14 Celebs Who Were Fired For Ridiculous Reasons

If you’ve got a favorite show (or shows), or a movie that you’ve been looking forward to seeing, it can be disappointing when you learn that the star of the project has been fired. This is particularly disheartening if you have a crush on the actor or actress, or if you simply admire his/her work. While there are many reasons that an actor or actress may no longer be working on a show or movie, some of them are completely ridiculous and could have been avoided.

Perhaps it’s not a rumor that people in Hollywood have egos and strange demands that can sometimes lead them to make rash decisions. Maybe it’s true that producers decide they want to work with an actor, and then they change their minds for no apparent reason, leaving the actor and his/her fans bewildered. There are also times when an actor will commit some minor act (on or off set) that is blown out of proportion and costs the actor his/her job. Whatever the motive, it’s easy to see that sometimes people in Hollywood are fired for strange and silly reasons, just like “regular” people. Here are 14 instances you may not know about.

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14 Diva Emma


Recently, WWE star Diva Emma walked out of Walmart with an iPad case she didn’t pay for. The case was a little over $20. After Diva Emma got a plea deal the WWE decided that she wasn’t a good match for the organization, since petty theft is usually not a good look in the workplace. Never mind that the WWE consists largely of people who make their living smashing chairs over their colleagues’ heads, so it’s not likely that Emma would be ruining the brand’s reputation. Shortly after the incident, the WWE rehired Emma. The organization did, however, state that they will take “appropriate punitive action for her violation of the law.” Hopefully, by now they’ve figured out that the situation wasn’t that serious to begin with.

13 James Purefoy

Dashing dramatic actor, James Purefoy is perhaps best known for his work on The Following. He was also supposed to star in the movie V for Vendetta. According to a rumor, he was fired from the project because he didn’t want to wear a mask. Maybe Purefoy didn’t want to hide his handsome face and piercing eyes. Perhaps he wasn’t a fan of Guy Fawkes, and didn’t want to wear a mask of his likeness.

12 Megan Fox

When Megan Fox was overheard saying that Transformers director Michael Bay was “like Hitler,” she lost her job in the third instalment of the movie series. Sure, he could have pulled her to the side and reprimanded her for making such an insensitive remark. However, it seems that maybe completely firing her from the movie would send the message to other actors that they’d better watch their mouths.

11 Stuart Townsend

10 Madonna

There was a time when Madonna was a struggling dancer who just wanted to make it big in the music business. It was during this time that she got a job at Dunkin’ Donuts. Her first day on the job, she accidentally squirted jelly on a customer while filling the doughnuts. Apparently, her first day was also her last day. We think the popular restaurant chain was too extreme with their reprimanding of Madonna. The company could have just offered the customer a free doughnut. However, maybe this was part of the path Madonna needed to take to become the Queen of Pop.

9 Richard Gere

There was a time when silver fox Richard Gere and Italian tough guy Sylvester Stallone, were hired to work on a movie together. The Lords of Flatbush was the name of the movie, and the two actors weren’t well known in Hollywood yet. Unfortunately, they had some personality clashes. According to a rumor, during a lunch break on set, Gere got mustard on Stallone’s pants when they were both eating in Stallone’s car. As a result, the Rocky star elbowed Gere in the face before kicking him out of the vehicle. This is far from an appropriate response for a simple mistake, so we’re guessing that the two were feuding way before the lunch incident. Sylvester Stallone then gave the movie director an ultimatum, stating that either he would leave or Richard had to go. As a result, Gere was fired.

8 Eddie Vedder


7 Lucille Ball


The red-headed comedy legend will always be remembered for her uncanny knack for getting into trouble in the most hilarious ways. However, before Lucille Ball hit it big in television, she had a job at an ice cream parlor. She was fired from her job because she couldn’t seem to remember to put the bananas on the banana splits. While she could have probably been given at least one more chance to get it right, it’s obvious that she wasn’t meant to work there for long, anyway. Clearly, she was dreaming of being an actress so much that she couldn’t even complete the most basic of ice cream-related tasks.

6 Ryan Gosling

If you’re a fan of Ryan Gosling’s boyish good looks and chiseled physique, you probably can’t imagine why someone would fire Gosling from a movie. However, the Canadian hunk was let go from a movie because he gained weight. For Gosling’s role in The Lovely Bones, he decided to put on 60 pounds because he thought it would make him appear more mature. However, the director disagreed with his choice, and he was fired from the movie. Mark Wahlberg took his place. The lesson in this is that your looks are very important as an actor. So, it’s a bad idea to change your appearance without checking with the director first. Still, Gosling could have just lost the weight and played the role.

5 Steve Perry

4 Walt Disney


The man whose entire entertainment empire developed from an animated mouse with a squeaky voice was once jobless. Disney actually worked for a newspaper before his name became synonymous with some of the greatest children’s movies and shows in the world. While at the paper, he was let go because his superiors didn’t think he was creative enough. It’s a good thing he didn’t listen, otherwise you may not have some of your most pleasant childhood memories, such as watching the magic of Cinderella, the love story of Beauty and The Beast, or the hilarity of newer movies like Frozen.

3 Christian Bale

2 Michael Anthony


1 Damon Wayans

Damon Wayans is a part of the large comedy family The Wayans, and is a stand-up comedian, writer, actor and producer. It is rumored that he was hired to be a part of the cast of Saturday Night Live back in the day, but was fired immediately after his first scene. This apparently took place in the 1980s, shortly after Eddie Murphy left the show. Wayans stated that the skit he was in called for him to play a straight cop, but he decided to give the character a bit more flair. As soon as the scene was over, Lorne Michaels fired him. Wayans later stated that the character didn’t come across as funny because he was angry that he wasn’t getting much creative freedom on the show. He states that Michaels limited his comedic decisions on the show because he didn’t want the comic to be seen as the next Eddie Murphy. While Damon Wayans can appreciate Lorne Michael’s intentions now, firing him abruptly probably wasn’t the best choice.

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