14 Celebs Who Are Never Photographed Anymore

One of the biggest parts of being a celebrity is being camera-ready most of the time. When a famous person leaves their home (and sometimes even before they get out of the driveway), they know there’s a good possibility that paparazzi will take a picture and try to sell it to a publication for at least five figures. When a celebrity attends an event, they anticipate the hundreds of cameras that will be on site, taking pictures of them from every angle. While it may seem glamorous and exciting to get that much attention on a regular basis, there are some celebs who have admitted that the constant photographing can be daunting at times.

Of course, celebs whose pictures are all over the blogs and entertainment news broadcasts are likely thriving in their careers. That’s why it’s important for them to stay relevant and visible to their fans. So, as irritating as it may be at times to constantly be photographed, most celebrities know that the non-stop pictures are actually a good thing. When a famous person is no longer being chased by the paparazzi, this is often a sign that the celebrity’s star power is fading. Of course, there are also famous people whose names we are still familiar with, but we just don’t see many pictures of them anymore, for various reasons. Here are 14 celebs you don’t really see photographs of these days.

14 Debby Ryan

13 Woody Harrelson

12 Howard Hughes

Even though he passed away in 1976, Howard Hughes is still known for his disdain for the spotlight. Hughes was an aviator and business mogul who earned the title of billionaire. He was also obsessive compulsive—so much so that he designed a special under-wire bra for Jane Russell when he found a flaw in her blouse during a movie shoot. The constant celebrity proved to be too much for him, and he went into seclusion for long periods of time. He once locked himself in a room for four months, and in the 1950s, he refused to attend anti-trust hearings for his own company, Trans World Airlines. He passed away due to his self-imposed seclusion, and many believed that part of his behavior stemmed from his addiction to Valium. Even though this occurred decades ago, it’s clear to see that celebrities are still feeling a similar form of pressure that could be damaging.

11 Bill Watterson

10 Chris Martin

9 Cameron Diaz

8 Suri Cruise

7 Jennie Garth

6 Julia Roberts

5 Sean Penn

4 Dave Chappelle

3 Freddie Prinze, Jr.

2 Josh Hartnett

1 Johnny Depp

Most of his fans think it’s a shame that actor Johnny Depp isn’t photographed more, since he’s pretty much been one of the hottest actors in Hollywood for about 30 years now. Depp will always be known for his breakout role in 21 Jump Street, and he’s also known for his performances in Edward Scissorhands, the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and Disney’s Alice In Wonderland remakes. Depp obviously doesn’t have a problem getting into costume, and there’s a chance he may be more comfortable when he’s all made up and hardly recognizable. Johnny Depp has long been thought of as a reclusive celebrity, although people say he’s really nice. He likes to keep his private life out of the public eye for the most part, which means he doesn’t want to have his picture taken, since that will get people talking about him, which compromises his privacy, and then the cycle continues.


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14 Celebs Who Are Never Photographed Anymore