) star, Trinidad won the Knockouts Tag Team Championship with her partner, Sarita. As for her personal life, she is no longer with Rich Dollaz, but she is engaged to someone else, WWE NXT wrestler Austin Aries.

4 Alex Rodriguez

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41-year-old Torrie Wilson has worked as a professional wrestler in the WCW (World Championship Wrestling) and she has also acted, instructed fitness classes, and modeled professionally. She was also romantically linked to Alex Rodriguez at some point in the past. That’s not really a surprise considering that A-Rod has been with so many women, both famous and not-so-famous. For instance, his list of ex-girlfriends includes Madonna, Cameron Diaz, and Kate Hudson. Now, Rodriguez is dating Anne Wojcicki, who was once married to Google’s co-founder. Nice! As for Torrie, she has dated Peter Gruner (Billy Kidman), Nick Mitchell, and she was roommates with WWE Diva - and WCW wrestler - Stacy Kiebler, but the two of them didn’t date, heh. Torrie doesn’t really do any wrestling these days, but she does have some pretty cool accolades (depending who you ask). For example, she was awarded the Golden Thong Award in 2002 by the WWE.

3 Jennifer Hudson

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Perhaps you will recognize the name David Otunga from the VH1 reality TV show I Love New York. Or maybe you know him from his stint in the professional wrestling ring? It was also recently announced that Otunga is going to be on the SmackDown commentary team on a full-time basis, so you better get used to hearing his voice.

Surely you know his wife, Jennifer Hudson. So how did a guy like David end up with such a successful beauty like J-Hud? Come on, this was a guy who was trying to court Tiffany “New York” Patterson. Anyway, Jennifer and David met at the end of 2007 and their relationship quickly grew into something much more serious. Jennifer had recently broken up with James Peyton and then she jumped into dating David Otunga, so we’re actually really happy that her quick decision worked out well! David is a Harvard Law graduate, after all. Anyway, in 2009, Jennifer and David welcomed a baby boy into the world: David Daniel Otunga, Jr.

2 Raqi Thunda

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Who is Raqi Thunda? She may not be an elite celeb, but she was one of the stars of the VH1 reality TV show Love and Hip Hop. Besides being wrapped up in an apparent relationship with professional wrestler MVP, Raqi Thunda was also linked to Floyd Mayweather back in the fall of 2014. That news story surrounded the idea that Mayweather had gifted Raqi Thunda with a $12,000 pair of shoes. According to sources close to Raqi, the story was false, which makes sense because it sounds ridiculous. But who are we to judge? After all, Mayweather is known for spending his cash on stupid things. Yet Raqi and Mayweather denied that they were even dating in the first place, saying they were just professional friends. As for Raqi and MVP, they were in a dating relationship for a little while, but now the wrestler-rapper is said to be just playing the field. Good riddance.

1 Lauren Hashian

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While Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson started his professional career in the WWE ring, he has skyrocketed to a more prolific career in acting. He has appeared in such movies as San Andreas, The Mummy Returns, and the fifth installment of The Fast & the Furious. He has also made TV appearances including a guest spot on Saturday Night Live. Nowadays more people recognize him as “The Rock” from the movies rather than “The Rock” from the WWE. And that seems to be just fine with him. After all, he has been happily dating a beautiful woman for a while now. His girlfriend is Lauren Hashian, the daughter of a musician, whom he met while he was filming The Game Plan. Hashian was a finalist on the 2005 competition R U That Girl, and also co-wrote the song "Only You" which was performed alongside YaBoi Shad.

The two of them have been dating ever since 2006 (and it was said that Dwayne left his former wife, Dany Garcia, for Lauren.) Now Lauren and Dwayne have a baby girl named Jasmine (born December 2015) so it seems as though this relationship is here to stay!


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