14 Biggest Snobs In Hollywood

Celebrities are just like us, or so we’re told. They get divorces, file for bankruptcies, shuffle their kids to school, and are often seen comparing melons in the supermarket produce section. Yes, some of Hollywood is filled with actors, singers and performers that, outside of their jobs on-screen, really do live their lives much like the rest of us. Many famous people had humble beginnings, some of them even growing up poor or as outcasts.

These down to earth celebrities are not the ones we are profiling here, though. These entertainers have long ago lost touch with the average John or Jane Doe and beyond that, have displayed rotten attitudes, selfishness, conceit, and a level of arrogance that almost has to be seen to be believed. Unluckily for them, many of these snobs have been caught on camera or audio behaving badly and the videos are not hard to find online. Read on for a list of 14 of the biggest snobs in the business.

14 Mariah Carey

13 John Mayer

12 Ariana Grande

11 Tiger Woods

10 Reese Witherspoon

9 Kanye West

8 Madonna

7 Julia Roberts

6 Charlie Sheen

5 Britney Spears

4 Jennifer Lopez

3 The Kardashians

2 Michael Jordan

1 Gwyneth Paltrow

Few stars are known for being as outwardly rude and arrogant as Gwyneth Paltrow. The list of snobbish comments and stories is too long to include here, but to name a few, let’s start with her quote, “I’d rather die than let my kids eat Cup-a-Soup.” Then there’s the time she said, “The British are much more intelligent and civilized than Americans.” And who could forget, “I’d rather smoke crack than eat cheese out of a tin?” At a book signing for her cookbook, It’s All Easy Paltrow brought bodyguards, despite it being a low-key event. Her crew proceeded to be rude to fellow guests and authors, even preventing them from returning to their chairs to sign autographs. Paltrow has bragged that she and her British friends are so intellectual that when an American asked what type of jeans she was wearing at a party, the actress felt the need to just get up and leave the party…and presumably the country, for such ignorance.

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14 Biggest Snobs In Hollywood